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File: mkdocs.yml
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP Tournament Bracket Generator
Organize the matches of teams in a tournament
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site_name: Tournament Generator
repo_name: GitHub
site_author: Tomá? Vojík (Heroyt)
  - admonition
  name: readthedocs
- Introduction:
- Examples:
  - 'Basic tournament': examples/
  - 'Tournament from a template': 'examples/'
  - 'Simulating a tournament': 'examples/'
  - 'Using progressions': 'examples/'
  - 'Using filters': 'examples/'
- 'Interfaces and abstract classes':
  - Base: interface/
  - WithGeneratorSetters: interface/
  - WithRounds: interface/
  - WithSkipSetters: interface/
  - WithTeams: interface/
- Classes:
  - Constants: classes/
  - Tournament: classes/
  - Category: classes/
  - Round: classes/
  - Group: classes/
  - Team: classes/
  - Game: classes/
  - Progression: classes/
  - 'Team filter': classes/
  - 'Blank team': classes/
  - 'Utilis\Generator': classes/utilis/
  - 'Utilis\Simulator': classes/utilis/
  - 'Utilis\filterComparator': classes/utilis/
  - 'Utilis\Sorter\Games': classes/utilis/sorter/
  - 'Utilis\Sorter\Teams': classes/utilis/sorter/
- Templates:
  - List: template/
  - 'Single elimination': template/
  - 'Double elimination': template/
  - '2 rounds to groups': template/

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