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Chaos Machine One
Many applications take as input data that obeys to well known math formulas.

However, real world data is often affected by errors caused by interference of external systems.

This class can generate data that obeys to given formulas but it also adds "noise" to simulate real world data that can be passed to an application so it can be tested with data that is more realistic.
PHP State Machine One
State machines are components that can keep track of the states of a system and evaluate conditions that trigger the transitions between different states of a component.

This package can animate a state machine defined by states, transitions and conditions so it can be used on any applications that can make use of state machines.
PHP Phone Number Format Normalizer
Phone numbers are a frequently used means of contact that sites get from users. It is often used to confirm their identity.

If the user provides a phone number incorrectly, he will not be able to confirm his identity, and so he may not be able to access an application that requires identity information.

This package provides a solution to process a phone number entered by a user and parse it, so it can be validated and reformatted in a way that can be used correctly to confirm the identity of a user that owns the phone with a given number.
PHP PlusCode
A PlusCode defined in the Open Location Code format is useful to identify locations on the planet that do not have a street address associated to them.

This package provides a PHP solution to convert geographic coordinates of a location into the respective PlusCode value, as well the opposite.
Caching frequently accessed data is an important measure to get more performance from a software system.

Redis is a fast storage system that can be used to cache data.

This package not only can store and retrieve data to cache using Redis, but it can also clean up whole groups of cached data at once thus making it easy to cleanup specific sets of cached data after it is no longer needed.
Archive.org PHP API
Many sites have gone through many changes and nowadays they look different or even do not exist.

The Wayback Machine is site that keeps archives of old versions of Web site pages even after they do not exist anymore.

This package provides a means to retrieve old version of Web site pages from PHP.
Cross-Site Request Forgery is a kind of security attack that may affect Web sites that processed forms submitted by authenticated users and make them do things against their will.

There are many solutions in PHP that can help avoiding CSRF exploits.

This package can do things that are different from other solutions like restricting the protection to specific site URLs, or users accessing a site from specific IP addresses, and support multiple tokens to handle different forms.
Laravel WebShipper
Webshipper is a service that simplifies the processing of e-commerce orders of one site by outsourcing that service to WebShipper using its API.

This package provides a interface to take advantage of the WebShipper service from PHP.
PHP Vim Plugin Updater
Vim is a very popular text editor that can be extended with plugins that implement new functionality.

This class can retrieve plugins from a GIT repository and install them in the local machine where vim can be run by the user.
Crow Simple PHP Blog Github
Github is a well-known site for publishing projects based on files that are changed. Each file revision can be stored using Git version control software.

Since it can manage the revisions of any types of files, it can also manage the posts of a blog.

This package can manage a blog using a Git repository hosted on GitHub.