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Fill records of MySQL tables with test data
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Database Filler

Fill MySQL database tables with test data by parsing the SQL schema file.


  • Quickly populate database tables with row data for testing SQL data retrieval.
  • Assist in testing complex database schema, before moving the database to a production environment.
  • Check table field population with specified datatypes, potential data truncation, visual cues etc.
  • Test database connection encoding and character encoding, and data insertion speeds.

[1]: ![Database-Filler database][1]


Originally, I needed to populate a database containing 14 complex tables. Tools such as Spawner are useful for populating small tables, but in this case, specifying the datatypes for 300+ fields to initiate Spawner would have been insanity.

Instead, why not parse the SQL schema?

[2]: ![Database-Filler execute][2]

Database Requirements

  1. The script expects the database schema to exist in MySQL (mysql -u root -p < test.sql).
  2. All table names and column names in the MySQL schema require back-ticks.
  3. Unique keys must be removed from tables when using the option 'random_data' => FALSE


  • The majority of MySQL datatypes are supported.
  • Any foreign keys are disabled on data population.
  • Random character generation is slow in PHP, and such slowness further depends on field length, number of fields, and the number of rows being generated.
  • Multiple INSERTs are added in a single query, which is quite fast. Number of INSERTs per second will depend on MySQL configuration settings (the defaults are not optimised), datatype / length inserted, system load, operating system, hardware etc.


Ensure the database already exists in MySQL e.g. for the test schema:

    mysql -u root -p < test.sql

Adjust the array connection details and parameters in the file databasefiller_example.php

Then execute this file with PHP on the command-line:

    php databasefiller_example.php

or run the file through a web server e.g.



Database Filler is released under the GPL v.3.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.