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Laravel Profiler
Many developers use the Laravel framework to develop Web sites and applications.

When it is necessary to optimize the performance of an application, the first step to optimize is to profile the application to detect which parts are slower.

This package implements a profiler solution for Laravel applications. It can listen to application events that execute code that usually takes longer to run, like database queries and HTTP requests sent to external servers.
PHP Project JWT
Web service APIs are nowadays normal ways to provide services from one Web application to one or more client applications.

Often Web service APIs exchange data in plain text format. If the exchange of information is intercepted by people with bad intentions, the exchanged data may be altered.

This package provides a working example of an API that implements CRUD operations and uses JSON Web Tokens (JWT) to assure the integrity of the exchanged data.
Yii2 Tagged View
Meta tags are useful to define certain page properties that are not visible to users but can be useful for other applications and search engines like Google or social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Many modern PHP applications use Model-View-Controller (MVC) frameworks that allow developers to define aspects of the presentation of the application pages with view scripts.

This package allows developers to easily set page property meta-tags using view scripts for applications developed using the Yii2 framework.
Stanliwise TOTP
Multi-factor authentication solutions have been adopted by more and more businesses to avoid fraud.

Many users use passwords that are too simple and easy to guess. This fact leads many businesses to add more factors to verify if a person using a site account is a legitimate owner to perform operations that sometimes lead to financial losses.

Check this package that can generate time-based one-time passwords (TOTP).

Site developers can use this package to send these TOTP values to the users' mobile phones via SMS or email before a financial operation can be executed on behalf of a legitimate site user.
A CRUD page allows Web application users to perform common operations to create, retrieve, update, and delete records of relevant information usually stored in a database, for instance, the records of blog articles.

One common way to implement CRUD applications is to use MVC frameworks. These frameworks use controllers to process the user-requested actions and model classes to perform operations on the database records.

This package implements an MVC framework specialized in performing CRUD operations. It provides a specific controller class that can check and process the values of request parameters that specify the actions and details of the CRUD operations that other controllers implement.
Symfony PHP Encrypt Decrypt Bundle
Encryption protects sensitive data from being stolen by people with bad intentions.

Encryption is usually used during the transmission of data sent between two computers, such as the content of Web pages served by a secure site using SSL encryption.

Encryption can also be used to store and encrypt data in databases.

This package implements a transparent encryption and decryption solution for PHP applications based on the Symfony framework, making it easy for Symfony developers to use.
PHP MVC Framework
Frameworks are libraries of components that can be reused in multiple applications.

This fact allows developers to take less time to develop new applications using the same framework.

Check this framework to learn how to implement your own framework inspired in the code provided by this framework to implement common features needed by many applications like for instance models, views, controllers, request handler, router and dispatcher, and error handling.
ChatGPT Text and Speech Converter
One good use of Artificial Intelligence technologies is to process human voices.

Check this PHP package to learn how to use the ChatGPT API from PHP to convert text to voice audio or convert voice audio to text strings.
Livewire Tagify
Laravel Livewire is a package that helps build modern user interfaces of applications developed using Laravel by integrating JavaScript libraries like React.js and Vue.js.

Tagify is a JavaScript library that can help add more tags to existing HTML tags on a Web page.

This package can integrate the Tagify library with Laravel Livewire components to add support to more tag attributes to integrate better with Laravel Livewire components.
Simple PHP Elastic Search
Sites and applications that provide a lot of information that may be split into many pages may be too difficult for users to find the information they desire.

A search system may be useful in a site or application to help users locate the desired information.

Elastic Search is a Web service that allows developers to add a search system to their sites or applications without implementing their search system with their code.