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File: language/english/main.php
Role: Auxiliary script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary script
Class: wgTeams
Module for the XOOPS CMS to present people teams
Author: By
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Date: 2 years ago
Size: 2,266 bytes


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 * wgTeams module for xoops
 * @copyright The XOOPS Project (
 * @license GPL 2.0 or later
 * @package wgteams
 * @since 1.0
 * @min_xoops 2.5.7
 * @author Goffy - - Email:<> - Website:<>
 * @version $Id: 1.0 main.php 1 Sun 2015/12/27 23:18:02Z Goffy - Wedega $
require_once __DIR__ . '/common.php';
// ---------------- Main ----------------
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_INDEX', 'Home');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_TITLE', 'wgTeams');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_DESC', 'This module is for presention or your team(s)');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_INDEX_DESC', 'Welcome to the homepage of your new module wgTeams!');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_NO_PDF_LIBRARY', 'Libraries TCPDF not there yet, upload them in root/Frameworks');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_NO', 'No');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_READMORE', 'Read more...');
// ---------------- Contents ----------------
// Team
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_TEAM', 'Team');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_TEAMS', 'Teams');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_TEAMS_TITLE', 'Teams title');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_TEAM_DESC', 'Team description');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_TEAMS_NODATA', 'At the moment there are no teams to show');
// member
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_MEMBER', 'Member');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_MEMBERS', 'Members');
// Caption of members
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_MEMBER_ID', 'Id');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_MEMBER_NAME', 'Name');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_MEMBER_FIRSTNAME', 'Firstname');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_MEMBER_LASTNAME', 'Lastname');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_MEMBER_TITLE', 'Title');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_MEMBER_ADDRESS', 'Address');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_MEMBER_PHONE', 'Phone');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_MEMBER_EMAIL', 'Email');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_MEMBER_IMAGE', 'Image');
define('_MA_WGTEAMS_MEMBER_UID', 'Show profil');
// ---------------- End ----------------

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