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My Wordpress Crawler Plugin
WordPress is a popular PHP content management system used by many sites.

This fact makes WordPress sites targeted by people with bad intentions.

Some of those people crawl sites to find vulnerabilities. Others want to copy the contents to other sites without their permission.

One way to avoid this kind of abuse is to block crawler bots.

This package implements a WordPress plugin that helps block the access of abusive crawlers.

It also provides administration pages to allow WordPress site administrators to configure several aspects of the features to block bot accesses.
PHP Imagick SVG to PHP
SVG is a popular format to store images in a vector. Vectorial formats are used to represent graphics defined by lines and shapes. This differs from bitmap formats that represent images by a grid of points.

Vectorial formats can represent better-quality graphics, while image files may take less disk space.

Some applications do not support vectorial images. Therefore, users with images in vectorial formats like SVG may need to convert those images to bitmap formats to use the images in those applications.

This package provides an example script showing how to convert images in SVG format to PNG using the Image Magick PHP extension.
Maniruzzaman WordPress Frontend Editor
WordPress is a well-known content management system that evolved thanks to many plugins that improve its features.

The base WordPress installation is minimal compared to what WordPress with great plugins allow.

This package provides an impressive plugin that allows publishers to compose rich content posts using a visual editor provided by this package plugin to insert and configure rich content blocks in a way that is easy to understand by lay users.
Laravel Local Email Sender
When a developer is working on a version of an application on his development computer, he may need to send email messages as part of the functionality of the applications.

Usually, development computers are inside a restricted network like a company office or a home office network.

Therefore, email messages cannot be delivered to remote addresses due to the restrictions of those networks.

Still, when the developer needs to test the email messages the application sends, he needs at least to view the messages sent by the application he is developing.

This package provides an alternative solution. It provides a local mailer service that developers can use in Laravel applications.

Instead of sending messages to a remote mail server, it sends messages to local log files. This way, developers can see the messages sent to the log files using a Web user interface also provided by this package.
PHP Database Backup
Every project that uses a database should implement a backup process to ensure that it is possible to recover the database contents when something terrible happens that may cause loss of information.

Backup processes should be performed regularly so it is possible to recover a version of the database contents that is the most recent as possible in case it is necessary to restore the database contents from the latest backup.

This package can take regular backups with a given interval period defined only in PHP.
SB PHP Menu Builder
Many Web sites need to present their navigation to the users so that they understand the site's structure.

Often, those sites use navigation menus that define a tree structure of its entries.

Some sites store the menu definition in a database.

Although that way of storing menu definition works well, the database queries that need to be performed during the request that serves the pages with the menus may be slow due to the need to perform database queries.

This package implements a menu-building solution that uses files to store menu definitions.

This way, it can load menu definition files faster than loading the same menu definitions using database queries.
Project P Wordpress Podcast Theme
WordPress is a prevalent PHP content management system. One of its main features is to allow to customize a site using themes and plugins.

This package implements a WordPress theme to turn WordPress into a podcast publication site.

Site owners who want to publish a podcast on their site can install this theme and quickly publish their podcasts using WordPress.
PHP Composer Install Mushroom Hook Manager
PHP Composer is a popular tool that can install PHP packages and other dependency packages.

When a package is installed or updated, Composer can call the registered hook functions to perform any actions specific to the installed package or project.

This package can register hook functions that can be called after the installation or the package update.

Projects that use this package can configure the installation of those projects by defining in the composer.json configuration file which classes of their project will perform custom actions after the projects are installed or updated.
PHP Scan Document
Many applications need to use documents that have been printed and process the documents in a way they can be stored as files.

There are scanner devices that can be used to convert printed documents to PDF files.

The conversion process is complex because there are many types of scanner devices.

One way to simplify this process is to use specialized programs that communicate with almost any device.

NAPS2 is one of those programs. It can work in different operating systems.

This package can communicate with NAPS2 to utilize its capabilities to scan printed documents and convert them into PDF files.
PHP Article Editor Block
Content management systems help create sites that publish valuable content.

Most of the best content management systems allow the generation of pages with content so that the pages can be composed using blocks dedicated to showing specific types of information.

This package provides a module for the ASCOOS CMS that can display information about the author of an article.

This makes it easier to insert the information of an author page automatically.