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Class Author Days
MySQL Class Generator
Generate classes to access MySQL as objects
By Italy 1
PHP Slack Bot
Robot to automate interactions with Slack users
By Germany 1
Simple MySQLi Class
MySQL access abstraction layer using MySQLi
By Germany 1
PHP CURL Component
Compose and execute HTTP requests with Curl
By Germany 1
PHP Elastic Search for MySQL
Index and search MySQL records with Elastic Search
By Pakistan 1
PHP Wallpaper Download

Upload, list and display wallpaper images
By India 1
PHP ODT Template SQL Reports

Generate report from MySQL data using ODT template
By Italy 1
PHP Get Locale from CountryCode

Determine locale language from country code
By Hong Kong 2
Manage the execution of multiple parallel tasks
By Poland 3
PHP Binary Stream
Parse extract data from binary files
By Russian Federation 3
PHP Emoji Country Flags
Convert country code to unicode emoji flags
By Hong Kong 3
Extract Name from Email Address
Extract person name from e-mail address header
By Hong Kong 3
MIME mail parser
Parse and extract contents of MIME email message
By Hong Kong 3
PHP Component Event
Implement a immutable event
By Germany 3
Laravel Talk
Manage a multiple user conversation system
By Bangladesh 3
Process Fork Manager for PHP
Run parallel processes and manage their execution
By Germany 3
CSV Component for PHP
Reader and writer for CSV files
By Germany 3
Get the different forms of language words
By Russian Federation 3
PHP Service Locator Generator
Generate locator classes from configuration files
By Germany 3
Language Detector
Detect the preferred language of the user
By Hong Kong 3
Hydrogen framework

Handle request by controller with configured route
By 3
PHP PDF to Text
Extract text contents from PDF files
By France 4
Universal PHP Mailer
Compose and send email with attachments and images
By Hong Kong 4
Super Simple Cache

Cache the contents of remote Web pages
By Brazil 4
Symfony Task bundle
Schedule task using cron with Symfony
By Sweden 5
CRM, Ticketing system, and employee manangement
By Iran 5
Burge CMF
Framework to publish managed content
By Iran 5
Redbox PHP Distance
Compute the distance between locations or zipcodes
By The Netherlands 5
Basic Paginator
Generate HTML links for paginating listings
By Norway 5
MySQL Database class

Execute SQL queries in a MySQL database
By Azerbaijan 5

Access Paypal payments API using SOAP Web services
By France 5
Oire Colloportus

Create a key, encrypt, decrypt data with sha-384
By Ukraine 6

Validate request values of different types
By Brazil 6
PHP Command Line Arguments Parser
Parse and extract arguments from the command line
By France 7
Zephir HandlerSocket Client
Access MySQL tables as NoSQL with HandlerSocket
By Russian Federation 7
Manipulate multibyte text strings as objects
By Canada 7
Corcel (Laravel + WordPress)
Use the WordPress backend with any PHP application
By Brazil 7
PHP Application Packer
Create packages of project files for distribution
By Estonia 7
Stupidly Simple PHP Calendar
Render calendars as arrays of time elements
By Spain 7
Retrieve statistics from NBA and MLB API
By United States 7
HTML Generate
Generate HTML from arrays
By Brazil 7
Modals, alerts and confirmation dialogs for Jaxon
Open browser dialogs as AJAX responses with Jaxon
By Cameroon 7
Call PHP classes from JavaScript using AJAX
By Cameroon 7
Trigves ARM Laravel

Create database tables from array for Laravel
By United States 7

Generate Bar, Pie, Line graph images
By Portugal 7
PHP AES-128-CBC Encryption and Decryption
Encrypt and decrypt data using mcrypt
By Greece 8
Brainf_uck Interpreter Class
Interpret and execute Brainf_uck language code
By Greece 8
Flat Config
Read and write configuration values in JSON files
By Bangladesh 8
Name String Order

Get person name and surname from a string
By Hong Kong 8
PHP Session MySQL Handler

Handler for storing session data in MySQL
By Germany 8
PHP Exec

Run commands using Windows WScript object
By France 9
HTML Generate

Generate HTML from arrays
By Brazil 10
Create graphic images with a fluent interface
By Peru 11
PHP Array Helpers
Perform several array manipulation operations
By France 11
Standalone template engine that compiles into PHP
By Chile 11
GImage PHP Canvas to Image
Create and compose canvas images from other images
By Peru 11
PHP Malicious Code Scanner
Scan files to find malicious PHP code
By United States 11
PHP INI Editor Class
View and edit INI files in Web forms
By Italy 11
AES128 Encrypter

