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Voguepay payment library for CodeIgniter
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Vgniter - Codeigniter -Voguepay Payment Library

library to integrate Voguepay Payment Gateway API on codeigniter

Class Features

  • Pay with voguepay!
  • Access comand api to create user, pay, fetch e.t.c
  • Add auto generated items
  • Light weight
  • Support country and currency
  • Need no instal and has no database, just copy files to the right folder
  • Can be integrated to any Codeigniter application
  • Tested with codeigniter version 3.0 but backward compactible with version 2.0
  • Compatible with PHP 5.0 and later
  • Much more!

Why you might need it

To manually integrate VoguePay into your website. When you're done, you will have added a VoguePay button and supporting code to your website so that customers can click to place orders through VoguePay.


This software is distributed under the MIT license. Please read LICENSE.txt for information on the software availability and distribution.

Installation & loading

Drop the provided files into the CodeIgniter project
Configure your vougepay details inside the application/config/vgniter.php file. refer to
Modify the controller example supplied (application/controller/vgniter.php) to fit your needs

A Simple Example

To use Vgniter load the library in your controller


To add Initiate the library with

  //voguepay_start( memo , currency, store_id, recurrent, interval, demo);
  $this->vgniter_lib->voguepay_start("BARGAINPROTECT Escrow Payment",'','','','','');
To add items simply use
  //voguepay_add_item( $form, name of item ,  description for the item, price of the item);
  $form = $this->vgniter_lib->voguepay_add_item( $title, $description, $amount);
	Dont forget to close the form variable
	// fuction apends item total, submit button, and closes form
  //vogniter_close( &$form , image, 'make_payment' , butcolor )
  $outputform = $this->vgniter_lib->vogniter_close( true,  'make_payment' , 'blue');
  echo $outputform;

	View sample controller code below
class Vgniter extends CI_Controller {

	function __construct()
	function index()

	// create form with default values set in config i.e merchant_ref, merchant_id, e.t.c
	// and also add <form method='POST' action=''>
	$this->vgniter_lib->voguepay_start("Secure Payment by Voguepay",'','','','','');
	// function to add item you want to sell to form including item name, item descriptio
	// and item price, it will automatically generate total for all items
	$this->vgniter_lib->voguepay_add_item( 'Face Cap',  'beautiful facecap for use', 1000 );
	$this->vgniter_lib->voguepay_add_item(  'Laban T-shirt', 'Labeled T-shirts', 4500 ); 
	$finalform = $this->vgniter_lib->vogniter_close( true,  'make_payment' , 'blue');
		echo $finalform;

You'll find it easy to implement.

That's it. You should now be ready to use Vgniter!


Vgniter defaults to English