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File: docs/_sources/api/atk4/core/DebugTrait.rst.txt
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.. rst-class:: phpdoctorst .. role:: php(code) :language: php DebugTrait ========== .. php:namespace:: atk4\core .. php:trait:: DebugTrait :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#7 <>`_ Properties ---------- .. php:attr:: public static _debugTrait .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Check this property to see if trait is present in the object\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#14 <>`_ :Type: bool .. php:attr:: public static debug :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#17 <>`_ :Type: bool Is debug enabled? .. php:attr:: protected static _prev_bt :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#20 <>`_ :Type: array Helps debugTraceChange\. Methods ------- .. rst-class:: protected .. php:method:: protected _echo_stderr( $message) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Outputs message to STDERR\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#29 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$message** (string) .. rst-class:: public .. php:method:: public debug( $message=true, $context=\[\]) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Send some info to debug stream\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#42 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$message** (bool | string) * **$context** (array) :Returns: $this .. rst-class:: public .. php:method:: public log( $level, $message, $context=\[\]) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Output log message\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#71 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$level** (string) * **$message** (string) * **$context** (array) :Returns: $this .. rst-class:: public .. php:method:: public userMessage( $message, $context=\[\]) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Output message that needs to be acknowledged by application user\. Make sure | that $context does not contain any sensitive information\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#91 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$message** (string) * **$context** (array) :Returns: $this .. rst-class:: public .. php:method:: public debugTraceChange( $trace=default) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Method designed to intercept one of the hardest\-to\-debug situations within Agile Toolkit\. | Suppose you define a hook and the hook needs to be called only once, but somehow it is | being called multiple times\. You want to know where and how those calls come through\. | | Place debugTraceChange inside your hook and give unique $trace identifier\. If the method | is invoked through different call paths, this debug info will be logged\. | | Do not leave this method in production code \!\!\! :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#117 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$trace** (string) .. rst-class:: public .. php:method:: public emergency( $message, $context=\[\]) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | System is unusable\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#144 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$message** (string) * **$context** (array) :Returns: void .. rst-class:: public .. php:method:: public alert( $message, $context=\[\]) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Action must be taken immediately\. | Example: Entire website down, database unavailable, etc\. This should | trigger the SMS alerts and wake you up\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#160 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$message** (string) * **$context** (array) :Returns: void .. rst-class:: public .. php:method:: public critical( $message, $context=\[\]) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Critical conditions\. | Example: Application component unavailable, unexpected exception\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#175 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$message** (string) * **$context** (array) :Returns: void .. rst-class:: public .. php:method:: public error( $message, $context=\[\]) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Runtime errors that do not require immediate action but should typically | be logged and monitored\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#189 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$message** (string) * **$context** (array) :Returns: void .. rst-class:: public .. php:method:: public warning( $message, $context=\[\]) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Exceptional occurrences that are not errors\. | Example: Use of deprecated APIs, poor use of an API, undesirable things | that are not necessarily wrong\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#205 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$message** (string) * **$context** (array) :Returns: void .. rst-class:: public .. php:method:: public notice( $message, $context=\[\]) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Normal but significant events\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#218 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$message** (string) * **$context** (array) :Returns: void .. rst-class:: public .. php:method:: public info( $message, $context=\[\]) .. rst-class:: phpdoc-description | Interesting events\. | Example: User logs in, SQL logs\. :Source: `vendor/atk4/core/src/DebugTrait.php#233 <>`_ :Parameters: * **$message** (string) * **$context** (array) :Returns: void