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Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Change log file
Class: KronoClass
A new way to compute time in PHP
Author: By
Last change: report all change in the class
Date: 14 years ago
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+--+ Changelog (date in format dd/mm/yy):

		Version 0.7 (released on September 09, 2003)
		  -> 02.9.03: Changed the language management
		  -> 01.9.03: Added method get_info() for extract some useful infos out of a date.
		  -> 31.8.03: Added method to check if a time or date is valid: is_valid(), suggested by Vincenzo Visciano
		  -> 25.8.03: Improved time_to_text() method, now support days and short or long textual format
		  -> 23.8.03: Added support for time format too, in method that use it. Thanks for suggestion from Adrian von Muralt
		  -> 22.8.03: Fixed a bug in get_nth_day() thanks to Tim Hodson,
		  -> 23.7.03: Fixed a bug in year_moon_phase() method
		  -> 23.7.03: Fixed a bug in roman_date() method
		  -> 22.7.03: Fixed a bug in atom_date() method
		  -> 18.7.03: Added Major Portuguese cities coordinates for geo files. Thanks to Gustavo Carreno
		  -> 18.7.03: Added Portuguese language. Thanks to Gustavo Carreno
		  -> 06.6.03: Fixed the name of March and May in german date. Thanks to Jurgen Schwietering
		  -> 29.3.03: Fixed the name of wednesday in spanish. Thanks to Samuel E. Romero
		Version 0.6 (released on March 19, 2003)
		  -> 19.3.03: License changed from GPL to LGPL.
		  -> 15.3.03: Added support for Dutch language
		  -> 14.3.03: Adjusted short format on german day		  
		  -> 13.3.03: Completely added ApiDoc
		  -> 13.3.03: Adjusted bug on how_to() method
		  -> 05.3.03: Improved method mysql_time_easy, adding time information.
		  -> 04.3.03: Added option to method atom_date to extract time information too.
		  -> 18.2.03: Added option to method mysql_time_easy, to make the inverse operation. Thanks to Maurizio Marini <>
		  -> 14.2.03: Resolved bug on get_nth_day method. Thanks to Maurizio Marini <>
		  -> 26.1.03: Added method to conver PostgreSQL date/time to a readable format -> pg_time_easy()
		  -> 26.1.03: Added method to calc sunrise and sunset of a date. Thanks to
		  -> 26.1.03: Added method to get Moon Phases during Year and day. See method for royalties.
		  -> 25.1.03: Added support for Finnish language (fi). Thanks to "Hannu Pysays" < >
		Version 0.5 (released on January 22, 2003)
		  -> 22.1.03: Added support for Japanese language in Romanji code (jp)
		  -> 19.1.03: Added method to convert a date in its Roman Empire date format.. WOW -> roman_date()
		  -> 19.1.03: Added method to get the Nth day in a month -> get_nth_day()
		  -> 18.1.03: Wow!! Resolved a big BUG on short name format !!		  
		  -> 18.1.03: Added method to convert MySQL timestamp to a readable format -> mysql_time_easy()
		  -> 18.1.03: Added method to calc swatch time -> swatch_time()
		  -> 18.1.03: Added method to get time from nist server -> net_timestamp()
		  					 List of avaliable NIST Server:
							 More info on:
		  -> 18.1.03: Added support for Indonesian (id) and Norway (no) language		  
		  -> 17.1.03: Added method for disclaimer		  
		  -> 17.1.03: Added help file		  
		  -> 16.1.03: Removed letters with accent in day and month arrays		  
		  -> 16.1.03: Some other improvements.		  
		  -> 16.1.03: Added method to extract a single date component -> atom_date()		  
		  -> 16.1.03: Added custom separator on date. 		  
		  -> 16.1.03: Added Support for some date format. Thanks to "DAVID FRANCO" <>		  
		  -> 16.1.03: Added Spanish language. Thanks to "DAVID FRANCO" <>		  
		  -> 16.1.03: Adjust on French Month Array. Thanks to Tony Houdayer