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Class Author Days
PHP Form Database Processor

Create and process forms to manage database data
By Italy 1

Retrieve the values of HTTP GET and POST requests
By Poland 2
GrabzIt PHP Library
Take screenshots of Web pages using GrabzIt
By United Kingdom 3
A framework agnostic PHP library to build chat bot
By Germany 3
OKA Symfony Pagination Twig

Bundle for pagination support using Twig templates
By Ivory Coast 3
Corcel (Laravel + WordPress)
Use the WordPress backend with any PHP application
By Brazil 4
Map objects to database table records
By Venezuela 4
PHP MySQL Replication
Client to get MySQL replication events in pure PHP
By Poland 4

Run common SQL queries with PDO using parameters
By United Kingdom 4
Standalone template engine that compiles into PHP
By Chile 5

Access MySQL databases using the MySQLi extension
By Chile 5
CAPTCHA validation based on user clicks on circles
By Poland 6
PHP AIO Security Class
Filter untrusted data to prevent security issues
By Italy 6
Apple iOS build
Get the version of a iOS build and version codes
By United Kingdom 6
Laravel Mail Logger

Track messages sent by Laravel mail to act on them
By Russian Federation 6
PHP Car Dealer Website
Application to manage a car dealer business
By United States 7
PHP Car Dealer Website

Application to manage a car dealer business
By United States 7
Utility functions to process request data
By Georgia 8
PHP Class Documentation Generation to Markdown
Convert PHPDoc comments from classes into Markdown
By Italy 8
TIX PHP Event Loop

Run tasks added to a queue calling them in a loop
By Egypt 8
PHP Nuclear Reactor
Asynchronous RESTful API using ReactPHP and PIMF
By Germany 9
PHP BCMath Extension
Add missing functions missing in BCMath
By Poland 9
PHP Class Documentation Generation to Markdown

Convert PHPDoc comments from classes into Markdown
By Italy 9
Universal PHP Mailer
Compose and send email with attachments and images
By United Kingdom 10
PHP Calculator class

Perform simple math calculations
By Lithuania 10
PHP Unzipper

Extract and compact files in a ZIP or RAR archive
By India 11
PHP Emoji Country Flags
Convert country code to unicode emoji flags
By United Kingdom 12
Aramex API Integration class

Execute shipping services using the Aramex API
By India 12
curl Master
Send HTTP requests using the curl extension
By United Kingdom 13
PHP Cliente Side Cache Template

Process template that can be cached on the browser
By Russian Federation 13
PHP Cache Server
Store and retrieve cached data in a network server
By Hungary 14
NewWay PHP File Manager
Manage files and directories with AJAX interface
By India 14
PHP File Folder

Manipulate directories, files and their contents
By Brazil 14
Table from Insert
Generate create table SQL from an insert query
By Dominican Republic 15

Retrieve information about Nigeria states
By Nigeria 15
PHP OS Class

Determine the server operating system type
By Pakistan 16
Get the different forms of language words
By Russian Federation 17
PHP PDO Cache Query
Retrieve PDO query results from cache variables
By Italy 17
PHP API Database
Provide access to database records via REST API
By Italy 17
PHP Randomly Generate String

Generate random string based on given parameters
By Cuba 17
PHP Font Face Performance Control
Optimize the load of page fonts embedding into CSS
By Italy 18
PHP Cryptography class

Encrypt and decrypt data with different keys
By Pakistan 18
Apple OS X build
Return OS X version from build number
By United Kingdom 19
PHP Browser OS Detection and Age Guessing
Estimate the age of the browser and OS it runs on
By United Kingdom 19
PHP User Information Class
Get details of the user accessing the current page
By Pakistan 19
PHP ZIP Handler Class
Create and extract ZIP files with compressed data
By Pakistan 19
PHP SysMsg Class
Output application event messages
By Pakistan 19
PHP Template Engine Class
Process template files by replacing variable marks
By Pakistan 19
PHP String class
Convert and replace text strings
By Pakistan 19
Get URLs related with the current request site
By Pakistan 19
PHP Language Selector class
Get texts for the current language from globals
By Pakistan 19
PHP Session Handler Class
Store and retrieve session values
By Pakistan 19
PHP Screenshot URL Handler
Manipulate URLs and capture a screenshot of a page
By Pakistan 19
PHP MySQL Manipulation Class
Compose and execute MySQL queries using PDO
By Pakistan 19
PHP Input Class
Process the current HTTP request values
By Pakistan 19
PHP Image Manipulation Class
Manipulate images in several ways
By Pakistan 19
PHP DataType class
Convert XML or object to arrays or array to object
By Pakistan 19
PHP File Manipulation Class
Manipulate files and directories in several ways
By Pakistan 19
PHP CSRF Token Generation
Generate tokens to protect against CSRF attacks
By Pakistan 19
PHP Cookie Management Class
Store and retrieve HTTP request cookie values
By Pakistan 19
PHP Convert and Time Difference
Spell the time difference between now and one day
By Pakistan 19
PHP Autoloader Class
Load classes automatically from a given directory
By Pakistan 19
PHP Arithmetic Operations
Perform calculations with values passed as strings
By Pakistan 19
Execute actions using the command design pattern
By France 19

Execute actions using the command design pattern
By France 19
Attendance Login System
Manage and authenticate company employees users
By Indonesia 20
Light PHP SQL Parser Class
Parse SQL to get query type, tables, field values
By Italy 20
Avatar Generator

Generate an image for a person with a given name
By Russian Federation 20
Package Base
Base classes for implementing a package generator
By France 21
Handle Inner Values

Trait to allow accessing objects like Python lists
By Benin 21
Manipulate JSON data as database tables
By Brazil 22
PHP ElasticSearch Bulk Insert

Insert many record values at once in ElasticSearch
By Egypt 22
Retrieve, transform and process text documents
By Philippines 23
UA String Parser
Parse browser user agent to extract their values
By United Kingdom 24
CRUD Usuarios

Manage user records stored in a database using PDO
By Brazil 24
Revolver DBX
Compose MySQLi queries based on parameter values
By Russian Federation 25
PHP User Information Class

Get details of the user accessing the current page
By Pakistan 25
PHP Artisan Auth Laravel 5

Laravel service provider to track visitors
By Russian Federation 26
PHP Event Mediator
Emit and listen to events using a mediator object
By United States 27
Access and Manage MySQL, PostgreSQL or MS SQL
By Georgia 27
PHP Password Policy class

Verify whether a password complies with a policy
By India 27
PHP Font Face Performance Control

Optimize the load of page fonts embedding into CSS
By Italy 28
PHP Laravel Deployment

Deploy a Laravel project retrieved using GIT
By Bosnia and Herzegovina 29