File: calcul/js/translations/security/az.js

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File: calcul/js/translations/security/az.js
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: G6K
Generate simulator tools to perform calculations
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Date: 4 years ago
Size: 2,249 bytes


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(function (Translator) {
    // az
    Translator.add("An authentication exception occurred.", "Do\u011frulama istisnas\u0131 ba\u015f verdi.", "security", "az");
    Translator.add("Authentication credentials could not be found.", "Do\u011frulama m\u0259lumatlar\u0131 tap\u0131lmad\u0131.", "security", "az");
    Translator.add("Authentication request could not be processed due to a system problem.", "Sistem x\u0259tas\u0131 s\u0259b\u0259bil\u0259 do\u011frulama ist\u0259yi emal edil\u0259 bilm\u0259di.", "security", "az");
    Translator.add("Invalid credentials.", "Yanl\u0131\u015f m\u0259lumat.", "security", "az");
    Translator.add("Cookie has already been used by someone else.", "Kuki ba\u015fqas\u0131 t\u0259r\u0259find\u0259n istifad\u0259 edilib.", "security", "az");
    Translator.add("Not privileged to request the resource.", "Resurs ist\u0259yi \u00fc\u00e7\u00fcn imtiyaz yoxdur.", "security", "az");
    Translator.add("Invalid CSRF token.", "Yanl\u0131\u015f CSRF ni\u015fan\u0131.", "security", "az");
    Translator.add("Digest nonce has expired.", "D\u0259rl\u0259m\u0259 istifad\u0259 m\u00fcdd\u0259ti bitib.", "security", "az");
    Translator.add("No authentication provider found to support the authentication token.", "Do\u011frulama ni\u015fan\u0131n\u0131 d\u0259st\u0259kl\u0259y\u0259c\u0259k provayder tap\u0131lmad\u0131.", "security", "az");
    Translator.add("No session available, it either timed out or cookies are not enabled.", "Uy\u011fun seans yoxdur, vaxt\u0131 ke\u00e7ib v\u0259 ya kuki aktiv deyil.", "security", "az");
    Translator.add("No token could be found.", "Ni\u015fan tap\u0131lmad\u0131.", "security", "az");
    Translator.add("Username could not be found.", "\u0130stifad\u0259\u00e7i ad\u0131 tap\u0131lmad\u0131.", "security", "az");
    Translator.add("Account has expired.", "Hesab\u0131n istifad\u0259 m\u00fcdd\u0259ti bitib.", "security", "az");
    Translator.add("Credentials have expired.", "M\u0259lumatlar\u0131n istifad\u0259 m\u00fcdd\u0259ti bitib.", "security", "az");
    Translator.add("Account is disabled.", "Hesab qeyri-aktiv edilib.", "security", "az");
    Translator.add("Account is locked.", "Hesab kilitl\u0259nib.", "security", "az");
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