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Create graphic images with a fluent interface
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Getting started


!!! tip "Requirements"

GImage requires [PHP 7.0+][1] and latest [GD Extension][2].

Make sure if [GD extension][2] is loaded. You can verify it using the following command:

php -r "var_dump(extension_loaded('gd'));"
# bool(true)

Then install GImage via [Composer][3]:

composer require joseluisq/gimage

[1]: [2]: [3]:


Loading an external PNG image and saving it as JPG:


use GImage\Image;

// PNG image (600x199)
$url = '';

$arch = new Image();
    // Load from URL
	// Scale to 50% (300x99)
	// Change the format to JPG
	// Saving in local path

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.