File: vault/ipv6_isps.dat

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File: vault/ipv6_isps.dat
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Check if an IP address is a bad source of traffic
Author: By
Last change: Signatures update.
Signatures update.
Signatures update.
Date: 2 years ago
Size: 57,155 bytes


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# IPv6 signatures file (dangerous and spammy ISPs).
# Canonical link to the online version of this file:

# Version: 2019.260.254
# Last modified: 2019.09.18

# ---
# ASN 29182 ("ISPsystem").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.31%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 4,885.
# Updated: 2018.03.31 / Checked: 2019.05.10

2a01:230::/48 Deny Generic
2a01:230:2::/47 Deny Generic
2a06:dc40::/29 Deny Generic
Origin: RU
Tag: ISPsystem

# ASN 34619 ("Çizgi Telekomünikasyon").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.48%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 1.
# Updated: 2016.01.18 / Checked: 2019.08.21

2a02:2020::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: TR

# ASN 25504 ("Vautron Rechenzentrum AG").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.25%.
# Updated: 2016.01.18 / Checked: 2019.08.29

2001:67c:2394::/48 Deny Generic
2a00:19e0::/29 Deny Generic
Origin: DE
Tag: Vautron Rech. AG

# ASN 38955 ("World4You Internet Services").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.33%.
# Updated: 2016.01.18 / Checked: 2019.05.10

2a00:1a68::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: AT
Tag: World4You

# ASNs 29073, 202425 ("IP Volume inc", formerly, "Quasi Networks LTD", formerly "Ecatel Network").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.16% (AS29073), 0.13% (AS202425).
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 13,260 (AS29073), 236 (AS202425).
# Updated: 2019.05.10

2a02:6c8:8000::/33 Deny Generic
Origin: NL
Tag: IP Volume inc

# ASN 48159 ("Telecommunication Infrastructure Company").
# Significant source of I.P. thieves, email harvestors, and unauthorised scrapers.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 140.
# Updated: 2019.07.03

2a03:57c0::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: IR
Tag: AS48159
 enabled: true

# ASN 12880 ("Information Technology Company (ITC)").
# Significant source of email harvestors and unauthorised scrapers.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.17%.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 2.18%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 773.
# Updated: 2018.10.09 / Checked: 2019.07.03

2001:4188::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: IR
Tag: AS12880
 enabled: true

# ASNs 24940, 37153 ("Hetzner Online GmbH").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.08% (AS24940), 0.17% (AS37153).
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 26,308 (AS24940), 706 (AS37153).
# Updated: 2019.03.04 / Checked: 2019.07.03

2001:67c:1164::/48 Deny Generic
2a01:4f8::/29 Deny Generic
2a01:b140::/29 Deny Generic
2a06:be80::/29 Deny Generic
2a0d:7e00::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: DE
2c0f:f300::/48 Deny Generic
2c0f:fce8::/33 Deny Generic
Origin: ZA
Tag: Hetzner Online GmbH

# ASN 51559 ("Server Internet Bilisim ve Bilgisayar Hizmetleri").
# (Mark any LV announces as cloud when updating).
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.08%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 37.
# Updated: 2019.09.18

2a06:c3c0:2::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: RU
2a03:2100::/44 Deny Generic
2a05:9bc0::/44 Deny Generic
2a06:1580::/44 Deny Generic
2a06:41c0::/44 Deny Generic
2a06:c400::/44 Deny Generic
2a0a:db00::/44 Deny Generic
2a0b:8100::/44 Deny Generic
Origin: TR
Tag: AS51559
 enabled: true

# ASN 45727 ("Hutchison CP Telecommunications, PT").
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 323.
# Updated: 2019.09.03

2400:8b00:100::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:200::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:300::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:500::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:600::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:700::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:800::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:980::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:a00::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:a80::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:b00::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:b80::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:c00::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:c80::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:d00::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:d80::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:e00::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:e80::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:f00::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:f80::/42 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:1000::/44 Deny Spam
2400:8b00:2000::/42 Deny Spam
Origin: ID
Tag: PT Hutchison
 enabled: true

# ASN 24203 ("PT Excelcomindo Pratama").
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 41.90%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 384.
# Updated: 2017.12.08 / Checked: 2019.05.07

2400:9800::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: ID
2600:1417:3000::/48 Deny Spam
Origin: US
Tag: PT Excelcomindo
 enabled: true

# ASN 3223 ("Voxility LLC").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.17%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 8,922.
# Updated: 2019.08.01

2a06:b380::/29 Deny Generic
Origin: GB
2a03:5180::/48 Deny Generic
2a03:5180:1:5::/64 Deny Generic
2a03:5180:1:7::/64 Deny Generic
2a03:5180:1:8::/64 Deny Generic
2a03:5180:1:b::/64 Deny Generic
2a03:5180:1:c::/64 Deny Generic
2a03:5180:1:f::/64 Deny Generic
2a03:5180:1:10::/64 Deny Generic
2a03:5180:2::/47 Deny Generic
2a03:5180:4::/46 Deny Generic
2a03:5180:8::/47 Deny Generic
2a03:5180:a::/48 Deny Generic
2a03:5180:10::/47 Deny Generic
Origin: RO
2602:ff84:8::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: US
Tag: Voxility LLC

# ASN 30968 ("INFOBOX").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.11%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 141.
# Updated: 2016.01.18 / Checked: 2019.09.18

2a02:440::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: RU

# ASN 49335 ("Mir Telematiki Ltd").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.10%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 1,205.
# Updated: 2019.08.25

2a0c:46c0::/29 Deny Spam
Origin: DK
2a05:4f80::/29 Deny Spam
Origin: ES
2a0a:f9c4::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: EU
2a03:f3c0::/29 Deny Spam
Origin: GB
2a0c:5c40::/29 Deny Spam
Origin: IT
2a0b:b86:fff0::/44 Deny Spam
2a0b:b87:ffc0::/44 Deny Spam
2a0b:7086:fff0::/44 Deny Spam
2a0b:7087:fff0::/44 Deny Spam
Origin: NL
2a0c:7a40::/29 Deny Spam
Origin: NO
2a0c:67c0::/29 Deny Spam
Origin: PT
2a05:b80::/29 Deny Spam
2a0a:b385::/32 Deny Spam
2a0c:9d80::/29 Deny Spam
Origin: RU
2a0b:6780::/29 Deny Spam
Origin: TR
Tag: Mir Telematiki Ltd

# ASN 45595 ("Pakistan Telecom").
# *Extreme*, unrepentant, unending source of spam over the course of many, many years. XRumer plus others operating on
# their network. Highly unlikely to ever delist.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 2.56%.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 1.31%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 52,985.
# Updated: 2017.03.22 / Checked: 2019.05.28

2404:7000::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: PK
Tag: Pakistan Telecom
 enabled: true

# ASN 41011 ("CH-NET S.R.L").
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 4.
# Updated: 2017.06.28 / Checked: 2019.05.10

2001:67c:2100::/48 Deny Generic
2a06:afc0::/47 Deny Generic
2a06:afc0:2::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: RO