Encrypt and decrypt data with AES 128
By Italy 11
Class ip2c by Ofloo
Get the country of IP v4 or v6 address from ip2c
By Belgium 12
YII2 notymo

Send iOS and Android push notifications
By Armenia 12
Fuzzy search of arrays using the Bitap algorithm
By 13
PHP Route Library
Route requests to registered callback functions
By Egypt 13
RT Adminlte
Generate layout and menus for Adminlte
By Malaysia 13
Codeigniter Breadcrumb Library
Generate navigation breadcrumbs using CodeIgniter
By Romania 13
Automatic serialization of objects with getters
By Nigeria 13
PHPMailer Bounce Mail Handler
Handle bounced messages in a IMAP mailbox
By Germany 13
Manipulate arrays using a fluent interface
By Germany 13
PHP Anti XSS Filter
Remove tags from HTML that may cause XSS attacks
By Germany 13
Portable UTF-8
Manipulate UTF-8 text strings in pure PHP
By Germany 13
CMS Airship
Content management system with security features
By United States 13
String Formatter
Template engine to format text strings
By Poland 13
Simple Flash Messages
Display message with different CSS frameworks
By Russian Federation 13
Simple Database Abstraction Layer around PDO
By United States 13
PHP PDO database class
Access databases using PDO
By Jordan 13
Render images as UTF-8 text characters
By Italy 13
Convert PDF to HTML using Poppler
By Russian Federation 13
Package Base
Base classes for implementing a package generator
By France 13
CodeIgniter Develbar
CodeIgniter library to show a developer toolbar
By Morocco 13
PHP AJAX Upload file
Process image files uploaded via AJAX
By India 13
PHP Autotest
Run automated test again when project files change
By Russian Federation 13
Template compiler engine that caches output
By Egypt 13
Simple SQL query manager
Compose SQL queries read from template files
By Poland 13
PHP Dependency Resolver

Create class objects and others that it needs
By Brazil 13
Event Emitter

Register handlers and dispatch named events
By Germany 14
Unified PHP Playlist

Read playlists of formats asx, m3u, pls, xspf, etc
By Russian Federation 14
Flash Alerts

Register and display alert messages using sessions
By Mexico 15

Dependency injection container using closures
By Brazil 15
curl Master
Simple curl wrapper.
By Hong Kong 16
Oire Base64
URL safe encoding and decoding of data with Base64
By Ukraine 16
PHP File Manager

Manage files on servers with an AJAX Web interface
By Viet Nam 16
Route Class

Route HTTP request to callback functions
By India 16
Clear Framework
General purpose Web application framework
By Czech Republic 17
Extended Ini File
Load and edit configuration INI format files
By France 18
Oire Base64

URL safe encoding and decoding of data with Base64
By Ukraine 18
German bank identification code server
By Germany 19
PHP Random Text Generator

Generate test data from word files
By Belarus 19

Transliterate non-ASCII characters
By Germany 20
Object Manager Factory
Factory to create objects by name using reflection
By Ukraine 21
PHP API Framework

Handle API requests with annotated classes
By Brazil 21
Reformat PHP scripts according to code style
By India 22
Simple MySQL handler
Execute SQL queries with MySQLi or MySQL extension
By United States 22

Extends stdClass to have callable functions
By United Kingdom 22
Object Manager Factory

Factory to create objects by name using reflection
By Ukraine 23
curl Master

Simple curl wrapper.
By Hong Kong 24
PHP Google Search Crawler

Perform searches and retrieve results from Google
By Brazil 25
Simple XLSX
Parse and retrieve data from Excel XLS files
By Russian Federation 26
Authenticate users using Facebook, Twitter, Google
By Mexico 26
PHP Imap Library
Read and decode email from IMAP or POP3 mailboxes
By Bangladesh 26
PHP Code Generator
Generate PHP code elements programatically
By France 26
Hydrogen Zipper

Compress and extract files from ZIP archives
By 26
Laravel Instapago

process payments with the Instapago and Laravel
By Venezuela 27
PHP Auto Rotate Image Exif

Rotate images automatically based on orientation
By Spain 28
PHP Bit String

Manipulate strings of sequences of binary digits
By France 29
PDO Database Abstraction Layer
Database access wrapper based on PDO
By India 30
PHP Error and Exception Handling class
Log PHP exceptions, common and fatal errors
By India 30