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File: vendor/nikic/php-parser/
Role: Auxiliary data
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Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP Inventory Management System with Scanner
Manage inventory stock using scanner application
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Upgrading from PHP-Parser 3.x to 4.0

PHP version requirements

PHP-Parser now requires PHP 7.0 or newer to run. It is however still possible to parse PHP 5.2-5.6 source code, while running on a newer version.

HHVM is no longer actively supported.

Changes to the node structure

  • Many subnodes that previously held simple strings now store Identifier nodes instead (or VarLikeIdentifier nodes if they have form $ident). The constructors of the affected nodes will automatically convert strings to Identifiers and Identifiers implement __toString(). As such some code continues to work without changes, but anything using is_string(), type-strict comparisons or strict-mode may require adjustment. The following is an exhaustive list of all affected subnodes:

    * Const_::$name * NullableType::$type (for simple types) * Param::$type (for simple types) * Expr\ClassConstFetch::$name * Expr\Closure::$returnType (for simple types) * Expr\MethodCall::$name * Expr\PropertyFetch::$name * Expr\StaticCall::$name * Expr\StaticPropertyFetch::$name (uses VarLikeIdentifier) * Stmt\Class_::$name * Stmt\ClassMethod::$name * Stmt\ClassMethod::$returnType (for simple types) * Stmt\Function_::$name * Stmt\Function_::$returnType (for simple types) * Stmt\Goto_::$name * Stmt\Interface_::$name * Stmt\Label::$name * Stmt\PropertyProperty::$name (uses VarLikeIdentifier) * Stmt\TraitUseAdaptation\Alias::$method * Stmt\TraitUseAdaptation\Alias::$newName * Stmt\TraitUseAdaptation\Precedence::$method * Stmt\Trait_::$name * Stmt\UseUse::$alias

  • Expression statements (expr;) are now represented using a Stmt\Expression node. Previously these statements were directly represented as their constituent expression.
  • The name subnode of Param has been renamed to var and now contains a Variable rather than a plain string.
  • The name subnode of StaticVar has been renamed to var and now contains a Variable rather than a plain string.
  • The var subnode of ClosureUse now contains a Variable rather than a plain string.
  • The var subnode of Catch_ now contains a Variable rather than a plain string.
  • The alias subnode of UseUse is now null if no explicit alias is given. As such, use Foo\Bar and use Foo\Bar as Bar are now represented differently. The getAlias() method can be used to get the effective alias, even if it is not explicitly given.


  • The indentation handling in the pretty printer has been changed (this is only relevant if you extend the pretty printer). Previously indentation was automatic, and parts were excluded using pNoindent(). Now no-indent is the default and newlines that require indentation should use $this->nl.

Removed functionality

  • Removed type subnode on Class_, ClassMethod and Property nodes. Use flags instead.
  • The ClassConst::isStatic() method has been removed. Constants cannot have a static modifier.
  • The NodeTraverser no longer accepts false as a return value from a leaveNode() method. NodeTraverser::REMOVE_NODE should be returned instead.
  • The Node::setLine() method has been removed. If you really need to, you can use setAttribute() instead.
  • The misspelled Class_::VISIBILITY_MODIFER_MASK constant has been dropped in favor of Class_::VISIBILITY_MODIFIER_MASK.
  • The XML serializer has been removed. As such, the classes Serializer\XML, and Unserializer\XML, as well as the interfaces Serializer and Unserializer no longer exist.
  • The BuilderAbstract class has been removed. It's functionality is moved into BuilderHelpers. However, this is an internal class and should not be used directly.
  • The Autoloader class has been removed in favor of relying on the Composer autoloader.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.