# ASN 7743 ("JPMorgan Chase & Co").
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 1.
# Updated: 2019.06.02

2620:11::/45 Deny Generic
2620:11:8::/47 Deny Generic
Origin: US
Tag: JPMorgan Chase & Co

# ASNs 42708, 43948 ("GleSYS AB"; formerly "Portlane AB").
# Exclude (carries human endpoints and seems clean):
# - "^.*Internetbolaget.*$\n"
# Mark as proxy:
# - "^(.*(?:VP[SN]|Tunnel|Edelino).*)$"
# Mark as cloud:
# - "^(.*(?:Host|Netelia|Sveaab|GleSYS|Webbplatsen|InfoGuard).*)$"
# Mark as spam (carries human endpoints, but also poses a spam risk):
# - "^(.*(?:Svenska).*)$"
# Everything else mark as generic.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.13% (AS42708), 0.03% (AS43948).
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 1,622 (AS42708).
# Updated: 2019.05.02 / Checked: 2019.09.18

2a01:8640:9::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: GB
Tag: Portlane Networks AB
 enabled: true

# ASN 44050 ("Petersburg Internet Network ltd").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.51%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 1,911,629.
# Updated: 2019.03.27 / Checked: 2019.07.23

2a00:1d78::/32 Deny Generic
2a01:48a0:4030::/48 Deny Generic
2a0b:d000::/29 Deny Generic
2a0d:1ac3::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: RU

# ASNs 16880, 36421 ("Trend Micro Incorporated").
# Follows their users around and attempts to get into restricted/private parts of websites.
# Updated: 2018.03.31 / Checked: 2019.08.29

2620:101:402d::/48 Deny Generic
2620:101:4034::/47 Deny Generic
2620:101:4036::/48 Deny Generic
2620:101:403a::/48 Deny Generic
2620:101:403c::/48 Deny Generic
2620:101:403f::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: US
Tag: Trend Micro

# ASN 8551 ("Bezeq International-Ltd").
# Domestic Israeli ISP with human endpoints, but has some bad actors (spambots,
# scrapers, etc). Marked for use with reCAPTCHA to reduce the false positive
# risk, and I would encourage any CIDRAM users from Israel, or targeting
# traffic from Israel, to list this section in their ignore.dat file to reduce
# the false positive risk.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.14%.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 0.30%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 5,197.
# Updated: 2018.03.08 / Checked: 2019.08.01

2a02:26f0:8000::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: EU
2001:4cd0::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: IL
2620:11b:e0be::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: US
Tag: Bezeq International
 enabled: true

# ASNs 5486, 9116 ("012 Smile Communications LTD").
# Subsidiary of Bezeq International. Domestic Israeli ISP with human endpoints,
# but also a source of forum/blog spam. Marked for use with reCAPTCHA to reduce
# the false positive risk, and I would encourage any CIDRAM users from Israel,
# or targeting traffic from Israel, to list this section in their ignore.dat
# file to reduce the false positive risk.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.38% (AS9116).
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 2,526 (AS9116).
# Updated: 2016.12.10 / Checked: 2019.08.01

2001:40a8::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: IL
Tag: 012 Smile
 enabled: true

# ASN 51191 ("Xirra GmbH").
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 2.
# Updated: 2016.01.21 / Checked: 2019.08.18

2a01:4a0:2000::/47 Deny Generic
2a01:4a0:2002::/48 Deny Generic
2a06:4b00::/29 Deny Generic
Origin: DE
Tag: Xirra GmbH

# ASN 35804 ("PP SKS-LUGAN").
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 35.
# Updated: 2016.03.30 / Checked: 2019.08.18

2a00:ede0::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: UA

# ASN 13030 ("Init7").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.13%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 137.
# Updated: 2018.12.09 / Checked: 2019.04.23

2001:67c:7ac::/48 Deny Generic
2001:67c:2648::/48 Deny Generic
2001:1620::/32 Deny Generic
2a00:e020::/32 Deny Generic
2a00:f080::/42 Deny Generic
2a02:168::/30 Deny Generic
2a02:16a0::/32 Deny Generic
2a03:7520::/32 Deny Generic
2a07:600::/29 Deny Generic
2a0a:dc07::/32 Deny Generic
2a0a:df80:24::/48 Deny Generic
2a0a:e5c0::/29 Deny Generic
2a0b:5340::/48 Deny Generic
2a0b:5400:1::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: CH
2a00:5640::/32 Deny Generic
2a00:5646::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: DE
2001:67c:1388::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: GB
2001:67c:2570::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: LI
Tag: Init7

# ASNs 3491, 4760, 6279, 7262 ("PCCW Global" / "Beyond The Network America, Inc").
# Mirai detected on this network.
# Updated: 2019.06.01

2a03:5400::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: BE
2400:8800::/32 Deny Spam
2400:c800:610::/44 Deny Spam
2404:c800::/29 Deny Spam
Origin: HK
2c0f:f3d0::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: MZ
2a02:b48:4000::/34 Deny Spam
Origin: NL
2a0c:6980::/29 Deny Spam
Origin: RU
2c0f:f3c0::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: ZA
Tag: PCCW Global
 enabled: true

# ASN 62454 ("Zyztm Research Division 10 B.V").
# Cyber warfare, credit card theft, etc.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 5.
# Updated: 2016.04.23 / Checked: 2019.06.23

2a01:54c0::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: NL
Tag: Zyztm

# Caught trying to DDoS SFS.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.21%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 202.
# Updated: 2019.07.23

2a04:4280:10::/48 Deny Generic
2a04:4280:20::/48 Deny Generic
2a04:4280:30::/48 Deny Generic
2a04:4280:100::/48 Deny Generic
2a04:4280:200::/48 Deny Generic
2a04:8340::/29 Deny Generic
2a05:abc0::/29 Deny Generic
2a05:b380::/29 Deny Generic
2a05:b700::/29 Deny Generic
2a05:ba00::/29 Deny Generic
2a05:bf00::/29 Deny Generic
2a05:ccc0::/29 Deny Generic
2a05:f740::/29 Deny Generic
2a05:f7c0::/29 Deny Generic
2a07:21c0::/29 Deny Generic
2a07:cd00::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: TR
2402:1780:1::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: TW

# ASN 38731 ("Vietel - CHT Compamy Ltd").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.21%.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 4.91%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 591.
# Updated: 2016.12.24 / Checked: 2019.09.03

2401:5f80::/34 Deny Generic
2401:5f80:4000::/35 Deny Generic
Origin: VN
Tag: Vietel
 enabled: true

# ASN 6876 ("TeNeT Scientific Production Enterprise LLC").
# Source of forum spam and other unwanted traffic.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 1.03%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 1,897.
# Updated: 2016.07.20 / Checked: 2019.07.04

2a04:2c00::/29 Deny Generic
Origin: UA
Tag: TeNeT

# ASN 31252 ("Starnet Servicii SRL").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.55%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 57,744.
# Updated: 2017.03.11 / Checked: 2019.05.10

2a00:9900::/29 Deny Generic
2a01:320::/29 Deny Generic
2a0b:dd00::/29 Deny Generic
Origin: MD

