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Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Eventer
Register events and call handlers when they happen
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OpenFW::Eventer =============== It is a library used by OpenFW framework. Eventer- is an event manager that makes your life easier when using event driven development. There are a lot of libraries doing this, but not that beautifully ;) Advantages ========== - No dependencies - Easy to use - Restful API - Latest PHP features usage - Well commented - ...much more... Requirements ============ - PHP 5.5 and higher - awesomeness Installation ============ - Using composer(through packagist): "alexanderc/open-fw-eventer": "dev-master" - ... or simply load it using your autoloader (PSR-0 compliant) Example ======= ```php <?php use OpenFW\Events\Eventer; use OpenFW\Events\Event; use OpenFW\Events\Matchers\BinaryMatcher; use OpenFW\Events\Matchers\RegexMatcher; use OpenFW\Events\Traits\SimplifiedApiTrait; $eventer = new Eventer(); $events = [ '', 'foo.baz.smth', 'foo.habra.event', '' ]; foreach($events as $event) { $eventer->register($event); } echo "Adding some listeners\n"; $eventer->addListener(new BinaryMatcher('foo.habra.event'), function(Event $event) { echo sprintf("This will be called on %s event only\n", $event); }); $eventer->addListener(new RegexMatcher('.+\.habra\..+'), function(Event $event) { echo sprintf("Wow, calling habra events! (%s)\n", $event); }); $eventer->addOnceListener(new RegexMatcher('foo\..+\.event'), function(Event $event) { echo sprintf("This event is one of [, foo.habra.event] -> %s. ", $event), "Also this is thrown only once!\n"; }); echo "Trigger all events once using binary matcher\n"; foreach($events as $event) { $eventer->trigger($event, ['some', 'data', 'provided', 'to', 'each', 'listener']); } echo "Trigger all events that matches against an RegexMatcher\n"; $eventer->triggerUsingMatcher( new RegexMatcher('foo\..+\.event'), ['some', 'data', 'provided', 'to', 'each', 'listener'] ); // too much words??? check SimplifiedApiTrait... ``` Credentials =========== OpenFW::Eventer php framework. Copyright (C) 2013 AlexanderC