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File: calcul/js/translations/validators/nb.json
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: G6K
Generate simulator tools to perform calculations
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    "translations": {"nb":{"validators":{"This value should be false.":"Verdien skal v\u00e6re falsk.","This value should be true.":"Verdien skal v\u00e6re sann.","This value should be of type {{ type }}.":"Verdien skal v\u00e6re av typen {{ type }}.","This value should be blank.":"Verdien skal v\u00e6re blank.","The value you selected is not a valid choice.":"Verdien skal v\u00e6re en av de gitte valg.","You must select at least {{ limit }} choice.|You must select at least {{ limit }} choices.":"Du skal velge minst {{ limit }} valg.","You must select at most {{ limit }} choice.|You must select at most {{ limit }} choices.":"Du kan maks velge {{ limit }} valg.","One or more of the given values is invalid.":"En eller flere av de oppgitte verdier er ugyldige.","This field was not expected.":"Dette feltet ikke var forventet.","This field is missing.":"Dette feltet mangler.","This value is not a valid date.":"Verdien er ikke en gyldig dato.","This value is not a valid datetime.":"Verdien er ikke en gyldig dato og tid.","This value is not a valid email address.":"Verdien er ikke en gyldig e-mail adresse.","The file could not be found.":"Filen kunne ikke finnes.","The file is not readable.":"Filen kan ikke leses.","The file is too large ({{ size }} {{ suffix }}). Allowed maximum size is {{ limit }} {{ suffix }}.":"Filen er for stor ({{ size }} {{ suffix }}). Tilatte maksimale st\u00f8rrelse {{ limit }} {{ suffix }}.","The mime type of the file is invalid ({{ type }}). Allowed mime types are {{ types }}.":"Mimetypen av filen er ugyldig ({{ type }}). Tilatte mimetyper er {{ types }}.","This value should be {{ limit }} or less.":"Verdien skal v\u00e6re {{ limit }} eller mindre.","This value is too long. It should have {{ limit }} character or less.|This value is too long. It should have {{ limit }} characters or less.":"Verdien er for lang. Den skal ha {{ limit }} bokstaver eller mindre.","This value should be {{ limit }} or more.":"Verdien skal v\u00e6re {{ limit }} eller mer.","This value is too short. It should have {{ limit }} character or more.|This value is too short. It should have {{ limit }} characters or more.":"Verdien er for kort. Den skal ha {{ limit }} tegn eller flere.","This value should not be blank.":"Verdien m\u00e5 ikke v\u00e6re blank.","This value should not be null.":"Verdien m\u00e5 ikke v\u00e6re tom (null).","This value should be null.":"Verdien skal v\u00e6re tom (null).","This value is not valid.":"Verdien er ikke gyldig.","This value is not a valid time.":"Verdien er ikke en gyldig tid.","This value is not a valid URL.":"Verdien er ikke en gyldig URL.","The two values should be equal.":"De to verdier skal v\u00e6re ens.","The file is too large. Allowed maximum size is {{ limit }} {{ suffix }}.":"Filen er for stor. Den maksimale st\u00f8rrelse er {{ limit }} {{ suffix }}.","The file is too large.":"Filen er for stor.","The file could not be uploaded.":"Filen kunne ikke lastes opp.","This value should be a valid number.":"Denne verdi skal v\u00e6re et gyldig tall.","This file is not a valid image.":"Denne filen er ikke et gyldig bilde.","This is not a valid IP address.":"Dette er ikke en gyldig IP adresse.","This value is not a valid language.":"Denne verdi er ikke et gyldig spr\u00e5k.","This value is not a valid locale.":"Denne verdi er ikke en gyldig lokalitet.","This value is not a valid country.":"Denne verdi er ikke et gyldig land.","This form should not contain extra fields.":"Feltgruppen m\u00e5 ikke inneholde ekstra felter.","The uploaded file was too large. Please try to upload a smaller file.":"Den opplastede file var for stor. Vennligst last opp en mindre fil.","The CSRF token is invalid.":"CSRF n\u00f8kkelen er ugyldig.","fos_user.username.already_used":"Brukernavnet er allerede i bruk","fos_user.username.blank":"Vennligst skriv inn et brukernavn","fos_user.username.short":"[-Inf,Inf]Brukernavnet er for kort","fos_user.username.long":"[-Inf,Inf]Brukernavnet er for langt","":"Epostadressen er allerede i bruk","":"Vennligst skriv inn en epostadresse","":"[-Inf,Inf]Epostadressen er for kort","":"[-Inf,Inf]Epostadressen er for lang","":"Epostadressen er ikke gyldig","fos_user.password.blank":"Vennligst skriv inn et passord","fos_user.password.short":"[-Inf,Inf]Passordet er for kort","fos_user.password.mismatch":"De innskrevne passordene stemmer ikke overens","fos_user.new_password.blank":"Vennligst skriv inn et nytt passord","fos_user.new_password.short":"[-Inf,Inf]Det nye passordet er for kort","fos_user.current_password.invalid":"Det innskrevne passordet er ugyldig","":"Vennligst skriv inn et navn","":"[-Inf,Inf]Navnet er for kort","":"[-Inf,Inf]Navnet er for langt"}}}
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