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File: ChangeLog.txt
Role: Documentation
Content type: text/plain
Description: Change log
Class: TM::Apeform
A very abstract web form builder and processor
Author: By
Last change: TinyMCE example added
Date: 14 years ago
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TM::Apeform Change Log 2009-08-25 * TinyMCE example added. * Small changes to reflect my current coding style: closing tag "?>" removed from the end of the files, spaces after "!" removed. 2009-02-07 * Unquoted HTML in select options caused rendering errors. 2007-07-15 * Text elements can handle single values in 'value', 'maxLength' and 'size' a lot better. Usefull for TM::MyCSVAdmin. * Test.php fixed and improved. 2007-01-05 * Added some preventive "if" to the JavaScript focus handler. 2006-06-24 * If the user submitts a file and then waits for a long time, the file is lost. Now file() will notice this and triggers an error. * Maximum filename length for 'unixname' reduced to 64 which is the max. length in Microsoft's "Joliet" file system. 2006-06-22 * Some examples fixed and improved, e.g. example_colors.php. 2006-06-17 * Bugfix: _isSubmitted was not set when the first element was a "file". (Thanks to Julien Huon!) * MIME type "image/pjpeg" (bug in IE) will be corrected to "image/jpeg". 2006-02-19 * Detects and prevents "form post hijacking" (newline characters are stripped from single line text elements). * Detects and cleans invalid values: Text exceeding maxlength limit; checkbox, radio and select values which are not part of the $options array; null bytes. * addClass() is allowed for header() elements. 2005-12-18 * It's possible to change a "text" to "textarea" without getting a warning. Importand for TM::MyCSVAdmin. 2005-06-01 * Some code beautifications. Separated "submit" and "image". 2005-04-26 * Fixed a tiny bug according to HTML special characters in the title="help" tooltips (does not use htmlspecialchars() any more). 2005-04-16 * Fixed a bug: Multiple text elements got the same id. (Thanks to RenÚ P÷nitz!) * Renamed toHtml() to toHTML() because camel case should not destroy such abbreviations/technical terms. Luckily, PHP is case insensitive. 2005-02-28 * Removed <u> from the default templates because it's deprecated since HTML 4.0. Replaced with <span style="text-decoration:underline">. * Added some alternative templates (see comments). 2005-02-27 * Added $form->anchor to set a "scroll to" target when the submit button was hit. (Thanks to RenÚ P÷nitz!) * Fixed a tiny bug in select() according to HTML special characters. * Replaced some == with strcmp()/strcasecmp() who are binary safe. Replaced some count() cause it's slow. * Added a regex and callback example. 2004-11-07 * getTemplate() added. (Thanks to Filippo Toso!) * getName() can handle both absolute (0 and above) and relative (-1 and below) offsets now, similar to error(). WARNING! This is incompatible to previous versions of the class! 2004-10-31 * addClass() added. Adds one or more stylesheet classes to the outer template of the form element added last. (Thanks to Filippo Toso!) * {class} added to the default 'input' template. * addAttribute() added. Adds any attribute or JavaScript handler to the inner input tag. (Thanks to Filippo Toso!) * handler() is deprecated now, use addAttribute() instead. * Re-enabled some lines of code in file(). File name extension of uploaded files will be preserved to be sure the real content type is used. * "window." replaced with "self." in JavaScript. * Multiple text fields and template 'accesskey' added to the documentation. 2004-10-25 * Added an 'acceskey' Template. Replaces every use of <u>a</u> with whatever you want, e.g. <span style="text-decoration:underline">a</span>. WARNING! This is a quick hack! It may fail if you use <u> somewhere else in the form values. (Thanks to Filippo Toso!) * Some Examples are using multiple text fields now. * Another bug with multiple texts fixed. 2004-09-20 * error() accepts absolute (0 and above) and relative (-1 and below) offsets now. WARNING! This change is incompatible to previous versions! * _getUnixName() improved, handles Windows-1252 characters too. * Last line (the return) in text() fixed. 2004-07-31 * text() is able to display multiple input fields now. Use an array value in at least one of the method parameters defaultValue, maxLength or size. Units are still possible but changed a little bit. 2004-04-30 * Support for units added. Call $form->text("Label", "Help\tUnit") for example. The units value is displayed behind the element. * Added two examples adopted from PEAR::HTML_QuickForm. * Added another nice CSS-only example to example_templates.php. * test.php is back (uses PEAR::PHPUnit now). 2004-04-18 * In template 'input' the tag {error} is optional now. If omited, an error message will replace the label (as previous versions of the class did). If present, an error message will NOT replace the label. WARNING! This change is incompatible to previous versions of the class! * New elements: header() (Thanks to Shimrod!) and staticText() (similar to text, but not editable). New template for header added. * Added posibility to specify an id for the form using Apeform(0, 0, "id"). Now two or more forms in one page are possible. (Thanks to RenÚ P÷nitz!) See example_multiform.php. * Auto-focus is disabled by default if the form gets a non-default id. Set setFocus to true to enable it. * Submit button always get accesskey="s" if only one button is defined. * Multiple calls of toHtml() failed. Fixed. * Changed element id's from "element3l" to "element3i". * The default templates <br> wasn't XHTML compatible. Changed to <br />. 