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Class: PHP CKEditor Library
Use the CKEditor to edit HTML in a form input
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CKEditor plugin for CakePHP 3.x with version select


You can install this plugin into your CakePHP application using composer. This is a personal version of: with the possibility of choose the version and distribution.

The recommended way to install composer packages is:

composer require ebarrosjr/ckeditor

Then in config/bootstrap.php add:


In either src/Controller/AppController.php, or any controller where you want to use CKEditor, add:

public $helpers = ['CkEditor.Ck' => [
	'distribution' => 'full', // Default Option :: Others options => 'basic', 'standard'
	'version' => '4.11.4', //Default option, others via CDN page
	'script' => null // You can now point to a custom ckeditor JS file

Finally, in your template file, simply add this to call CKEditor:

echo $this->Ck->input('field_name');

This is the equilivant of using

echo $this->Form->input('field_name');

Except that CKEditor will be loaded instead of a text area!

Advanced Options

You can make adjustments to CKEditor and the form input as needed. There is full flexibility in this regard.

The full explaination is as follows:

echo $this->Form->input($input, $options, $ckEditorOptions, $ckEditorUrl);
@param string $input

The name of the field, can be field_name or model.field_name

@param array $options

Options include $options['label'] for a custom label and any other custom Form Helper options

@param array $ckEditorOptions

This will pass any options from!/guide/dev_configuration to CKEditor

@param string $ckEditorUrl

This gives an option to overwrite the CKEditor URL. You can use a local URL then if required.


Use an associated field name

echo $this->Ck->input('category.description');

Generate a custom label

echo $this->Ck->input('field_name', ['label' => 'A unique label']);

Add options to CKEditor from!/guide/dev_configuration

echo $this->Ck->input('field_name', [], ['fullPage' => true, 'allowedContent' => 'true']);

Load a local version of CKEditor, or a different version

echo $this->Ck->input('field_name', [], [], '/js/ckeditor.js');

Example showing all the options together

echo $this->Ck->input('field_name', ['label' => 'A unique label'], ['fullPage' => true, 'allowedContent' => 'true'], '/js/ckeditor.js');