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Class: bitvec
Manipulate arrays of bits with SplFixedArray class
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PHP bit vector (array of 0/1 values) designed and written by CPKS 1. Introduction: The bitvec class is a specialized array implementation for storing 0/1 values only. Because of this limitation, it is possible to store multiple values in a single integer. Use of SplFixedArray provides a memory-efficient vehicle to deliver a relatively high capacity bit array. A separate iterator class, bitvecIterator, has been provided to provide full array iterator access to bitvec. For many applications this may be unnecessary and the bitvec class alone will suffice. Bit vectors are useful for certain numeric algorithms, and in particular for the generation of primes using sieve techniques, where it can be advantageous to hold a very large bit vector in memory. 2. Acknowledgments: One application for bit vectors is the generation of primes. I signal my indebtedness to for the prime.php file on this site, which provided a launchpad for my rewritten version, used as a demo and test file in this package. 3. Licensing: On licensing, please see the LICENCE file issued with this package. 4. Files in this package: 4.1 bitvec.php: bitvec and bitvecIterator classes 4.2 LICENCE: licensing details 4.3 phpunit.xml.dist: test configuration 4.4 phpdoc.dist.xml: Assists the phpdoc documentation-generating package in producing documentation for this package. 4.5 README: this file 4.6 tests/bvt1.php: Unit tests for bitvec class 4.7 tests/prime.php: Prime generation using bitvec according to several different algorithms, provided as illustration of class use and as part of unit testing. 5. Documentation I have elected to tailor this package to the PEAR phpdoc documentation system. This produces good interactive HTML browsing capabilities together with an SVG class diagram showing package and namespace relationships as well as the object inheritance/implementation tree. See for installation instructions. To generate the documentation, create a directory called "doc" in the project base directory, and then run the phpdoc command in that base directory. 6. Historical and design-related remarks on this package The bitvec class is loosely based on my C++ class of the same name from 1991. Although the PHP bitvec uses SplFixedArray, note that it does not extend the SPL class. This is because some of the SplFixedArray functions really do not correspond at all to bitvec functionality: there is no "is-a" relationship here: a bitvec is not an SplFixedArray and certain operations mean something different. In particular, no use is made of the SplFixedArray iterator implementation, which has in any case been removed to bitvecIterator. No use has been made of namespaces. Users of PHP >= 5.3 are recommended to bring bitvec inside a namespace, e.g. storage. The code is ready for this to be done. Array bound violations are always caught by the SplFixedArray. Note that this throws RuntimeException and not OutOfBoundsException. CPKS