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File: readme.txt
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Class: Comparator Tools
Compare and sort objects of many types
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|                            ComparatorTools                                  |

- Synopsis
- Requirements
- Files
- Simple Usage
- Procedural Interface
- Error Handling

This package provides sorting of objects that have a Comparable interface and
other useful functions with comparison of objects. With these tools the
"Comparable" and "Comparator" interfaces can be used like known from Java.

The package requires PHP 5.1 or later.

To use the package, just include comparatortools.lib.php. If you do not want the
additional procedural interface, remove the inclusion of

readme.txt - the file you are reading right now
license.txt - BSD license
comparatortools.lib.php - library loader, include this file to use the package
ComparatorTool.php - class file: abstract tool class
ObjectSorter.php - class file: tool class for sorting
ObjectArrayModifier.php - class file: tool class for other array modifications (diff, intersect, unique)
Comparator.php- class file: comparator interface
Comparable.php - class file: comparable interface
ComparatorException.php - class file: comparator exception - functions file: procedural interface (osort, orsort etc.)
Iterators/ObjectSortingIterator.php - class file: ObjectSorter functionality for iterators
Comparators/ComparableComparator.php - class file: comparator for Comparable interface
Comparators/ObjectComparator.php - class file: comparator for object identity
Comparators/ReverseComparator.php - class file: decorator class to revert comparator outcome
Comparators/SplFileInfoComparator.php - class file: abstract comparator for SplFileInfo objects
Comparators/SplFileInfoComparatorATime.php - class file: compare SplFileInfo objects by access time
Comparators/SplFileInfoComparatorCTime.php - class file: compare SplFileInfo objects by creation time
Comparators/SplFileInfoComparatorMTime.php - class file: compare SplFileInfo objects by modification time
Comparators/SplFileInfoComparatorName.php - class file: compare SplFileInfo objects by file name
Comparators/SplFileInfoComparatorSize.php - class file: compare SplFileInfo objects by file size
Comparators/SplFileInfoComparatorType.php - class file: compare SplFileInfo objects by file type
example/ExampleData.php - example: an implementation of the Comparable interface, used by the examples
example/ExampleComparator.php - example: an implementation of the Comparator interface, used by the examples
example/sort.php - example: some sorting
example/sort_procedural.php - example: same example but with the procedural interface
example/advanced.php - example: more examples

Simple Usage

To give your classes the comparable functionality, just implement the Comparable

	class Foo implements Comparable
		public function compareTo($object)
The compareTo method will be called with another instance of Foo as parameter
and must return a negative value if ($this < $object) applies and a positive
value if ($this > $object) applies, 0 otherwise (the objects are considered

To use the tools - i.e. sort objects - instantiate a tool class (currently
available: ObjectSorter, ObjectArrayModifier):

	$tool = new ObjectSorter;

For detailed description of the functions see phpDoc documentation inside the
tool class files.

It is also possible to implement separate comparator classes:

	class FooComparator implements Comparator
		public function compare($object1, $object2)

The compare method behaves just like the compareTo method but both objects are
passed as parameters.

To use a comparator, call the setComparator() method of the tool or pass the
comparator in the constructor:

	$fooTool = new ObjectSorter(new FooComparator);

Procedural Interface

There is also a procedural interface with functions much like sort, array_diff
and so on from the PHP core. This way the Comparable interface can be used in
a convenient, familiar way.

Currently available:


For detailed description of the functions see phpDoc documentation inside

Error Handling

You are encouraged to throw a ComparatorException if your compare() or compareTo()
methods fail, i.e. in case of wrong parameters. The tools will catch and handle
By default most functions return false and trigger a E_USER_WARNING if such an
exception was thrown. But it is also possible to change this behaviour:


so that the exceptions are carried on to your application.