File: bootstrap.php

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File: bootstrap.php
Role: Auxiliary script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary script
Class: Portable UTF-8
Manipulate UTF-8 text strings in pure PHP
Author: By
Last change: [!!!]: disable "Bootup::filterRequestUri()" && "Bootup::filterRequestInputs()" by default

Since version 5.4.26 this library will NOT force "UTF-8" by "bootstrap.php" anymore.
If you need to enable this behavior you can define "PORTABLE_UTF8__ENABLE_AUTO_FILTER", before requiring the autoloader.


Before version 5.4.26 this behavior was enabled by default and you could disable it via "PORTABLE_UTF8__DISABLE_AUTO_FILTER", but the code had potential security vulnerabilities via injecting code while redirecting via ```header('Location ...```.
This is the reason I decided to add this BC in a bug fix release, so that everybody using the current version will receive the security-fix.
Date: 9 months ago
Size: 386 bytes



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use voku\helper\Bootup;

Bootup::initAll(); // Enables UTF-8 for PHP
UTF8::checkForSupport(); // Check UTF-8 support for PHP

if (defined('PORTABLE_UTF8__ENABLE_AUTO_FILTER') === true) {
Bootup::filterRequestUri(); // Redirects to an UTF-8 encoded URL if it's not already the case
Bootup::filterRequestInputs(); // Normalizes HTTP inputs to UTF-8 NFC

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