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Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/markdown
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: US to UK Text Converter
Convert English text between US and UK spellings
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PHP US English-to-UK-English-converter

Converts textual content in order that British spellings are swapped with their Americanized shape or vice versa.


  • 20,000 words covered;
  • Multiple Sources: Words come from VarCon/ISpell (18,000 phrases) and WordsWorldWide (8,000 phrases), each lists have been used to cross-check each different, correct errors, and cast off duplicates.
  • Variants for British phrases ('unrealisable' and 'unrealiseable');


  • Does everyday expression checking with /bWORDb/, so, it will no longer corrupt phrases. "Ax" becomes "Axe", but "Axiomatic" will continue to be as "Axiomatic";
  • Checks each phrase in the word list and its ucwords (higher-cased words) formatted model, so no acronyms may be negatively affected ("our group, AX, Avenger Xenophiles," will not be converted to "our group, AXE, Avenger Xenophiles");
  • Atomic / Deterministic : American-ize/British-ify will not corrupt meaning ('discus' and 'diskus' have reverse meanings in US/UK, swapping them in/out will reason the textual content to alternate each time you "Americanize" or "Britishify" it, so we do not do those sorts of swaps);

Sample Usage:


require('AmericanBritishSpellings.php'); $american_british_spellings = new AmericanBritishSpellings('$var'); $text = "accessorise ageing aggrandisement agonise agonised agonises british to american"; $textx = "accessorize aging aggrandizement agonize agonized agonizes american to british"; $new_text = $american_british_spellings->SwapBritishSpellingsForAmericanSpellings(['text'=>$text]); print_r($text); echo "<br>"; print($new_text); $american = $american_british_spellings->SwapAmericanSpellingsForBritishSpellings(['text'=>$textx]); echo "<br>"; print_r($textx); echo "<br>"; print_r($american); ?>