# ASN 23860 ("Alliance Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd").
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 20.87%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 279.
# Updated: 2018.06.06 / Checked: 2019.08.21

2407:cb00::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: IN
Tag: Alliance Broadband
 enabled: true

# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 19.89%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 372.
# Updated: 2016.09.04 / Checked: 2019.09.10

2402:ea80::/48 Deny Spam
2406:3c80::/46 Deny Spam
Origin: IN
 enabled: true

# ASN 23888 ("National Telecommunication Corporation HQ").
# Source of forum/blog spam. Also an ISP with human endpoints in Pakistan.
# Websites based in, or targeted towards a Pakistani audience, should keep it
# listed in their ignore.dat file. Marked for use with reCAPTCHA.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 35.43%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 23.
# Updated: 2019.08.01

2407:9e00::/48 Deny Spam
Origin: PK
Tag: AS23888
 enabled: true

# Significant source of forum/blog spam. Also a legit Indian ISP with human
# endpoints. Websites based in, or targeted towards an Indian audience, should
# keep it listed in their ignore.dat file. Marked for use with reCAPTCHA.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 288.
# Updated: 2019.08.01

2403:8500:100::/40 Deny Spam
2403:8500:200::/39 Deny Spam
2403:8500:400::/38 Deny Spam
2403:8500:800::/39 Deny Spam
2403:8500:1200::/40 Deny Spam
Origin: IN
 enabled: true

# ASN 45271 ("Idea Cellular Limited").
# Significant source of forum/blog spam. Also a legit Indian ISP with human
# endpoints. Websites based in, or targeted towards an Indian audience, should
# keep it listed in their ignore.dat file. Marked for use with reCAPTCHA.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 36.57%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 245.
# Updated: 2019.08.01

2402:8100:b::/48 Deny Spam
2402:8100:2000::/41 Deny Spam
2402:8100:2080::/42 Deny Spam
2402:8100:20d1::/48 Deny Spam
2402:8100:20d2::/48 Deny Spam
2402:8100:2180::/48 Deny Spam
2402:8100:2280::/43 Deny Spam
2402:8100:2300::/43 Deny Spam
2402:8100:2800::/41 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3000::/43 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3020::/44 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3030::/48 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3038::/45 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3040::/44 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3050::/45 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3080::/44 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3090::/45 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3098::/48 Deny Spam
2402:8100:30a0::/45 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3800::/47 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3804::/46 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3808::/45 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3810::/44 Deny Spam
2402:8100:383c::/46 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3840::/42 Deny Spam
2402:8100:38c0::/42 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3900::/43 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3920::/45 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3928::/48 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3940::/42 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3980::/44 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3990::/45 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3998::/46 Deny Spam
2402:8100:399c::/47 Deny Spam
2402:8100:399e::/48 Deny Spam
2402:8100:39a0::/44 Deny Spam
2402:8100:39c0::/45 Deny Spam
2402:8100:39c8::/46 Deny Spam
2402:8100:39cc::/48 Deny Spam
2402:8100:39d0::/44 Deny Spam
2402:8100:39e0::/45 Deny Spam
2402:8100:39e8::/46 Deny Spam
2402:8100:39ec::/48 Deny Spam
2402:8100:39f0::/44 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3a00::/42 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3a40::/45 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3a48::/46 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3a4c::/47 Deny Spam
2402:8100:3a4e::/48 Deny Spam
Origin: IN
Tag: Idea Cellular
 enabled: true

# ASNs 12530, 15895, 35081 ('"Kyivstar" PJSC').
# Absolutely **INSANE** levels of spam coming from this network!! Shouldn't
# ever, ever let them through, if at all possible.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 3.23% (AS12530).
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 22,323 (AS12530), 5,308,438 (AS15895).
# Updated: 2016.09.06 / Checked: 2019.08.18

2a02:8a8::/32 Deny Spam
2a02:2378::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: UA
Tag: Kyivstar

# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 145,394.
# Updated: 2019.07.23

2a03:7380::/38 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:400::/39 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:600::/41 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:1e00::/42 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:1e80::/42 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:1f40::/42 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:1f80::/42 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:2000::/38 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:2400::/40 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:2500::/42 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:2fc0::/42 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:3000::/39 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:3200::/42 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:3800::/42 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:4000::/41 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:4080::/42 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:5400::/41 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:5480::/42 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:5840::/42 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:5c00::/42 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:5c80::/42 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:6000::/41 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:6400::/42 Deny Spam
2a03:7380:7380::/42 Deny Spam
Origin: UA
Tag: AS13188-CDN-LTD

# ASN 15377 ('ISP "Fregat" Ltd.').
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 938.
# Updated: 2019.08.29

2a00:4f00::/32 Deny Spam
2a05:2580::/29 Deny Spam
2a05:8dc0::/29 Deny Spam
Origin: UA
Tag: Fregat

# ASN 48666 ("MAROSNET Telecommunication Company LLC").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.23%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 1,648.
# Updated: 2018.09.07 / Checked: 2019.07.07

2a02:f680::/29 Deny Spam
2a0c:6ec0::/48 Deny Spam
Origin: RU

# ASNs 7552, 24086, 37620, 133606, 262210, 327799, 327885 ("Viettel Corporation").
# Legit/real human endpoint ISP with high levels of spam/abuse reports listed at various DBs. List in the "ignore.dat"
# file if the signature section causes any problems.
# Updated: 2018.10.25 / Checked: 2019.08.21

2800:cc0::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: PE
2402:800::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: VN
Tag: Viettel Corporation
 enabled: true

# ASN 200019 ("ALEXHOST SRL").
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 289.
# Updated: 2019.08.18

2001:678:6d4::/48 Deny Generic
2a09:7c46::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: MD

# ASNs 11572, 29656, 57872, 60558, 207134 ("PHOENIX NAP, LLC").
# Updated: 2017.07.08 / Checked: 2019.05.17

2a00:8860::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: EU

# ASNs 24955, 41704 ("Orenburgskaya Gorodskaya Set, ZAO").
# Caught spamming while pretending to be Google.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 52,827 (AS24955), 84,383 (AS41704).
# Updated: 2019.07.09

2a02:1c8::/47 Deny Spam
2a02:1c8:7::/48 Deny Spam
2a02:1c8:90::/44 Deny Spam
2a02:1c8:100::/40 Deny Spam
2a02:1c8:700::/40 Deny Spam
Origin: RU
Tag: Ufanet
 enabled: true

# ASN 9829 ("BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd)").
# A large network with significant human endpoints, but the infection rate
# listed at CBL is very high, there are numerous spam events, etc. Marked for
# use with reCAPTCHA to reduce the false positive risk. Websites intended for
# an Indian audience should keep it listed in their ignore.dat file. Possibly
# may remove this section in the future if the network ever cleans up its act.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.23%.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 10.42%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 7,430.
# Updated: 2019.07.18

