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Class Author Days
RabbitMQ Manager

Manage exchanges, queues messages in RabbitMQ
By India 0
jForm Validator
Validate forms with rules defined in form template
By Sweden 1
PHP Forex Quotes
Get foreign exchange rates quotes for currencies
By United States 2
PHP HTML Minify Class
Compress HTML removing unnecessary data
By Germany 2
Simple MySQLi Class
MySQL access abstraction layer using MySQLi
By Germany 2
CRM, Ticketing system, and employee manangement
By Iran 2
CMS Airship
Content management system with security features
By United States 2
Package Base
Base classes for implementing a package generator
By France 2
PHP Report
Generate Excel, HTML, PDF reports from data arrays
By Bosnia and Herzegovina 2
PHP Export Data

Export data in CSV, TSV, or Excel XML formats
By Romania 2
Facturae PHP
Generate XML electronic bills paid in Spain
By Spain 3

Convert Microsoft Access database to MySQL
By Greece 3
Div PHP Nodes
Manage database of objects stored in record files
By Cuba 4
Facturae PHP

Generate XML electronic bills paid in Spain
By Spain 4
Call PHP classes from JavaScript using AJAX
By Cameroon 5
Apple OS X build
Return OS X version from build number
By Hong Kong 5
Quadratic Equation
Quadratic equation solver
By Azerbaijan 5
PHP Link Checker

Extract and check links on a page
By Germany 5
Apple iOS build
Get the version of a iOS build and version codes
By Hong Kong 6
PHP Nuclear Reactor
Asynchronous RESTful API using ReactPHP and PIMF
By Germany 6
Memory Efficient Serialization Library
Store and retrieve data types in binary files
By Slovak Republic 6
Connect to SSH
Execute programs in remote computers using SSH
By Slovak Republic 6
PHP Code Generator
Generate PHP code elements programatically
By France 6
Framework for Web application development
By Germany 6
Chinese Lunar Calendar

Convert Gregorian date to Chinese lunisolar
By Hong Kong 6
Big Backup maker

Create backup of a directory in an archive file
By Benin 7
Publish and share messages like with Twitter
By France 8
A framework agnostic PHP library to build chat bot
By Germany 8
Filter HTML for security and standards
By United States 8
Corcel (Laravel + WordPress)
Use the WordPress backend with any PHP application
By Brazil 8
PHP Math Expression Evaluator
Parse and evaluate strings with math expressions
By Russian Federation 8
JSON Object Mapper

Create objects of classes mapped from JSON strings
By Germany 8
Laravel Etextmail
Send SMS messages via API
By Nigeria 9
PHP Expressive

Base class for Object Relational Mapping
By Brazil 9
Laravel Instapago
process payments with the Instapago and Laravel
By Venezuela 10
PHP Telegram Bot
Send and receive messages to Telegram users
By Spain 10
NewWay PHP File Manager
Manage files and directories with AJAX interface
By India 10
GrabzIt PHP Library
Take screenshots of Web pages using GrabzIt
By United Kingdom 10
Base MVC Framework
MVC framework to be the base of Web applications
By Brazil 10
Redbox DNS
Resolve domains and get other DNS records
By The Netherlands 10
PHP Gameboy Emulator
Emulate Gameboy console in a terminal in pure PHP
By Brazil 10
Laravel Etextmail

Send SMS messages via API
By Nigeria 10
Simple XLSX
Parse and retrieve data from Excel XLS files
By Russian Federation 11
PHP Show HTML Source Code
Show highlighted HTML source of the current page
By United States 11
Laravel 2C2P

Send and process payment requests with 2C2P
By Myanmar 11
pixlab PHP Facedetect and Image Processing
Process images using the PixLab Machine Vision API
By South Africa 12
PHP Suggestion Text Box

Retrieve auto-complete suggestions from database
By India 12
PHP Ghost Face
Encrypt PHP code to generate executable scripts
By Benin 13
Read and write Excel spreadsheets in XLSX format
By Russian Federation 13
Auth in Redis and Laravel

Controller for authenticating users in Redis
By Egypt 13
Get IP by ISP
Get IP address ranges using Web service
By Russian Federation 14
IRP Classes
Send and receive infrared commands via serial port
By Italy 14
Replace mysql functions using the mysqli extension
By United States 14
System Daemon

