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Class Author Days
CodeIgniter ion Auth Login
Manage user records in a database with CodeIgniter
By Indonesia 0
PHP Favicon Maker
Generate a favicon icon file from an image file
By Benin 1
Render PHP

Render PHP variable values as HTML
By Brazil 1
PHP Favicon Maker

Generate a favicon icon file from an image file
By Benin 2
Theme and asset management for laravel
By Bangladesh 3
Xoops 2.5
Modular content management publication system
By United States 3
PHP Telegram Bot
Send and receive messages to Telegram users
By Spain 3
PHP HTML to Text Conversion
Parse HTML and extract text contained in it
By Germany 3
Manipulate HTML elements using DOMDocument
By Germany 3
PHP Anti XSS Filter
Remove tags from HTML that may cause XSS attacks
By Germany 3
Simple Database Abstraction Layer around PDO
By United States 3
PHP Site Class
Create database driven Web sites
By United States 3
Get the different forms of language words
By Russian Federation 3

Extract data from HTML tables into CSV files
By Greece 3
Apc Switch

Manage an APC Rack PDU over ssh
By Ukraine 4
Multibyte Keyword Generator
Extract meta keywords from multi-byte texts
By Hong Kong 5
PHP IoC Container Service Manager
Dependency injection containers that can be nested
By Iran 5
PHP RSS Feed Parser Class
Parse RSS 2.0 feeds and extract all the items
By United States 5
Update Site
Create Web site pages from database content
By United States 5
Apple iOS build
Get the version of a iOS build and version codes
By Hong Kong 5
PHP BCMath Extension
Add missing functions missing in BCMath
By Poland 5

Convert HTML to PDF using the SelectPdf API
By United States 5
PHP IP to ASN Mapping
Map IPv4 or IPv6 address to ASN
By Hong Kong 6
Simple PHP Web Chat
Chat system with Websockets or AJAX as fallback
By India 6
Get a screenshot of a page using the plsein API
By India 6
CC Classes & Objects
Retrieve classes from API with specific functions
By India 6
PHP Shell Connector

Connect and run remote shell commands using ssh
By Ukraine 6
Apple OS X build
Return OS X version from build number
By Hong Kong 7
Modular Web application development framework
By Belarus 7
Phonetic Algorithms
Search text matching the sound of words
By Germany 7
A framework agnostic PHP library to build chat bot
By Germany 7
Simple MySQLi Class
MySQL access abstraction layer using MySQLi
By Germany 7
CAPTCHA with Audio

Authenticate human users with audio CAPTCHA
By United States 7
Registration Module

Register and login users in MySQL database records
By India 8
YAF Base

Base structure for YAF framework based apps
By Hungary 9
Get country and city names in multiples languages
By India 10
Manage documents colaboratively
By Turkey 10
PHPMailer Bounce Mail Handler
Handle bounced messages in a IMAP mailbox
By Germany 10
Manipulate arrays using a fluent interface
By Germany 10
Portable UTF-8
Manipulate UTF-8 text strings in pure PHP
By Germany 10
PHP WordPress Login
Authenticate users of a WordPress installation
By Pakistan 11
PHP Web Application Firewall
Block malicious requests using a white list
By Israel 11
Bangla String

Manipulate strings in the Bengali language
By Bangladesh 11
Framework for Web application development
By Germany 12
PHP Avatar Stylizer

Detect predominant colors on avatar images
By Argentina 12
Prettify PHP var_dump
Output variable values in a colorized way
By Nigeria 13
PHP 7 Debug
Handle errors and exceptions with pretty messages
By Nigeria 13
PHP Database

Execute common SQL queries with a fluent interface
By Spain 13
CodeIgniter Develbar
CodeIgniter library to show a developer toolbar
By Morocco 14
Meta Tool - Metatags Extractor

Parse and extract values of meta tag properties
By Colombia 14

Minify and unify CSS and JavaScript for WordPress
By Spain 15
Hacker Earth API

Check code of a gliven language using Hacker Earth
By India 15
MySQL Class Generator
Generate classes to access MySQL as objects
By Italy 16
Laravel Talk
Manage a multiple user conversation system
By Bangladesh 16
Corcel (Laravel + WordPress)
Use the WordPress backend with any PHP application
By Brazil 16
PHP MySQL Replication
Client to get MySQL replication events in pure PHP
By Poland 16
Voguepay payment library for CodeIgniter
By Nigeria 16
PHP Outlook Web Access
Access Microsoft Exchange Web services via OWA API
By Italy 16
Laravel HTML Encoding

Obfuscate HTML encoding it a JavaScript code
By Myanmar 17
Polr Admin Dashboard
Another admin dashboard for the Polr URL shortener
By Cameroon 18
Create graphic images with a fluent interface
By Peru 18
GImage PHP Canvas to Image
Create and compose canvas images from other images
By Peru 18
Very simple page details
Parse and extract Web page information details
By Benin 18
Jaxon Sentry
Common classes for Jaxon based Ajax applications
By Cameroon 18
Call PHP classes from JavaScript using AJAX
By Cameroon 18
Mega REST API Wrapper

Call REST APIs using the Curl library
By Pakistan 18
PDO Connect and Query

Connect and query database using PDO
By Nigeria 19
Map objects to database table records
By Venezuela 20
Simple API REST Class PHP

Process REST API server requests
By Spain 20
CodeIgniter ion Auth Login

Manage user records in a database with CodeIgniter
By Indonesia 21
Stream PSR 7 Client and Server
PSR 7 based network connection client and server
By Iran 22
PHP Web MVC Framework
MVC framework providing autogenerated MySQL models
By Italy 22
PHP Binary Stream
Parse extract data from binary files
By Russian Federation 22
PHP Page Cache Output
Store full page output in cache files
By United States 22
GraphML Generator
Generate UML diagrams from PHP code using GraphML
By Hungary 22
Caribu MVC

MVC framework with controllers using annotations
By Germany 22
Search Tags in String

Extract given tags from a HTML document
By Spain 23
PHP Background Process
Run script in the background on Linux or Windows
By United Arab Emirates 24
Polr Admin Dashboard

Another admin dashboard for the Polr URL shortener
By Cameroon 24
PHP Telegram Bot API
Create bots to communicate messages using Telegram
By Spain 25
PHP Systemd Daemon Notify

Interact with Systemd Notification Deamon
By United Kingdom 25

Build form and manage MySQL table records with XML
By Italy 26
Combination Class
Generate combinations of an array of values
By Turkey 27
PHP Obfuscator Code
Obfuscate PHP code using base64 and compression
By United Kingdom 27
Map Builder
Display maps using Google Maps API v3
By Armenia 27

Access data objects in a database using PDO
By Mexico 27
PHP Background Process

Run script in the background on Linux or Windows
By United Arab Emirates 28
Implements PSR-7 HTTP message interfaces
By Iran 29
NewWay PHP File Manager
Manage files and directories with AJAX interface
By India 29
Div PHP Template Engine
Template processing engine that replaces tags
By Cuba 29
Standalone template engine that compiles into PHP
By Chile 29
Unique Values from URLs

Get unique of domains from a list of URLs
By South Africa 29