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Class: PHP Hash Blake2
Generate hashes of data using the Blake2 algorithm
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PHP Blake2b,Blake2s,Blake2X


Included BLAKE2s, BLAKE 2b & BLAKE2XOF (modes 2b,2s & XOF 0)


$data = ""; $key = ""; $salt = ""; $Personalization = "";

$b2 = new BLAKE2s($key,$salt,$Personalization); echo $b2->hash($data);

$b2 = new BLAKE2b($key,$salt,$Personalization); echo $b2->hash($data);

Extended hashes:

$b2 = new BLAKE2XOF("2s",$key,$salt,$Personalization); echo $b2->hash($data,XOF length);

$b2 = new BLAKE2XOF("2b",$key,$salt,$Personalization); echo $b2->hash($data,XOF length);

$b2 = new BLAKE2XOF("2s",$key,$salt,$Personalization); echo $b2->hash($data,0);

$b2 = new BLAKE2XOF("2b",$key,$salt,$Personalization); echo $b2->hash($data,0);

Test Vectors included

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