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File: license.doc
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Generate stereo images (3D) from eye view images
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 *  Original floStereoImg copyright (C) 2011 by Joshua Hatfield.            *
 *  All Rights Reserved                                                    *

						   floStereoImg License

					  Program & Concept created by

Joshua Hatfield
2362 Franklin St.
Augusta, GA 30906

This document contains the rules by which you can use, alter or publish
parts of floStereoImg. floStereoImg has been created by Joshua Hatfield in his spare
time. You are legally bound to follow the rules described in this document.


   !! floStereoImg is NOT Public Domain, shareware, careware or the like !!

   You may under no circumstances make profit on *ANY* part of floStereoImg in
   any possible way. You may under no circumstances charge money for
   distributing any part of floStereoImg - this includes the usual $5 charge
   for "sending the disk" or "just for the disk" etc.  By breaking these rules
   you violate this agreement, and hence will be sued.

   You may not remove any copyright notices from any of the documents or
   sources given to you.

   This license must *always* be included "as is" if you copy or give
   away any part of floStereoImg (which is to be done as described in this

   If you publish *any* part of floStereoImg, I, as creator, must appear in the
   article, and the article must be clearly copyrighted subject to this
   license. Before publishing you must first send me a message, by
   snail-mail or e-mail, and inform me what, where and when you are
   publishing (remember to include your address, name etc.)

   Any running version of floStereoImg must include my name in the login and/or
   intitial connection sequence. Furthermore the if there is a credit section
   or command in any application using floStereoImg, it shall always contain my
   name, addresses, and a notice which states I have created floStereoImg.

   You are allowed to alter floStereoImg, source and documentation as long as
   you do not violate any of the above stated rules.


Joshua Hatfield


I hope you will enjoy floStereoImg, and encourage you to send me any reports on
bugs (when you find 'it'). Remember that I am using my spare time to write and
improve floStereoImg, bugs, etc. - and changes will take their time.  I have so
far put a number of programming hours into this project.  If you make any major
improvements on floStereoImg I would be happy to hear from you.  As you will
naturally honor the above rules, you will receive new updates and improvements
made to the class.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.