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Register and login users using a database via PDO
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[![Build Status](](

PHP Advanced Login System as part of the [Francium Project](

See this [Blog Post]( for complete documentation.



Use [Composer]( :

composer require francium/logsys


The **[Blog Post](** contains the entire information on how to install and use logSys.

The following folders contain examples of usage
* example-basic
* example-two-step-login

PHP's mail() function is used to send emails. Most likely, emails sent through it will reach the SPAM folder. To avoid this, add an email function in `config` -> `basic` -> `email_callback`.

I recommend to use [PHPMailer]( (SMTP) or [Mailgun API]( to send emails.

Versions & Upgrading



* Follow [PSR standards](
* Write or modify unit tests for changes you make (if applicable)
* Run unit tests before pull request.

## Security Bugs

Please report security bugs directly to me via [email](

## Testing

First of all do a `composer update` in the main folder. This will install phpunit.

Edit the database configuration in the XML files located in `testing` folder and run :

vendor/bin/phpunit -c testing/phpunit.mysql.xml && vendor/bin/phpunit -c testing/phpunit.postgresql.xml && vendor/bin/phpunit -c testing/phpunit.sqlite.xml
For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.