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Class: eKatab PHP ePub Reader
Display ebooks in the epub format on Web pages
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@Package eKatab @author Karl Holz <newaeon|a|mac|d|com> @licence LICENCE

eKatab is a PHP interface to an ePub document to allow viewing of your created ibooks, ePub and zipped files with a META-INF/container.xml file pointing to an ofp doc.

It takes 2 arguments, the ePub file and the prefix to the ePub root in no standard zip file layout.

Everything is done automatically once the classes is loaded.

  • access to your ebooks files with the URL path_info
  • All links have been fixed on the fly
  • bookmark-able links with REST-like design (GET only)
  • even works with ePub files purchased from the iTunes book Store (as long as they're not encrypted)
  • works with old o'really iPhone app books (.ipa file type), these will need to use the prefix. The ebook files are in ePub format. The prefix must contain a 'META-INF/container.xml' file or it will fail, ipa files are zips, not too hard to figure out the prefix
  • This is still a work in progress and hasn't really been touched in a few years, but it will display your ePub files in a browser.
  • The REST.class.php is still unpolished, it does the job for this package, but I plan in completing it in the future when I get the time
  • if you're an educational institution feel free to use and modify


I'm providing the RESTful_Web_Services.epub epub file for testing because it?s freely available under a Creative Commons license [] as part of O'Reilly's Open Book Project []

This is a link to the site here, incase you want to check it out your self:

save the books to the root of this web app and the configuration will be generated for each book, that?s the default and easy way of using this program.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.