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Class: PHP Autotest
Run automated test again when project files change
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[![Build Status](]( Autotest for PHP


* PHP 5.3+
* PHPUnit
* Symfony/Console


Download and unpack php.autotest.

Download Composer ( and run:

composer.phar install

Composer installs Console component

Optionally link bin/autotest.php to your /usr/bin like this:

ln bin/autotest.php /usr/bin/autotest


Run bin/autotest.php with optional params from the root of your application:

* ```cmd``` — path to phpunit (optional, default value: phpunit)
* ```src_path``` — path to your source code (optional, default value: src)
* ```tests_path``` — path to your tests (optional, default value: tests)
* ```suffix``` — suffix of the test namespace (optional, default value: Test)
* ```timeout``` — time between comparing files (optional, default value: 1 second)

Example (assuming file is linked to bin directory):

autotest --cmd=/usr/local/zend/bin/phpunit --src_path=source --tests_path=MyTests --timeout=60
For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.