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Class: PHP Property Preprocessor
Preprocess class variables when they are accessed
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Property Value Pre-processor for PHP

This is a simple yet powerful trait which allows one to easily pre-process the properties before they are returned from the objects of classes which use it.


The preferred way to install this extension is to click here which will download the package as a zip file. Instructions on how to use it is explained below.

How to use

From the downloaded zip, place the file PreProcessorTrait.php in your project's 'traits' folder(please create one if it does not exist). In your classes, you can use the trait as below:

class ClassName{
use \traits\PreProcessorTrait.php

Use Cases

Suppose you have an object $store and it has a property $products which is an array of all the Product objects in that Store.

The Product objects are too large and it contains lot of data and you currently need only some minimal data.

Use PreProcessorTrait in the $store object's class as explained above and insert the following method in traits\PreProcessorTrait.php

public function getMinified($objects){
		foreach($objects as &$object){
		return $objects;

public function minify(){
    //your logic to minify and return the object

You can get the minified data by calling like this: $store->productsMinified. Similarly you can use like this for any property of the $store object. Eg:- $store->invoicesMinified, $store->customersMinified etc.

From this point on, any class using the PreProcessorTrait will have the ability to minify it's properties before returning them.

For example:


Like this, you can add whatever methods in PreProcessorTrait and it can be used in any object in which this trait is used in the very same way explained above. For more use cases and examples, click here

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.