Start and stop daemon scripts in PHP
By Russian Federation 14
PHP IoC Container Service Manager
Dependency injection containers that can be nested
By Iran 15
Pure PHP PJLink class
Control data projectors via socket connections
By Switzerland 15
Clear Framework
General purpose Web application framework
By Czech Republic 15
PHP Telegram Bot API
Create bots to communicate messages using Telegram
By Spain 15
Fuzzy search of arrays using the Bitap algorithm
By 15
Manipulate arrays using a fluent interface
By Germany 15
Manipulate HTML elements using DOMDocument
By Germany 15
Burge CMF
Framework to publish managed content
By Iran 15
PHP GPG Email Encrypt
Encrypt, decrypt and sign email messages with GPG
By United States 15
PHP Generics
Framework for accessing streams, sockets and logs
By Germany 15
Secure PHP Login System
Register and login users using a database via PDO
By India 15
Manage XML and MySQL databases using SQL
By Italy 15
Laravel Highcharts

Display charts using the Highcharts API
By France 15
Manage users and groups of events in a database
By Benin 16
Unsplash Helper
Display images from
By United Kingdom 16
Unsplash Helper

Display images from
By United Kingdom 16
Get IP by ISP

Get IP address ranges using Web service
By Russian Federation 18
PHP Sodium Compat
Cryptographic functions of libsodium in pure PHP
By United States 19
Get the different forms of language words
By Russian Federation 19
Redbox PHP Distance
Compute the distance between locations or zipcodes
By The Netherlands 19
Pareto Security
Filter requests to discard malicious values
By New Zealand 19
Imagens GD

Resize and add watermarks to images
By Brazil 19
PHP Form Honeypot
Generate and check honeypots in HTML forms
By Switzerland 20
PHP Ghost Face

Encrypt PHP code to generate executable scripts
By Benin 20
PHP User Auth System
HTTP authentication using PSR-7 interfaces
By Iran 21
PHP EU VAT Validation
Validate VAT number using VIES API
By United Kingdom 21
Giga CMS
Multi-user content management system
By Indonesia 21
PHP HTML to Text Conversion
Parse HTML and extract text contained in it
By Germany 21
Manipulate multibyte text strings as objects
By Canada 21
PHP BCMath Extension
Add missing functions missing in BCMath
By Poland 21
Image Key Cypher

Encrypt and decrypt text using images for the key
By United States 21
DuckDuckGo PHP API client

Search for data and related topics from DuckDuckGo
By Germany 22
Simple MySQL handler
Execute SQL queries with MySQLi or MySQL extension
By United States 23
CodeIgniter GetText

Load locale texts for CodeIgniter applications
By France 23
curl Master
Send HTTP requests using the curl extension
By Hong Kong 24
Raw SQL Query Builder
Compose SQL queries from dynamic parameters
By South Africa 24
Very Simple IP Details
Get IP address location and Google Maps image
By Benin 24

Run Golang code from PHP calling its RPC server
By Belarus 24
Map objects to database table records
By Venezuela 25
PHP User Auth System

HTTP authentication using PSR-7 interfaces
By Iran 25
Little YouTube PHP
Search and get data from YouTube videos
By Indonesia 26

Collection of various PHP utility functions
By United States 26
Sync Framework
Send directory files to a remote server
By Israel 27
PHP TimeZone City

Get timezone information from a MySQL database
By Hong Kong 27

Compare a file with other files in a directory
By Poland 27
Sync Framework

Send directory files to a remote server
By Israel 28
General purpose Web development classes
By Iran 29
HTTP Abstraction
Parse HTTP requests and parse responses with PSR-7
By Iran 29
Implements PSR-7 HTTP message interfaces
By Iran 29
PHP Code Fixer
Find deprecated functions and variables in PHP
By Russian Federation 29
PHP GPX Library
Parser and generator of GPS Exchange files
By Slovak Republic 29
PHP Route Library
Route requests to registered callback functions
By Egypt 29
Simple PHP Pagination Class
Display paginated database table records
By Nigeria 29
Tiny PHP ORM Framework
Map objects to databases using composed queries
By Russian Federation 29
PHP MySQL Replication
Client to get MySQL replication events in pure PHP
By Poland 29
IDNA Convert
Convert from and to IDNA Punycode domain names
By Germany 29
PHP Code Analyzer
Analyze PHP code to check if it uses extensions
By Russian Federation 29
Caribu ORM
Map objects to databases records using annotations
By Germany 29

Convert data from a CSV file in a HTML table
By Greece 29
Search Keywords
Get the search words that lead an user to a page
By United States 30