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Class: picStylizer
Generate sprite images and CSS from image files
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picStylizer is a PHP class that create sprite and css style file from images folder

Notice: if you want to change the image onMouseOver (hover) you have add "_hover" at the end of filename before the extention Example: // initial image icon.png // hover image icon_hover.png //adding _hover // the result css code will be: .icon {...} .icon:hover {...}


// Initialize Class
$pS = new picStylizer();

// define folder configuration
$config = array(
			// set the origin folder
			"origin" => array(
				"images" => "origin/images" // folder from where the script will take the images
			// set destiny folder
			"destiny" => array(
				"styles" => "destiny/css/sprites.css", // define css style of sprites
				"sprites" => "destiny/sprites/sprites.png", // define the sprite image result
				"example" => "destiny/example/sprites.html", // define the html example
				"ini_path" => "../../" // define the path

// define minization (default: true)

// define css style by default
$css = 'body {backgound-color:#000;font-family:courier;color:#fff,font-size:14px;}';

// gen sprites, styles and html example

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.