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pthreads-polyfill aims to satisfy the API requirements of pthreads, such that code written to depend on pthreads will work when pthreads is not, or can not be loaded.

pthreads-polyfill does not implement the same execution model, for obvious reasons, and has no external dependencies.

pthreads-polyfill will fill for v2 or v3, however behaviour is consistent with v3, which is the version new projects should target.


pthreads-polyfill is distributed with some unit tests, these tests should pass with and without pthreads loaded.

Testing pthreads-polyfill

phpunit tests

If pthreads is loaded by your configuration the polyfill will not be used.

Testing code coverage for pthreads-polyfill

phpdbg -nqrr vendor/bin/phpunit tests --coverage-text
For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.