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File: vendor/
Role: License text
Content type: text/plain
Description: License text
Class: PHP License Detector
Detect the type of project license text
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# Each license has YAML front matter describing the license's properties.
# The available fields are:

- name: title
  description: The license full name specified by
  required: true

- name: spdx-id
  description: Short identifier specified by
  required: true

- name: description
  description: A human-readable description of the license
  required: true

- name: how
  description: Instructions on how to implement the license
  required: true

- name: conditions
  description: Bulleted list of required rules
  required: true

- name: permissions
  description: Bulleted list of permitted rules
  required: true

- name: limitations
  description: Bulleted list of limited rules
  required: true

- name: using
  description: 'A list of 3 notable projects using the license with straightforward LICENSE files which serve as examples newcomers can follow and that can be detected by [licensee]( in the form of `project_name: license_file_url`'
  required: true

# Optional fields

- name: featured
  description: Whether the license should be featured on the main page (defaults to false)
  required: false

- name: hidden
  description: Whether the license is neither [popular]( nor fills out the [spectrum of licenses]( from strongly conditional to unconditional (defaults to true)
  required: false

- name: nickname
  description: Customary short name if applicable (e.g, GPLv3)
  required: false

- name: note
  description: Additional information about the licenses
  required: false

- name: redirect_from
  description: Relative path(s) to redirect to the license from, to prevent breaking old URLs
  required: false

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