2001:4490::/43 Deny Spam
2001:4490:3fc::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:400::/43 Deny Spam
2001:4490:7f8::/45 Deny Spam
2001:4490:800::/45 Deny Spam
2001:4490:80c::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:810::/44 Deny Spam
2001:4490:bfc::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:c00::/43 Deny Spam
2001:4490:ffc::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:3000::/42 Deny Spam
2001:4490:3200::/42 Deny Spam
2001:4490:3400::/42 Deny Spam
2001:4490:3600::/42 Deny Spam
2001:4490:3800::/42 Deny Spam
2001:4490:3a00::/42 Deny Spam
2001:4490:3c00::/42 Deny Spam
2001:4490:3d00::/42 Deny Spam
2001:4490:3e00::/42 Deny Spam
2001:4490:3f00::/42 Deny Spam
2001:4490:3ffc::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:4000::/41 Deny Spam
2001:4490:4080::/44 Deny Spam
2001:4490:4090::/45 Deny Spam
2001:4490:4098::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:4400::/41 Deny Spam
2001:4490:4480::/42 Deny Spam
2001:4490:44c0::/45 Deny Spam
2001:4490:44c8::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:4800::/41 Deny Spam
2001:4490:4880::/42 Deny Spam
2001:4490:48c0::/43 Deny Spam
2001:4490:48e0::/45 Deny Spam
2001:4490:4c1c::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:4e00::/41 Deny Spam
2001:4490:4e80::/42 Deny Spam
2001:4490:4ec0::/45 Deny Spam
2001:4490:4ec8::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:7000::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:7400::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:7c00::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d000::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d040::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d080::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d0c0::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d100::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d140::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d180::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d1c0::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d240::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d280::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d380::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d4c0::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d500::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d660::/45 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d700::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d760::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d780::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d7a0::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d800::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d820::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d8c0::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d930::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d970::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d980::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:d9a0::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:da00::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:da30::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:da70::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:dad0::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:db40::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:dbf0::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:dc4c::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:dd18::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:dda8::/45 Deny Spam
2001:4490:ddb0::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:de18::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:de24::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:dfa8::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:e000::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:efe4::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:efe8::/45 Deny Spam
2001:4490:eff0::/44 Deny Spam
2001:4490:f020::/46 Deny Spam
2001:4490:fffc::/46 Deny Spam
Origin: IN
2600:1417:50::/47 Deny Spam
2600:1417:71::/48 Deny Spam
Origin: US
 enabled: true

# ASN 4134 ("China Telecom Backbone").
# Interlaces with numerous providers and contains a large portion of Chinese
# human access endpoints. Can't easily ignore the unwanted traffic coming from
# this ASN (spam events, hack attempts, brute-force attempts, probing, etc),
# nor its listing at a number of BLs. Marked for use with reCAPTCHA to reduce
# the false positive risk. Websites intended for a Chinese audience should keep
# this section listed in their ignore.dat file.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.98%.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 0.82%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 41,065.
# Updated: 2019.06.14

2406:8500::/32 Deny Generic
240e::/20 Deny Generic
Origin: CN
2a04:f580:8000::/48 Deny Generic
2a04:f580:8010::/47 Deny Generic
2a04:f580:8090::/48 Deny Generic
2a04:f580:80a0::/48 Deny Generic
2a04:f580:8200::/48 Deny Generic
2a04:f580:8210::/47 Deny Generic
2a04:f580:8290::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: GB
2400:9380:8000::/47 Deny Generic
2400:9380:8003::/48 Deny Generic
2400:9380:8020::/47 Deny Generic
2400:9380:8030::/48 Deny Generic
2400:9380:8040::/48 Deny Generic
2400:9380:8140::/48 Deny Generic
2400:9380:8200::/47 Deny Generic
2400:9380:8221::/48 Deny Generic
2400:9380:8301::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: HK
2605:9d80:8001::/48 Deny Generic
2605:9d80:8011::/48 Deny Generic
2605:9d80:8031::/48 Deny Generic
2605:9d80:8041::/48 Deny Generic
2605:9d80:8081::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: US
2c0f:f7a8:8010::/47 Deny Generic
2c0f:f7a8:8050::/48 Deny Generic
2c0f:f7a8:805f::/48 Deny Generic
2c0f:f7a8:8150::/48 Deny Generic
2c0f:f7a8:815f::/48 Deny Generic
2c0f:f7a8:8210::/47 Deny Generic
Origin: ZA
Tag: China Backbone 4134
 enabled: true

# ASN 4812 ("China Telecom (Group)").
# Interlaces with numerous providers and contains a large portion of Chinese
# human access endpoints. Can't easily ignore the unwanted traffic coming from
# this ASN (spam events, hack attempts, brute-force attempts, probing, etc),
# nor its listing at a number of BLs. Marked for use with reCAPTCHA to reduce
# the false positive risk. Websites intended for a Chinese audience should keep
# this section listed in their ignore.dat file.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.61%.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 0.11%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 1,615.
# Updated: 2019.07.18

2401:3480:2000::/48 Deny Generic
240e:18::/31 Deny Generic
240e:2e::/33 Deny Generic
240e:58::/32 Deny Generic
240e:59::/33 Deny Generic
240e:e0::/32 Deny Generic
240e:e1:8000::/33 Deny Generic
240e:e2::/35 Deny Generic
240e:e3:8000::/33 Deny Generic
240e:e5:8000::/33 Deny Generic
240e:e6::/32 Deny Generic
240e:106:c000::/34 Deny Generic
240e:108:21::/48 Deny Generic
240e:108:41::/48 Deny Generic
240e:108:4a::/48 Deny Generic
240e:108:83::/48 Deny Generic
240e:109:8021::/48 Deny Generic
240e:146:c000::/34 Deny Generic
240e:186:c000::/34 Deny Generic
240e:1c6:c000::/34 Deny Generic
240e:26c::/30 Deny Generic
240e:388::/29 Deny Generic
240e:46c::/30 Deny Generic
240e:56c::/30 Deny Generic
240e:688::/29 Deny Generic
240e:698:2100::/40 Deny Generic
240e:788::/29 Deny Generic
240e:96c::/30 Deny Generic
240e:980:2100::/40 Deny Generic
240e:980:4100::/40 Deny Generic
240e:980:4a00::/40 Deny Generic
240e:980:8300::/40 Deny Generic
Origin: CN
Tag: China Telecom 4812
 enabled: true

# ASN 4837 ("China Unicom Backbone").
# Interlaces with numerous providers and contains a large portion of Chinese
# human access endpoints. Can't easily ignore the unwanted traffic coming from
# this ASN (spam events, hack attempts, brute-force attempts, probing, etc),
# nor its listing at a number of BLs. Marked for use with reCAPTCHA to reduce
# the false positive risk. Websites intended for a Chinese audience should keep
# this section listed in their ignore.dat file.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.70%.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 0.51%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 83,517.
# Updated: 2019.07.18

