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Class: Melis PHP Dashboard Plugin Creator
Plugin to create dashboards for the Melis platform
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Melis Dashboard Plugin Creator

Generates a ready-to-use dashboard plugin, complete with source code and necessary configuration. This will aid the developers, especially the new developers of the platform, to swiftly create a plugin with or without the ample knowledge of the plugin's technicalities.

Getting started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your machine.


The following modules need to be installed to run the Melis Dashboard Plugin Creator module:

  • Melis Core
  • Melis Tool Creator


Run the composer command:

composer require melisplatform/melis-dashboard-plugin-creator

Go to /melis-dashboard-plugin-creator/public/ and change the file owner of the 'temp-thumbnail' directory to 'www-data'. This is where the plugin thumbnails are temporarily saved.

chown www-data temp-thumbnail


No database is needed for this tool

Tools and elements provided

  • Dashboard Plugin Creator Tool
  • Dashboard Plugin Creator Service

Dashboard Plugin Creator Tool

- user may opt to create a single or multi-tab dashboard plugin and must specify the destination module(new or existing) for the generated plugin - after generation, the source code can be found inside the destination module ready to be updated based on the project's requirements - the generated plugin by default, will be shown under the 'Others' section in the Dashboard Plugins menu

Dashboard Plugin Creator Service

      - /melis-dashboard-plugin-creator/src/Service/MelisDashboardPluginCreatorService.php

  • MelisDashboardPluginCreatorService - This service's main function is to generate a dashboard plugin using the parameters saved in the current session.

     $dashboardPluginService = $this->getServiceManager()->get('MelisDashboardPluginCreatorService');
     $result = $dashboardPluginService->generateDashboardPlugin();


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the Melis Technology premium versions end user license agreement (EULA) - see the file for details