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File: vendor/hamcrest/hamcrest-php/CHANGES.txt
Role: Documentation
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Description: Documentation
Class: PHP Inventory Management System with Scanner
Manage inventory stock using scanner application
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== Version 2.0: Released XXX XX 2016 ==

* Removed automatic loading of global functions

== Version 1.1.0: Released Feb 2 2012 ==

Issues Fixed: 121, 138, 147

* Added non-empty matchers to complement the emptiness-matching forms.

  - nonEmptyString()
  - nonEmptyArray()
  - nonEmptyTraversable()

* Added ability to pass variable arguments to several array-based matcher
  factory methods so they work like allOf() et al.

  - anArray()
  - arrayContainingInAnyOrder(), containsInAnyOrder()
  - arrayContaining(), contains()
  - stringContainsInOrder()

* Matchers that accept an array of matchers now also accept variable arguments.
  Any non-matcher arguments are wrapped by IsEqual.

* Added noneOf() as a shortcut for not(anyOf()).

== Version 1.0.0: Released Jan 20 2012 ==

Issues Fixed: 119, 136, 139, 141, 148, 149, 172

* Moved hamcrest.php into Hamcrest folder and renamed to Hamcrest.php.
  This is more in line with PEAR packaging standards.

* Renamed callable() to callableValue() for compatibility with PHP 5.4.

* Added Hamcrest_Text_StringContainsIgnoringCase to assert using stripos().

    assertThat('fOObAr', containsStringIgnoringCase('oba'));
    assertThat('fOObAr', containsString('oba')->ignoringCase());

* Fixed Hamcrest_Core_IsInstanceOf to return false for native types.

* Moved string-based matchers to Hamcrest_Text package.
  StringContains, StringEndsWith, StringStartsWith, and SubstringMatcher

* Hamcrest.php and Hamcrest_Matchers.php are now built from @factory doctags.
  Added @factory doctag to every static factory method.

* Hamcrest_Matchers and Hamcrest.php now import each matcher as-needed
  and Hamcrest.php calls the matchers directly instead of Hamcrest_Matchers.

== Version 0.3.0: Released Jul 26 2010 ==

* Added running count to Hamcrest_MatcherAssert with methods to get and reset it.
  This can be used by unit testing frameworks for reporting.

* Added Hamcrest_Core_HasToString to assert return value of toString() or __toString().

    assertThat($anObject, hasToString('foo'));

* Added Hamcrest_Type_IsScalar to assert is_scalar().
  Matches values of type bool, int, float, double, and string.

    assertThat($count, scalarValue());
    assertThat('foo', scalarValue());

* Added Hamcrest_Collection package.

  - IsEmptyTraversable
  - IsTraversableWithSize

    assertThat($iterator, emptyTraversable());
    assertThat($iterator, traversableWithSize(5));

* Added Hamcrest_Xml_HasXPath to assert XPath expressions or the content of nodes in an XML/HTML DOM.

    assertThat($dom, hasXPath('books/book/title'));
    assertThat($dom, hasXPath('books/book[contains(title, "Alice")]', 3));
    assertThat($dom, hasXPath('books/book/title', 'Alice in Wonderland'));
    assertThat($dom, hasXPath('count(books/book)', greaterThan(10)));

* Added aliases to match the Java API.

    hasEntry() -> hasKeyValuePair()
    hasValue() -> hasItemInArray()
    contains() -> arrayContaining()
    containsInAnyOrder() -> arrayContainingInAnyOrder()

* Added optional subtype to Hamcrest_TypeSafeMatcher to enforce object class or resource type.

* Hamcrest_TypeSafeDiagnosingMatcher now extends Hamcrest_TypeSafeMatcher.

== Version 0.2.0: Released Jul 14 2010 ==

Issues Fixed: 109, 111, 114, 115

* Description::appendValues() and appendValueList() accept Iterator and IteratorAggregate. [111]
  BaseDescription::appendValue() handles IteratorAggregate.

* assertThat() accepts a single boolean parameter and
  wraps any non-Matcher third parameter with equalTo().

* Removed null return value from assertThat(). [114]

* Fixed wrong variable name in contains(). [109]

* Added Hamcrest_Core_IsSet to assert isset().

    assertThat(array('foo' => 'bar'), set('foo'));
    assertThat(array('foo' => 'bar'), notSet('bar'));

* Added Hamcrest_Core_IsTypeOf to assert built-in types with gettype(). [115]
  Types: array, boolean, double, integer, null, object, resource, and string.
  Note that gettype() returns "double" for float values.

    assertThat($count, typeOf('integer'));
    assertThat(3.14159, typeOf('double'));
    assertThat(array('foo', 'bar'), typeOf('array'));
    assertThat(new stdClass(), typeOf('object'));

* Added type-specific matchers in new Hamcrest_Type package.

  - IsArray
  - IsBoolean
  - IsDouble (includes float values)
  - IsInteger
  - IsObject
  - IsResource
  - IsString

    assertThat($count, integerValue());
    assertThat(3.14159, floatValue());
    assertThat('foo', stringValue());

* Added Hamcrest_Type_IsNumeric to assert is_numeric().
  Matches values of type int and float/double or strings that are formatted as numbers.

    assertThat(5, numericValue());
    assertThat('-5e+3', numericValue());

* Added Hamcrest_Type_IsCallable to assert is_callable().

    assertThat('preg_match', callable());
    assertThat(array('SomeClass', 'SomeMethod'), callable());
    assertThat(array($object, 'SomeMethod'), callable());
    assertThat($object, callable());
    assertThat(function ($x, $y) { return $x + $y; }, callable());

* Added Hamcrest_Text_MatchesPattern for regex matching with preg_match().

    assertThat('foobar', matchesPattern('/o+b/'));

* Added aliases:
  - atLeast() for greaterThanOrEqualTo()
  - atMost() for lessThanOrEqualTo()

== Version 0.1.0: Released Jul 7 2010 ==

* Created PEAR package

* Core matchers

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