2408:8000::/48 Deny Generic
2408:8000:2::/47 Deny Generic
2408:8000:2000::/35 Deny Generic
2408:8000:4000::/34 Deny Generic
2408:8000:8000::/36 Deny Generic
2408:8000:a000::/35 Deny Generic
2408:8000:c000::/34 Deny Generic
2408:8001::/35 Deny Generic
2408:8001:2000::/36 Deny Generic
2408:8001:4000::/34 Deny Generic
2408:8001:8000::/33 Deny Generic
2408:802a:8000::/33 Deny Generic
2408:802c::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8033:8000::/33 Deny Generic
2408:8034::/32 Deny Generic
2408:803e::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8056::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8077::/33 Deny Generic
2408:80c2::/33 Deny Generic
2408:80e2::/33 Deny Generic
2408:80e3:8000::/33 Deny Generic
2408:80e7::/34 Deny Generic
2408:80e9:4000::/34 Deny Generic
2408:80f5:4000::/34 Deny Generic
2408:80f9:4000::/34 Deny Generic
2408:815f:e000::/35 Deny Generic
2408:8210::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8214::/31 Deny Generic
2408:821a::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8220::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8226::/32 Deny Generic
2408:822a::/32 Deny Generic
2408:822e::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8230::/29 Deny Generic
2408:8238::/31 Deny Generic
2408:823c::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8240::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8244::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8248::/30 Deny Generic
2408:824c::/32 Deny Generic
2408:824e::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8250::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8254::/31 Deny Generic
2408:825c::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8260::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8262::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8264::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8266::/32 Deny Generic
2408:826a::/32 Deny Generic
2408:826c::/32 Deny Generic
2408:826e::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8270::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8274::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8278::/31 Deny Generic
2408:827a::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8310::/30 Deny Generic
2408:832e::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8330::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8340::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8344::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8348::/30 Deny Generic
2408:834e::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8350::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8354::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8360::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8364::/31 Deny Generic
2408:836e::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8374::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8378::/31 Deny Generic
2408:837a::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8410::/30 Deny Generic
2408:842a::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8434::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8462::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8464::/31 Deny Generic
2408:846c::/32 Deny Generic
2408:846e::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8478::/31 Deny Generic
2408:84e3::/32 Deny Generic
2408:84e4::/30 Deny Generic
2408:84e9::/32 Deny Generic
2408:84eb::/32 Deny Generic
2408:84ec::/30 Deny Generic
2408:84f0::/31 Deny Generic
2408:84f2::/32 Deny Generic
2408:84f4::/30 Deny Generic
2408:84f8::/29 Deny Generic
2408:8610::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8614::/31 Deny Generic
2408:861a::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8620::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8626::/32 Deny Generic
2408:862a::/32 Deny Generic
2408:862e::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8630::/29 Deny Generic
2408:8638::/31 Deny Generic
2408:863c::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8640::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8642::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8644::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8648::/30 Deny Generic
2408:864c::/32 Deny Generic
2408:864e::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8650::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8652::/32 Deny Generic
2408:865c::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8660::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8662::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8664::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8666::/32 Deny Generic
2408:866a::/32 Deny Generic
2408:866c::/32 Deny Generic
2408:866e::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8670::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8674::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8678::/31 Deny Generic
2408:867a::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8710::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8719::/32 Deny Generic
2408:871a::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8720::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8726::/32 Deny Generic
2408:872b::/32 Deny Generic
2408:872f::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8730::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8734::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8736::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8738::/32 Deny Generic
2408:873c::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8740::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8742::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8744::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8748::/30 Deny Generic
2408:874c::/32 Deny Generic
2408:874e::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8752::/32 Deny Generic
2408:875c::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8760::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8762::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8764::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8766::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8768::/32 Deny Generic
2408:876a::/32 Deny Generic
2408:876c::/32 Deny Generic
2408:876e::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8770::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8773::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8774::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8776::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8778::/32 Deny Generic
2408:877a::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: CN
Tag: China Backbone 4837
 enabled: true

# ASN 3462 ("Data Communication Business Group").
# Would prefer to not include this ASN in this file due to the high risk of
# false positives, but the amount of spam events seen from this ASN isn't
# ignorable at this time. Marked for use with reCAPTCHA to reduce the false
# positive risk, and I would encourage any CIDRAM users from Taiwan, or
# targeting traffic from Taiwan, to list this section in their ignore.dat file
# to reduce the false positive risk.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.21%.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 0.43%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 14,631.
# Updated: 2019.03.09 / Checked: 2019.07.03

2001:b000::/21 Deny Generic
2405:6100::/32 Deny Generic
2406:300::/32 Deny Generic
2407:4700::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: TW
 enabled: true

# ASN 4808 ("China Unicom Beijing Province Network").
# Would prefer to not include this ASN in this file due to the high risk of
# false positives, but the amount of spam events seen from this ASN isn't
# ignorable at this time. Marked for use with reCAPTCHA to reduce the false
# positive risk, and I would encourage any CIDRAM users from Taiwan or China,
# or targeting traffic from Taiwan or China, to list this section in their
# ignore.dat file to reduce the false positive risk.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.66%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 10,700.
# Updated: 2019.07.23

2400:5280:f800::/38 Deny Generic
2400:89c0:1010::/44 Deny Generic
2400:89c0:1020::/43 Deny Generic
2402:dfc0::/44 Deny Generic
2402:ef40::/32 Deny Generic
2403:5280::/32 Deny Generic
2404:a80::/32 Deny Generic
2405:1480::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8000:1000::/36 Deny Generic
2408:8020::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8024::/33 Deny Generic
2408:80e0:4000::/34 Deny Generic
2408:80e0:8000::/33 Deny Generic
2408:80f0:4000::/34 Deny Generic
2408:80f0:8000::/33 Deny Generic
2408:8140:2000::/48 Deny Generic
2408:8206::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8208::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8306::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8308::/30 Deny Generic
2408:84e1::/32 Deny Generic
2408:8606::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8608::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8706::/31 Deny Generic
2408:8708::/30 Deny Generic
2408:8806:30::/44 Deny Generic
Origin: CN
Tag: China Unicom 4808
 enabled: true

# ASN 45899 ("VietNam Post and Telecom Corporation").
# Would prefer to not include this ASN in this file due to the high risk of
# false positives, but the amount of attempted spamming, hacking, probing, etc
# seen from this ASN, plus its presence in numerous worst offenders lists and
# blacklists, are not ignorable at this time. Marked for use with reCAPTCHA to
# reduce the false positive risk, and I would encourage any CIDRAM users from
# Vietnam, or targeting traffic from Vietnam, to list this section in their
# ignore.dat file to reduce the false positive risk.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.12%.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 6.46%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 21,913.
# Updated: 2019.07.03

2001:df2:ca00::/48 Deny Generic
2001:df2:ce00::/48 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:1::/48 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:100::/40 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:200::/40 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:300::/47 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:305::/48 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:1006::/48 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:1080::/48 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:2f00::/43 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:3000::/43 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:3100::/43 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:3200::/40 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4000::/39 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4240::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4280::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4340::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4380::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4400::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:44c0::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4500::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4580::/41 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4640::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4680::/41 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4700::/40 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4840::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4880::/41 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4900::/40 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4b00::/40 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4c00::/39 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4e00::/41 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4e80::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:4f00::/40 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:5000::/39 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:5200::/40 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:5300::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:5380::/41 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:5400::/39 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:5600::/40 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:5700::/41 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:7240::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:7280::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:7340::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:73c0::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:7400::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:74c0::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:7500::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:7580::/41 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:7640::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:7680::/41 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:7700::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:7780::/41 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:7840::/42 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:7880::/41 Deny Generic
2001:ee0:7900::/40 Deny Generic
2405:f980::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: VN
Tag: VNPT Corp
 enabled: true

