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File: vendor/league/flysystem/docs/
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layout: default permalink: /mount-manager/ title: Mount Manager

Mount Manager

Flysystem comes with an wrapper class to easily work with multiple file system instances from a single object. The League\Flysystem\MountManager is an easy to use container allowing you to simplify more complex cross file system interactions.

Setting up a Mount Manager is easy:

$ftp = new League\Flysystem\Filesystem($ftpAdapter);
$s3 = new League\Flysystem\Filesystem($s3Adapter);
$local = new League\Flysystem\Filesystem($localAdapter);

// Add them in the constructor
$manager = new League\Flysystem\MountManager([
    'ftp' => $ftp,
    's3' => $s3,

// Or mount them later
$manager->mountFilesystem('local', $local);

Now we do all the file operations we'd normally do on a Flysystem\Filesystem instance.

// Read from FTP
$contents = $manager->read('ftp://some/file.txt');

// And write to local
$manager->write('local://put/it/here.txt', $contents);

This makes it easy to code up simple sync strategies.

$contents = $manager->listContents('local://uploads', true);

foreach ($contents as $entry) {
    $update = false;

    if ( ! $manager->has('storage://'.$entry['path'])) {
        $update = true;
    } elseif ($manager->getTimestamp('local://'.$entry['path']) > $manager->getTimestamp('storage://'.$entry['path'])) {
        $update = true;

    if ($update) {
        $manager->put('storage://'.$entry['path'], $manager->read('local://'.$entry['path']));

Specialized calls


The copy method provided by the Mount Manager takes the origin of the file into account. When it detects the source and destination are located on a different file systems it'll use a streamed upload instead, transparently.

$mountManager->copy('local://some/file.ext', 'backup://storage/location.ext');


The move call is the multi-file system counterpart to rename. Where rename must be used on the same file system, the move call provides the same conceptual behavior, but then on two different file systems.

$mountManager->move('local://some/upload.jpeg', 'cdn://users/1/profile-picture.jpeg');

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