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Class: shagaConfigurator
Get application options from configuration files
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This class is a part of ShagaEngine.

What can you do with this class?

Imagine!You are writing a script and you need some configuration file to store there
the program options!
But you have not some free time to write a configuration file parser.
Using this class you can read your program options from  configuration file ((constructed as you wish) just modify/remove/add some entries in  source file and enjoy.) easy.
All data from configuration files will be stored in array called 'conf'.
For example,to get the value of variable 'redirect' in section 'direct'  just do 
$myConfig = new shagaConfigurator();
echo $myConfig->conf['direct']['redirect'];

This class  is a simple solution ,but i hope , it will be usefull.
Before modify anything,read carefully the source file.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.