# ASN 18403 ("The Corporation for Financing & Promoting Technology").
# Interlaces with numerous providers and contains a large portion of Vietnamese human access endpoints; Would rather
# not be including this section here due to the high risk of false positives, but amount of spamming, hacking,
# attempted brute-forcing, probing, etc seen from this ASN can't be ignored.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.25%.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 3.04%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 10,011.
# Updated: 2019.06.02

2001:df2:d900::/48 Deny Generic
2001:df6:1e00::/48 Deny Generic
2401:f2c0::/32 Deny Generic
2401:f740::/32 Deny Generic
2403:6a40::/48 Deny Generic
2404:b740::/48 Deny Generic
2404:dac0::/48 Deny Generic
2405:4800::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: VN
 enabled: true

# ASNs 9498, 9730, 24560, 37140, 45517, 45609, 132045 ("Bharti Airtel").
# Interlaces with numerous providers and contains a significant number of human
# endpoints in India, but is also a significant source of spam. Marked for use
# with reCAPTCHA to reduce the risk of false positives. CIDRAM users that
# expect traffic from India should list this section in their ignore.dat file.
# - When updating, remove anything from Australia (AU), Ireland (IE),
#   Singapore (SG), United States (US).
# Updated: 2019.08.25

2401:4900:50::/48 Deny Spam
2401:4900:808::/45 Deny Spam
2401:4900:810::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:840::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:880::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:900::/41 Deny Spam
2401:4900:980::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:a00::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:a80::/41 Deny Spam
2401:4900:b00::/41 Deny Spam
2401:4900:b80::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:c00::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:c80::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:d00::/41 Deny Spam
2401:4900:ea0::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1000::/41 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1100::/41 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1200::/42 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1260::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1280::/41 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1680::/41 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1700::/42 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1740::/45 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1800::/41 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1880::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:18e0::/45 Deny Spam
2401:4900:18e8::/46 Deny Spam
2401:4900:18f0::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1900::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1950::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1971::/48 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1975::/48 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1980::/41 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1a50::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1a70::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1a80::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1aa0::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1af0::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1b10::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1b30::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1b60::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1b80::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1d00::/41 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1f20::/48 Deny Spam
2401:4900:1f26::/48 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2000::/48 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2080::/48 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2100::/46 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2104::/47 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2150::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2160::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2180::/46 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2184::/47 Deny Spam
2401:4900:22a0::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:22c0::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:22e0::/48 Deny Spam
2401:4900:22f0::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2300::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2320::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2340::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2500::/46 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2504::/47 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2580::/41 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2600::/39 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2e80::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2ec0::/42 Deny Spam
2401:4900:2f00::/40 Deny Spam
2401:4900:3050::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:30b0::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:30c0::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:30e0::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:3100::/42 Deny Spam
2401:4900:3140::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:3280::/42 Deny Spam
2401:4900:32e0::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:3300::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:3320::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:3360::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:33b0::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:33c0::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:35f0::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:3600::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:3620::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:3670::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:3680::/42 Deny Spam
2401:4900:36c0::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:3820::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:3840::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:4020::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:4040::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:40a0::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:40c0::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:40f0::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:4120::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:4180::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:41a0::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:41c0::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:41f0::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:4200::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:4220::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:43a0::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:4820::/43 Deny Spam
2401:4900:4840::/44 Deny Spam
2401:4900:4940::/44 Deny Spam
2403:c00:3::/48 Deny Spam
2404:a800::/32 Deny Spam
2405:a700:14::/47 Deny Spam
2405:a700:1b::/48 Deny Spam
2405:a700:1c::/48 Deny Spam
2407:7400::/48 Deny Spam
Origin: IN
2400:ff00::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: LK
Tag: Bharti Airtel
 enabled: true

# ASN 9808 ("Guangdong Mobile Communication Co.Ltd").
# Chinese mobile phone and data carrier. Listed here because of numerous spam
# events being detected. Websites intended for a Chinese audience should keep
# it listed in their ignore.dat file. (Omit invalids when updating).
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.28%.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 0.02%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 2,237.
# Updated: 2018.09.10 / Checked: 2019.07.18

2409:8000::/20 Deny Spam
Origin: CN
Tag: Guangdong Mobile
 enabled: true

# ASN 9387 ("AUGERE-Pakistan").
# Listed due to spam incidence. (Omit invalids when updating).
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 46.
# Updated: 2017.03.22 / Checked: 2019.07.18

2401:4100::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: PK
Tag: AUGERE-Pakistan
 enabled: true

# "PJSC Rostelecom".
# Known ASNs: 3239, 5573, 6828, 6863, 8382, 8443, 8557, 8568, 8570, 8594, 8675, 8828, 8997, 12332, 12380, 12389,
#   12683, 12705, 12730, 12846, 13056, 13118, 15468, 15759, 16054, 16287, 16301, 20519, 21017, 21378, 21479, 21487,
#   24665, 24699, 24783, 24789, 24810, 24810, 24873, 25436, 25490, 25515, 28719, 28860, 29456, 30749, 31094, 31185,
#   31353, 31496, 33887, 33934, 34137, 34168, 34205, 34267, 34584, 34875, 34974, 35125, 35154, 35177, 35389, 35400,
#   35516, 35531, 38951, 38985, 39054, 39229, 39407, 41134, 42091, 42362, 42548, 42610, 43053, 43132, 43574, 44237,
#   44412, 44467, 47460, 56341, 56350, 196747.
# Very large amount of spam originating from this provider, which we could prevent by blocking the CIDRs associated
# with it. Unfortunately, it also happens to be the #1 largest ISP in Russia, and blocking it entirely would
# effectively be blocking the majority of human visitors to access protected websites visiting from within Russia,
# which we don't want to be doing by default (although, for those that don't mind this idea, the optional blocklist
# provided by MacMathan for blocking Russia would be highly recommended as a means to do so). Aggregating such a large
# number of different ASNs into the one same section generally isn't a good idea either, due to increased
# maintainability costs. As a compromise, I propose including a section here for PJSC Rostelecom, but we'll only
# include those ASNs/CIDRs that we can clearly identify as being significant sources of spam, significantly "toxic",
# etc. As an additional safety measure to minimise false positives, the section is marked for use with reCAPTCHA. If
# this strategy fails, we may upgrade this section to eventually include the entire announces aggregate anyhow, and
# just include an entry in ours ignores file to ignore by default, until commented out or removed.

