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Render blueprint image of house windows with panes
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PHP Class to:
Generate a blueprint of plastic window from extended list of settings

just copy files into any folder on your server
point your browser to http://domain/path_to_folder/configure.php

Window settings
- Start from choosing a number of panes you would like to have in your window
- Empty pane is a pane that have no border, no inner frame, no doorknob. just outer frame
- If want some more options then choose "No" for "Empty" settings
- Border: you regulate thickness of a border, color (whaite or gray)
- Thin Inner Padding: on a scheme there wil be 20lined border
- Choose type of doorknob or leave it without one
- Dashed: add thin dashed line to the right of a pane
- Pane Stars
- Pane Arrows
- Use dotted or solid line for stars
- Deviders:
  - there 10 types of configuration. You'll explanation of each type in doc/panes.pdf
  - Proportion distance will allocate equal space for each devided part of a pane
  - Custom distance will follow your settings (add them in format XX or XX:YY or XX:YY:ZZ)

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.