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Role: Documentation
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Description: Documentation
Class: PGBrowser
Access remote site pages submitting forms
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Last change: all-in-one version, supports advanced-html-dom
Date: 10 years ago
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PGBrowser ========= A 'pretty good' mechanize-like php library for managing cookies and submitting forms. Read the [Documentation]( ```php require 'pgbrowser.php'; $b = new PGBrowser(); $page = $b->get(''); $form = $page->form(); $form->set('q', 'foo'); $page = $form->submit(); echo $page->title; ``` Now do something with $page->html or query it with $page->xpath->query() PGBrowser will also let you query the page with phpquery, simple-html-dom, [advanced-html-dom]( or xpath: ```php require 'pgbrowser.php'; require 'phpquery.php'; $browser = new PGBrowser('advanced'); $page = $browser->get(''); foreach($page->search('li.g') as $li){ echo $li->at('a')->text . "\n"; } ``` *New* - PGBrowser can now cache requests to disk and reuse them on subsequent requests to save network traffic. Cached responses go into a folder called 'cache' ```php $browser->useCache = true; // turn on cacheing $browser->useCache = false; // turn off cacheing ```