# ASN 12389 ("PJSC Rostelecom").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.18%.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 0.54.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 336,612.
# Updated: 2019.03.17 / Checked: 2019.07.16

2a00:1640::/32 Deny Spam
2a00:1e88::/32 Deny Spam
2a01:540::/32 Deny Spam
2a01:620::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: RU
Tag: PJSC Rostelecom
 enabled: true

# ASN 8402 ("OJSC Vimpelcom").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.81%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 2,454.
# Similarly to with the Rostelecom CIDRs, blocking the entirety of all "Vimpelcom" ASNs could be problematic. Instead,
# we'll try to limit listings to those CIDRs known to be problematic (hacking events, spamming events, etc).
# Updated: 2017.06.08 / Checked: 2019.05.13

2a00:18c0::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: RU
Tag: OJSC Vimpelcom
 enabled: true

# ASN 3216 ("PJSC Vimpelcom").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 4.99%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 3,224.
# Similarly to with the Rostelecom CIDRs, blocking the entirety of all "Vimpelcom" ASNs could be problematic. Instead,
# we'll try to limit listings to those CIDRs known to be problematic (hacking events, spamming events, etc).
# Updated: 2017.09.30 / Checked: 2019.05.28

2a00:1248::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: RU
Tag: PJSC Vimpelcom
 enabled: true

# ASN 31200 ("Novotelecom Ltd").
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 1,061.
# When updating ASNs, only block the problematic ASNs (those with known cases
# of hacking events, spamming, etc); don't block the entire network.
# Updated: 2017.09.30 / Checked: 2019.09.18

2a00:7700::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: RU
Tag: Novotelecom Ltd
 enabled: true

# ASN 3255 (State Enterprise Scientific and Telecommunication Centre "Ukrainian Academic and Research Network" of the
# Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine / UARNet).
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.20%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 843.
# Updated: 2017.07.08 / Checked: 2019.05.07

2a00:fc00::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: UA
Tag: UARNet
 enabled: true

# ASN 44493 ("Chelyabinsk-Signal").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.49%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 459.
# Updated: 2017.07.08 / Checked: 2019.08.29

2a03:a0e0::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: RU
Tag: Chelyabinsk-Signal
 enabled: true

# ASN 15774 ("Closed Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom").
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 811.
# Updated: 2019.03.10 / Checked: 2019.07.09

2a02:618:6::/47 Deny Spam
2a02:28d8::/36 Deny Spam
2a03:600::/32 Deny Spam
2a03:3700::/33 Deny Spam
Origin: RU
Tag: TransTeleCom
 enabled: true

# ASNs 12768, 25408, 34533, 41661, 41668, 41727, 41754, 42116, 42682, 50542,
# 51570, 59713 ('JSC "ER-Telecom Holding"').
# ER-Telecom is a legit, major domestic ISP in Russia, but also a significant
# source of spam. Websites intended for a Russian audience should keep this
# section listed in their ignore.dat file. Section also marked for use with
# reCAPTCHA by default. ER-Telecom currently announces 87 ASNs, but we're
# including only those that currently have more than a thousand active listings
# at SFS (that's 12 ASNs at this time).
# Updated: 2019.07.18

2a00:1c78::/29 Deny Spam
2a02:2698::/38 Deny Spam
2a02:2698:1400::/38 Deny Spam
2a02:2698:2800::/37 Deny Spam
2a02:2698:3800::/38 Deny Spam
2a02:2698:4400::/38 Deny Spam
2a02:2698:4c00::/38 Deny Spam
2a02:2698:5c00::/38 Deny Spam
2a02:2698:6800::/37 Deny Spam
2a02:2698:9000::/38 Deny Spam
2a02:2698:a000::/47 Deny Spam
2a02:2698:a0ff::/64 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:503:5700::/56 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:503:9000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:503:a000::/51 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:503:c000::/51 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:510:1800::/53 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:510:4000::/51 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:510:6000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5a4:4000::/50 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5a4:8000::/49 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5a5:2000::/51 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5a5:4000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5a6:8000::/50 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5a6:c000::/51 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5a6:e000::/53 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5a7:a000::/51 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:2570::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:2570:1800::/53 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:2570:7800::/53 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:2570:8000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:2571::/50 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:2571:8000::/50 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:2e00::/48 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:2e92::/48 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:2e93::/50 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:2e93:4000::/51 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:2e93:e000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:2efc:7000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:4f8d:3000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5571:2000::/51 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5b90:8400::/54 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5b90:8c00::/54 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5b90:9000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5b90:ac00::/54 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5b90:b000::/54 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5b90:b800::/54 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5b90:bc00::/56 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5b90:be00::/55 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5cff:8000::/51 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5cff:c000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5cff:d800::/53 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5cff:e000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5cff:f400::/54 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5cff:f800::/53 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5eb4:8000::/49 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5eb5:2000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5eb5:8000::/49 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5f4e::/49 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5f4e:8000::/50 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:5f4f::/48 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:6dc2:3000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:6dc2:8000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:6dc2:9f00::/56 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:6dc2:b000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:6dc2:c000::/50 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:6dc3:3000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:6dc3:5000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:b0d4::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:b0d4:8000::/53 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:b0d5::/51 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:b0d5:6800::/53 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:b0d6:3000::/53 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:b0d6:8000::/51 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:b0d6:b800::/53 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:b0d7:2000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:b2a1:c800::/54 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:b2a1:d200::/56 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:b2a1:d400::/54 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:b2a1:fe00::/55 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:bcba:3000::/53 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:bcbb::/49 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:bcbb:8800::/53 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:bcbb:d800::/55 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:bcbb:da00::/56 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:bcbb:f600::/56 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:bce8:4000::/52 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:bcea::/50 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:bcea:7400::/54 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:bcea:a800::/53 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:bcea:b000::/53 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:bceb::/50 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:c196:6900::/56 Deny Spam
2a03:1ac0:d421:e000::/51 Deny Spam
Origin: RU
Tag: ER-Telecom Holding
 enabled: true

# ASN 16010 ("Magticom Ltd").
# Spam events originating from this network slowly becoming worse over time.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 90,665.
# Updated: 2019.08.18

2a0b:6200::/29 Deny Spam
Origin: GE
Tag: Magticom Ltd
 enabled: true

# ASN 7642 ("Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun Plc (Dhiraagu)").
# ISP from the Maldives with human endpoints, but also a source of spam.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 1.59%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 185.
# Updated: 2019.09.03

2406:e400::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: MV
Tag: Dhivehi Raajjeyge
 enabled: true

# ASNs 8369, 198675, 199619 ("Intersvyaz-2 JSC").
# Caught trying to hack into WordPress sites.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 2,365 (AS8369).
# Updated: 2018.03.27 / Checked: 2019.06.23

2a02:22a8::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: RU
 enabled: true

# ASN 25408 ("WEST CALL SPb LLC").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.91%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 1,042.
# Updated: 2017.11.26 / Checked: 2019.06.15

2a00:1c78::/29 Deny Generic
Origin: RU
 enabled: true

# ASN 198093 ("Foreningen for digitala fri- och rattigheter").
# Dead homepage and high levels of automated spam from this ASN.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 13,173.
# Updated: 2017.12.11 / Checked: 2019.09.18

2001:67c:16b0::/48 Deny Spam
2001:67c:289c::/48 Deny Spam
Origin: SE
Tag: Foreningen

# ASN 31148 ("Freenet Ltd").
# Ukrainian ISP with human endpoints, but also a frequent source of spam and
# hack attempts. Numerous listings at and! Marked for
# use with reCAPTCHA to reduce the false positive risk, and CIDRAM users from
# the Ukraine, or targeting traffic from the Ukraine, should list this section
# in their ignore.dat file to reduce the false positive risk (but the ISP could
# be considered high risk for others elsewhere, so would best continue to be
# blocked).
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 1,930.
# Updated: 2018.02.20 / Checked: 2019.08.03