2004-03-08 * Tiny speed-ups (count() moved out of for()). 2004-01-10 * The file upload triggers an user warning if "safe mode" restrictions are in effect and tmpDir is not set properly. The garbage collection does not crash any more. * Handling of special "umlaut" characters improved in _getUnixName(). * In action="...", any "&" becomes "&amp;" according to the W3C. * A bunch of code beautyfications. * example_multiform.php added. * Removed test.php. 2003-12-28 * Added summary="" to the default <table> template. 2003-11-17 * Added getName(). (Thanks to Shimrod!) * In toHtml(), replaced PHP_SELF with PHP_SELF?QUERY_STRING. (Thanks to Shimrod!) REQUEST_URI doesn't work on non-Apache servers. * In _getFocusHandler(), replaced forms[0] with forms['form']. (Thanks to Shimrod!) * In file(), removed the environment stuff. tempnam() handles this. (Was a bug caused by a bug in realpath(). It never returns false.) * file() displays at least first 12 characters of the filename submitted. * _doGarbageCollection() introduced. * Improved the example_advertisement.php example. 2003-11-12 * <strong><label> didn't worked in Opera. Switched to <lable><strong>. * Introduced _getUnixName(), improved returned 'unixname' a lot. * file() calls it's temporary files tmp* instead of Ape*. 2003-11-11 * Option $setFocus added to toHtml() and display(). * _getFocusHandler() introduced. 2003-11-10 * Apeform("invalid int value") is ignored now. 2003-10-29 * Added semi-automatic accesskey support for the error messages. * file() displays the file name if there was something submitted before. * file() uses one of the TMP/TEMP/TMPDIR/upload_tmp_dir environment variables if tmpDir does not exists. 2003-10-23 * Introduced _magicQuotes, use Apeform(..., ..., false) to disable. * file() returns 'unixname', additionaly to 'name'. * Improved handler(), now it's no problem to call them multiple times. 2003-10-14 * Select() also accepts array values instead of keys as defaultValue. * Bugfix: Now, defaultValue = "0" is possible in text() etc. * Added image(), <input type="image"> (EXPERIMENTAL). 2003-09-28 * Renamed build() into toHtml(), added display(), renamed is_valid() into isValid(), according to the PEAR coding standards. * text(..., $maxLength = 8, $size = 0) will set size to 8 instead of the default size. * Bugfix: Changed the magic_quotes behaviour in select() and radio(). * Bugfix: $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] vs. $PHP_SELF problem solved. 2003-05-16 * Use error("...", -1) to add an error message to any previous element. 2003-05-06 * Added title="..." tooltips. They show the help texts so you can remove any {help} from your HTML templates if you want. 2003-05-04 * Uploaded files will be stored in a temporary directory automaticaly. Set the directory using $form->tmpDir or leave it empty to use default /tmp. Don't use move_uploaded_file() any more! Use copy()/rename() instead! 2003-04-15 * Onload handler added. Focus() works much better now. 2003-03-20 * Rename $value into $defaultValue; cleared some function headers; now it's easier to understand what it is for. * checkbox("Label") without any options do work now. * Bugfix: Unchecking a via $defaultValue checked checkbox won't cause a ping-pong loop any more. Still critical but works in most cases. * Bugfix: checkbox(), radio() and select() are returning references too. 2003-03-11 * If a password element got an error it will be reseted anytime. * Bugfix: Hidden element returns reference now. 2003-03-10 * Textarea wrap mode can be changed/disabled now (default is "virtual"). * Added the #form anchor. * Removed some "\n". * Bugfix: <... selected> and <... checked> are valid XHTML now. 2003-03-09 * Hidden variables can be named now (added second parameter). * Bugfix: Submit buttons show default value if empty. * Bugfix: Submit buttons show array values instead of keys. 2003-03-06 * All elements return references when using $ref = &$form->text(); * When adding more than one error message per element, use the first. * Added $HTTP_POST_VARS (will make it run in most older versions of PHP). 2003-03-05 * Most elements are using <label> now. Their text can be clicked this way. * Encryption type will only be set when needed (whe using file upload). * Select, radio and checkbox can be selected/checked by default. * Multiple buttons in one row are possible using an "a|b" value. * Added a leading '_' to all private variables and method names. * handler() added, adds JavaScript handlers to the form or any element. * Sets focus() to the first element containing an error. * Access keys in radio buttons and multiple checkboxes are possible. 2003-03-02 * Default maximum length will be handled in the compile method now. * Submit button returns false if not submitted before (similar to file). * Adds access keys if there are underlined <u>c</u>haracters. * Renamed "title" to "label" everywhere. 2003-02-28 * Element names are handled by the script ("element0", "element1", ...). * Added file, radio and some other form elements.