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Class: PHP INI Class
Handle ini files and defaults
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ini.class.php Version: 0.2 beta Author: Daniel Jaenecke <> PHP-Version: 4.2.3 Beware: This class is still beta. It should work fine when used as described below, butt here is no real error-handling yet nor hast here been much testing. So just be aware... Purpose: Handle ini files :) You can simply use this class to read an ini-file and return as an array - just like parse_ini_file() does. But his class can do some more... Features: Handling default values You can load an additional defaults-file. Whenever you request an ini-value which is not set but available from the defaults it will be returned from there. Parsing of constants When using parse_ini_file() any value which represents a defined constants name is replaced by the according value - which can be quite useful, but is not always desired - and it cannot be turned off. the ini.class offers this as a feature. You can control the replacement by setting $parse_constants to TRUE/FALSE. Also, any value enclosed in single or double quotes will not be replaced by a constant's value, ignoring the setting of $parse_constants. Syntax of ini/default files Comments Comments start with # or //. Anything to the end of line is ignored. Empty lines are also ignored. Key-/Value pairs Assigning values to a key is done like key = value to prevent value from being replaced by the value of a constant with the same name you can enclose value in single or double quotes: key = "value" key = 'value' Since quotes are removed if they enclose a value you have to use them twice if they are desired, like key = ""value"" Sections Sections are enclosed into [ ]. Any section containing no key/value-pair is ignored. Anything else Any line not matching one of the patterns for section or key/value will be ignored. There is no error-handling yet!