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Class: Laravel Mail Logger
Track messages sent by Laravel mail to act on them
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Logs every email sended by laravel (via Mail class include queued mails), preventing duplicates, u can override this by adding in bcc or u can limit frequency (by default 30 minutes) of duplicates by adding in bcc (this can be changed in config file) Monitors email reads, have event MessageRead. * install

composer require iwedmak/mail-log
  • Or `bash php composer.phar require iwedmak/mail-log `
  • Or add to composer.json `bash "iwedmak/mail-log": "dev-master" `

Register provider, add this to config/app.php in providers array:


After that u will need to publish config

php artisan vendor:publish

and publish migrations and migrate

php artisan maillog:migration
php artisan migrate

Now we can subscribe to mailsend event, by adding to app/Providers/EventServiceProvider.php

protected $subscribe = [

Now u have one more event, it's iWedmak\Mail\MessageRead when email was read.