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Provides an API to manage a database of Pokemons
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Changes in PHPUnit 5.5

All notable changes of the PHPUnit 5.5 release series are documented in this file using the Keep a CHANGELOG principles.

[5.5.7] - 2016-10-03


  • Reverted #2300: Exclude tests from package distribution

[5.5.6] - 2016-10-03


  • Implemented #2300: Exclude tests from package distribution


  • Fixed #2261: Invalid test listener configuration leads to confusing behavior
  • Fixed #2309: PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase is not declared abstract

[5.5.5] - 2016-09-21


  • Fixed #2101: Output Buffer Level consumption prevents custom output buffers from working

[5.5.4] - 2016-08-26

New release of PHPUnit as PHAR with updated dependencies

[5.5.3] - 2016-08-25


  • Fixed #2270: Allow createPartialMock() to not mock any methods

[5.5.2] - 2016-08-18


  • The JUnit logger no longer uses <warning> elements when the logIncompleteSkipped configuration option is set to false (default)


  • Restored the logIncompleteSkipped configuration option for the JUnit logger that got lost in PHPUnit 5.4.2

[5.5.1] - 2016-08-17


  • Fixed #1961: XSD schema in 5.x does not validate
  • Incorrect warning about missing @covers annotation is no longer shown when @coversNothing is used together with forceCoversAnnotation=true

[5.5.0] - 2016-08-05


  • Added the PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase::createPartialMock() method for creating partial test doubles using best practice defaults
  • Merged #2203: Ability to --list-suites for a given configuration


  • An AssertionError raised by an assert() in the tested code now causes the test to be interpreted as a failure instead of an error

[5.5.7]: [5.5.6]: [5.5.5]: [5.5.4]: [5.5.3]: [5.5.2]: [5.5.1]: [5.5.0]:

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