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File: readme.txt
Role: Documentation
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Description: Readme and Documentation file
Class: CSV file db
Manipulation and navigation of CSV files
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1) What it does
This class provides simple access to csv files and let you easy
navigate through the tabel.

2) How it works
You should only access one of the following functions and


$index				// Index in File, DO NOT CHANGE
$limiter			// The CVS Limiter, usually ";"
$filename			// The filename of the cvs file
$record = array()	// The actual record
$EOF				// True if End of File
$BOF				// True if Beginning of File


function open_db()
- opens file
- puts first recordset into record
- returns 1 if ok, 0 if not

function move_next()
- loads the next recordset

function move_pref()
- loads the previous recordset

function move_first()
- moves the recordpointer to first recordset and loads it

function move_last()
- same as above, only last

function close()
- closes the filehandler

function update()
- updates the actual recordset

function add_new()
- adds a new recordset
- after add_new the record can be manipulated
- in the end just execute update() and the recordset is stored

function delete()
- deletes current recordset and moves the recordpointer one ahead

Please be sure, that you have the rights to read and modify the

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.