2a00:1228::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: UA
Tag: Freenet Ltd
 enabled: true

# ASN 9009 ("M247 Ltd").
# Multiplay network providing broadband connectivity, server leasing, line rental, webhosting services and others.
# Anything marked as "server" or "host", we'll move to the cloud/hosting signature files. ^(.*(?:Host|Server).*)\x01$
# Everything else can go in the ISPs signature files. When updating, to reduce the risk of false positives:
# - Remove all subordinates of from final aggregate (already blocked elsewhere and don't want duplicates).
# - "Secure Internet LLC" mark as proxy (not generic).
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 255,032.
# Updated: 2019.09.15

2604:17c0::/41 Deny Generic
2604:17c0:80::/42 Deny Generic
Origin: AQ
2a03:f80:65::/48 Deny Generic
2a03:f80:81::/48 Deny Generic
2a03:f80:381::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: AT
2001:978:2305::/48 Deny Generic
2001:978:3400::/48 Deny Generic
2a0b:9040::/29 Deny Generic
Origin: DE
2a0c:36c2::/31 Deny Generic
Origin: EE
2a01:300::/29 Deny Generic
2a05:9f41:1a::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: EU
2001:ac8::/32 Deny Generic
2a00:b320::/48 Deny Generic
2a02:40::/32 Deny Generic
2a02:710:1000:700::/56 Deny Generic
2a03:34c0::/32 Deny Generic
2a07:a343:120::/44 Deny Generic
2a07:a343:3c00::/44 Deny Generic
2a07:a343:7870::/44 Deny Generic
2a07:a343:94d0::/44 Deny Generic
2a07:a343:aee0::/44 Deny Generic
2a07:a343:bc70::/44 Deny Generic
2a07:a343:cd10::/44 Deny Generic
2a07:a343:ce30::/44 Deny Generic
2a07:a343:e0f0::/44 Deny Generic
2a07:a343:f210::/44 Deny Generic
2a0a:b640:1::/48 Deny Generic
2a0a:b640:2::/47 Deny Generic
2a0e:7a80::/29 Deny Generic
Origin: GB
2a00:55a0:5::/48 Deny Generic
2a00:55a0:10::/48 Deny Generic
2a00:55a0:ea00::/40 Deny Generic
2a00:55a0:f000::/40 Deny Generic
2a00:55a0:f900::/40 Deny Generic
2a00:55a0:ff00::/40 Deny Generic
Origin: IL
2a0d:db00::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: LT
2001:678:8b4::/48 Deny Generic
2a04:9dc0::/29 Deny Generic
2a07:9200::/47 Deny Generic
2a07:9200:3::/48 Deny Generic
2a07:9200:6::/48 Deny Generic
2a0d:9980::/29 Deny Generic
2a0e:1d80:2::/47 Deny Generic
2a0e:1d80:4::/47 Deny Generic
Origin: RO
2a07:de00::/29 Deny Generic
Origin: RU
2001:550:1d05::/48 Deny Generic
2607:6980:e710::/44 Deny Generic
2a09:9bc0:a::/48 Deny Generic
2a0d:5600:1::/48 Deny Generic
2a0d:5600:2::/47 Deny Generic
2a0d:5600:4::/46 Deny Generic
2a0d:5600:8::/45 Deny Generic
2a0d:5600:11::/48 Deny Generic
2a0d:5600:12::/47 Deny Generic
2a0d:5600:14::/46 Deny Generic
2a0d:5600:18::/48 Deny Generic
2a0d:5600:20::/46 Deny Generic
2a0d:5600:24::/47 Deny Generic
2a0d:5600:34::/48 Deny Generic
2a0d:5600:a32::/48 Deny Generic
Origin: US
Tag: M247 Ltd
 enabled: true

# ASN 8708 ("RCS & RDS SA").
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.19%.
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 0.67%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 2,206.
# Updated: 2018.06.24 / Checked: 2019.08.22

2a02:2f00::/28 Deny Generic
Origin: RO
 enabled: true

# ASN 36351 ("SoftLayer Technologies").
# Careful when updating; Signatures reflect varying block reasons, split across multiple files.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.06%.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 7,776.

# SoftLayer questionable multi-play networks, spammy ISPs, etc.
# Includes: Anything citing "Starry".
# ^(.*(Starry).*)$
# Excludes: Everything else.
# Updated: 2018.06.24 / Checked: 2019.08.13

2403:ad80:10::/48 Deny Spam
2403:ad80:20::/48 Deny Spam
Origin: HK
Tag: SoftLayer Spam ISPs

# ASNs 12322, 12876 ("ONLINE S.A.S").
# Caught trying to DDoS SFS.
# Caught attempting to hack honeypots.
# Spamming getting significantly worse!
# Moved from cloud services to spammy ISPs signature files due to being a multi-play network.
# Also provides internet connectivity in some parts of France.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 1.37% (12322), 0.14% (AS12876).
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 1,337 (12322), 436,586 (AS12876).
# Updated: 2018.06.24 / Checked: 2019.06.14

2001:bc8::/32 Deny Spam
2a01:e00::/26 Deny Spam
Origin: FR
 enabled: true

# ASN 13249 ("IT Systems LLC").
# Caught trying to hack into WordPress sites.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 4.
# Updated: 2018.07.28 / Checked: 2019.05.22

2a00:1d88::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: UA
Tag: IT Systems LLC

# ASNs 31343, 38978, 43656, 51078 ("Intertelecom Ltd").
# Caught trying to hack into WordPress sites.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 140 (AS31343), 15 (AS43656), 161 (AS51078).
# Updated: 2018.09.01 / Checked: 2019.07.20

2a04:1d00::/29 Deny Generic
Origin: UA
Tag: Intertelecom Ltd
 enabled: true

# ASNs 9198, 50482 ("JSC Kazakhtelecom").
# Legit ISP in Kazakhstan carrying human endpoints, but also a significant source of spam and other unwanted requests.
# %Listed, Google Malware Dashboard: 0.17% (AS9198).
# %Listed, (CBL-Listed): 0.95% (AS9198).
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 2,126 (AS9198), 75 (AS50482).
# Updated: 2018.09.15 / Checked: 2019.09.10

2a00:12f8::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: KZ
Tag: JSC Kazakhtelecom
 enabled: true

# ASN 8359 ("MTS PJSC").
# Caught trying to hack WordPress sites.
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 34,374.
# Updated: 2018.09.23 / Checked: 2019.07.20

2a00:f00::/32 Deny Generic
2a00:1fa0::/29 Deny Generic
2a02:28::/29 Deny Generic
Origin: RU
2a01:7c0::/32 Deny Generic
Origin: UA
 enabled: true

# ASN 137874 ("Fibergrid").
# Stop Forum Spam (SFS) listings: 67.
# Updated: 2019.05.27

2402:f4c0::/32 Deny Spam
Origin: IN
Tag: Fibergrid
 enabled: true
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