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Class: PHP Download URL Content
Automate download of files from different sites
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What is this?

Pieces of classes writting to automate some things. Why don't you try it?


Make sure that you have composer installed Composer.

If you don't have Composer run the below command

curl -sS | php

  • Clone the repository.
    git clone
  • After cloning, run the below command
    composer update


  • Extract download link from
    php ape link:fzmovies ""
  • Extract download link from
    php ape link:feurl ""
  • Extract download link from
    php ape link:femkvcom ""
  • Download remote file
    php ape import
  • List news from their sources
    php ape news bbchausa
    The currently supported sites are: <ul> <li>BBC Hausa</li> <li>VOA Hausa</li> <li>RFI Hausa</li> <li>DW Hausa</li> </ul>


Use it however you seem fit.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.