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Class: filereplace
Replace signals using template file
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README FILE CLASS FILEREPLACE ----------------------------- FileReplace is a small class create to do signal's replacements, using a template file. Use this class is very easy. I'll explain yours methods, but.., the best way to use is view the test file. The template file are called: templatetest.txt. Template File like this: --- cut here --- TEST FILE CLASEFILEREPLACE SIGNAL ONE: #_VALUE_SIGNAL_1_# SIGNAL TWO: #_VALUE_SIGNAL_2_# END OF FILE --- cut here --- The signal are: #_VALUE_SIGNAL_1_# and #_VALUE_SIGNAL_2_# I would like replace each signal, putting some random values: // contructor. one parameter: template file $FileReplace = new filereplace ("templatetest.txt"); // Add value's signal to replace... $FileReplace->AddReplace ("#_VALUE_SIGNAL_1_#", "VALUE SIGNAL ONE"); $FileReplace->AddReplace ("#_VALUE_SIGNAL_2_#", "VALUE SIGNAL TWO"); // and finally..., we can call 2 methods: // Replace: Return full content of template file with new signals values // Replace2File: create a new file. The content of this file are // Replaces's output method :) $Content = $FileReplace->Replace(); // or $FileReplace->Replace2File ("outputfile.txt"); And nothing else... You can remove a signal before replace method are called using RemoveReplace method like: // add replace $FileReplace->AddReplace ("SIGNAL", "VALUE SIGNAL"); // remove preview replace $FileReplace->RemoveReplace ("SIGNAL"); For more info or questions mailme: ;. ;. ;. mArKitos 2oo2 ;.