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Class: What's Playing
Shows in your webpage the song you are listening.
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PHP Script for "What's playing" Winamp 3 plugin Using the "What's Playing" plugin for Winamp 3 (available at, this script retrieves information about the current song you are hearing in your Winamp, along with a list of the latest songs you've heared. Visit for more information on this script (and much interesting others) FILES IN THE PACKAGE: whatsplaying_push.php - The script wich handles the plugin's requests whatsplaying.conf.php - Configuration here whatsplaying.class.php - A php class for getting the song's information (needed only if you want to access the song's information using PHP) example.php - An example on how to show the songs in your site README - This file ... INSTALLATION: Put all those files somewhere in your webserver. In fact, you only need to put the files whatsplaying.conf.php and whatsplaying_push.php so they are accessible from the Internet, using an URL like: Be sure that the script whatsplaying_push.php has the correct filesystem rights to write files in the directory that it's placed. You can change some configuration parameters, editing the file whatsplaying.conf.php, but it will work fine with the default values. Download and install the plugin "What's Playing" for Winamp3, available from Once installed, to access the configuration screen for the plugin, start your Winamp3 and go into "Options" -> "Preferences", and scroll down to the option "Whats playing". And here, do the following: . Check "Enable What's Playing" . Insert in the "URL" field the exact internet URL on wich the script whatsplaying_push.php is located (like Be sure to put "http://" at the start of the URL, and to put "?" at the end. (This is very important!) Hit return when inside the "URL" field to save the changes. Start playing something on your Winamp! Now, open a browser and point to the script example.php The file example.php is well documented about how to show the songs list wherever you want, so read it! Please, note that this script is based on the software "What's Playing" for Winamp3, wich is available at the previously mentioned URL. What's Playing will not work with Winamp versions under 3. Please, give me feedback of this at This software is licensed under GNU-GPL license, and you can modify it as you want. If you do so, let me know! Visit for more information on this script (and much interesting others)