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Class: Freeze My PHP Scalar Types
Implements scalar type values that work in PHP 5
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If you can not use php7... you can still use this.

class Object {
    public function foo(FreezeString $string) {}

(new Object)->foo(new FreezeString('string'));

Instead of this

class Object {
    public function foo($string) {}

(new Object)->foo('string');

It's better than nothing \\_(?)_/


Run in console below command to download package to your project:

composer require degraciamathieu/freezemyscalar


require 'vendor\autoload.php';

use DeGraciaMathieu\FreezeMyScalar\FreezeString;

$scalar = new FreezeString('qsdqsdq');
$scalar->content(); // 'qsdqsdq'

require 'vendor\autoload.php';

use DeGraciaMathieu\FreezeMyScalar\FreezeInteger;

$scalar = new FreezeInteger(10);
$scalar->content(); // 10

require 'vendor\autoload.php';

use DeGraciaMathieu\FreezeMyScalar\FreezeString;

new FreezeString(10); 
// throws \DeGraciaMathieu\FreezeMyScalar\Exceptions\UnexpectedValueException

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.