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File: docs/_sources/api/atk4/core/ConfigTrait.rst.txt
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.. rst-class:: phpdoctorst .. role:: php(code) :language: php ConfigTrait =========== .. php:namespace:: atk4\core .. php:trait:: ConfigTrait .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | This trait makes it possible for you to read config files and various configurations | use: | 1\. use Trait in your APP Class | use \\atk4\\core\\ConfigTrait; | 2\. create config\-default\.php and/or config\.php file and add config values like | $config\[\'key\'\] = \'value\'; | 3\. call $this\-\>readConfig\(\); | before using config\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/ConfigTrait.php#15 <>`_ Properties ---------- .. php:attr:: public static _configTrait .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Check this property to see if trait is present in the object\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/ConfigTrait.php#22 <>`_ :Type: bool .. php:attr:: protected static config .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | This property stores config values\. Use getConfig\(\) method to access its values\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/ConfigTrait.php#29 <>`_ :Type: array Methods ------- .. rst-class:: public .. php:method:: public readConfig( $files=\[config\.php\], $format=php) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Read config file or files and store it in $config property\. | Supported formats: | php \- PHP file with $config\[\'foo\'\] = \'bar\' structure | php\-inline \- PHP file with return \[\'foo\' =\> \'bar\'\] structure | json \- JSON file with \{\'foo\':\'bar\'\} structure | yaml \- YAML file with yaml structure :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/ConfigTrait.php#47 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$files** (string | array) One or more filenames * **$format** (string) Optional format for config files :Throws: :any:`\\atk4\\core\\Exception <atk4\\core\\Exception>` :Returns: $this .. rst-class:: public .. php:method:: public setConfig( $paths=\[\], $value=null) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Manually set configuration option\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/ConfigTrait.php#107 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$paths** (string | array) Path to configuration element to set or array of [path=>value] * **$value** (mixed) Value to set :Returns: $this .. rst-class:: public .. php:method:: public getConfig( $path, $default_value=null) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Get configuration element\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/ConfigTrait.php#136 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$path** (string) Path to configuration element. * **$default_value** (mixed) Default value returned if element don't exist :Returns: mixed .. rst-class:: protected .. php:method:: protected _lookupConfigElement( $path, $create_elements=false) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Internal method to lookup config element by given path\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/ConfigTrait.php#157 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$path** (string) Path to navigate to * **$create_elements** (bool) Should we create elements it they don't exist