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Class: Laravel Docker Starter
Start a Laravel project using a Docker container
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Laravel's clean project with Docker....


  • Clone this repository;
  • To Build docker run on terminal:
    $ docker-compose up -d
    ######*You can omit the '-d' and show the servers running.
  • Copy .env.example to .env before do something
  • If you know what are you doing change the .env file
  • Now we need to check if the VM is running:
    $ docker ps
    $ docker-compose exec app composer install
    $ docker-compose exec app php artisan key:generate
    $ docker-compose exec app php artisan optimize ###### *you can run this commands from Docker laravel-php ###### Done.
  • Go to the browser and open http://localhost/ default. If it's okay, congratulations, if not, I do not know how you screwed it up! Fix it. ;)

Access the database from outside the docker

  • Connect on the mysql docker:
    $ docker exec -it larastarter_database_1 bash
  • Access mysql:
    $ mysql -u root -p
  • The password is 123
  • Run the commands:
    mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON . TO 'admin'@'%';
    mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON . TO 'root'@'%';
    mysql> FLUSH PRIVILEGES; ##### Done. Now you can access through the workbench or others.

Some problem with the MySQL

  • If any of these errors appear:
  • ERROR 1449 (HY000): The user specified as a definer ('mysql.infoschema'@'localhost') does not exist
  • ERROR 1044 (42000): Access denied for user 'admin'@'%' to database 'mysql'
  • Do this inside mysql docker:
    $ mysql -u root -p
    mysql> SET GLOBAL innodb_fast_shutdown = 1;
    mysql> exit;
    $ mysql_upgrade -u root -p ##### Now you can repeat the steps to Access outside.
For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.