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File: releaseNotes.txt
Role: Documentation
Content type: text/plain
Description: Documentation
Class: iCalCreator
Create schedule calendars in iCal format
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iCalcreator 2.28.2 releaseNotes 2.27.1 Deprecated Vcalendar/<component>::deleteProperty/getProperty()/setProperty methods, replaced by property delete-/get-/set-methods 2.27.2 Exception error management 2.27.3 Method chaining, ex. set-, parse and sort-methods 2.27.4 Final-izing Vcalendar, Vevent etc 2.27.5 Alter config keys to constants, removed config TZID 2.27.6 Refine class hierarchy etc 2.27.7 TimezoneHandler::createTimezone return Vcalendar instance 2.27.8 Renamed/reworked Util classes 2.27.9 TimezoneHandler::createTimezone arg timezone no longer required (fetched from X_WR_TIMEZONE, if set, otherwise UTC) input args from/to accepts DateTime 2.27.10 Misc, changed all date property set-methods first arg name etc 2.27.11 static property name variables replaced by constants in IcalInterface Property parameter Ical keys (and some values) constants in IcalInterface 2.27.12 The value type of the "DTEND" or "DUE" properties will now match the value type of "DTSTART" property. 2.27.13 Recur UNTIL, the value of the UNTIL rule part will now have the same value type as the "DTSTART" property. 2.27.14 PHPUnit testcases and derived (date) rewrites 2.27.15 Timezonhandler::createTimezone method moved to Vtimezone::populate, Timezonehandler removal 2.27.16 Major improved performance for Vcalendar::selectComponents() (i.e RecurFactory) on more simple recurs patterns 2.27.17 bug - also HTAB "\t" can be used as line separator (StringFactory::concatRows/convEolChar) 2.27.18 bugs - SelectFactory::selectComponents args calendar, cType reviewing 2.27.19 bug - typo in DateTimeFactory::dateTimeHasOffset 2.27.20 bug - Break/Continue mixup in RecurFactory::recurWeeklySimple2: split up tests, minor code clean up 2.27.21 bug - Break/Continue mixup in Vcalendar.php 2.27.22 CalendarComponent::parse() rewrite 2.28.1 Vcalendar typo error 2.28.2 Vcalendar parse count components test (err91) removed (ie no exception)