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File: state.go

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File: state.go
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: roadrunner
Run multiple tasks of PHP in parallel using Golang
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Date: 5 years ago
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package roadrunner import ( "sync" "sync/atomic" "time" ) // State represents worker status and updated time. type State interface { // Value returns state value Value() int64 // NumExecs shows how many times worker was invoked NumExecs() uint64 // Updated indicates a moment updated last state change Updated() time.Time } const ( // StateInactive - no associated process StateInactive int64 = iota // StateReady - ready for job. StateReady // StateWorking - working on given payload. StateWorking // StateStopped - process has been terminated StateStopped // StateErrored - error state (can't be used) StateErrored ) type state struct { mu sync.RWMutex value int64 numExecs uint64 updated time.Time } func newState(value int64) *state { return &state{value: value, updated: time.Now()} } // String returns current state as string. func (s *state) String() string { switch s.value { case StateInactive: return "inactive" case StateReady: return "ready" case StateWorking: return "working" case StateStopped: return "stopped" case StateErrored: return "errored" } return "undefined" } // Value state returns state value func (s *state) Value() int64 { defer return s.value } // IsActive returns true if worker not Inactive or Stopped func (s *state) IsActive() bool { state := s.Value() return state == StateWorking || state == StateReady } // Updated indicates a moment updated last state change func (s *state) Updated() time.Time { defer return s.updated } func (s *state) NumExecs() uint64 { return atomic.LoadUint64(&s.numExecs) } // change state value (status) func (s *state) set(value int64) { defer s.value = value s.updated = time.Now() } // register new execution atomically func (s *state) registerExec() { atomic.AddUint64(&s.numExecs, 1) }