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AJAX is a way to communicate from the browser to a HTTP server that is often used to perform queries about information accessible via an API.

This package can handle AJAX requests sent to a HTTP server using data stored in the JSON format.

It can perform SQL queries to retrieve data stored in a database and translates the data into JSON strings so they can be processed on the browser side easily using JavaScript code.
PHP DNS Check Tool
A DNS is a server hosted in the Internet that can return IP addresses of other computers also on the Internet.

Often computers need to query different DNS servers to obtain the IP addresses of same computers, but since the information may not be synchronized, there may be differences between the record values.

This package can determine if there are differences between the values of given records stored in different DNS servers.
PHP Screenshot URL Handler
Capturing screenshots of Web pages is useful for site developers. It helps understanding how Web site users see their Web site pages. Eventually, that may be useful to discover bugs or issues with the way the pages are presented to the user and that may not be alright.

There are many solutions to capture screenshots of Web pages. Using the Google Page Speed API is often better because internally Google uses the Chrome browser to capture exactly the way pages are presented to users, as if there was a real user seeing a given Web page.

This package uses Google Page Speed API to capture a Web page screenshot, thus taking advantage of its possibilities as described above.
Weak Auras Decoder
World of Warcraft is a very popular game. Players can use auras to cast spells.

An aura may be saved as data in the form of an encoded text string.

This package can take a World of Warcraft text aura and decode the information that it contains as well any programming code in written in the Lua language.
PHP Skeleton
Code quality is a concern that all developers should keep in mind, so their work is perceived of great value and he can evolve in his career.

An evolved developer can eventually be hired to get better jobs, can create his own business, or even get investment for a new business, due to the demonstrated capabilities and an organized person.

This package provides a solution to generate code that performs automated code quality verification, thus helping any developer to be perceived as more organized programming professional and benefit from the possibilities mentioned above.
Applications that work in different country languages need to have a process that provides all the application texts.

This package can generate classes that can return the application texts using an array with all the texts as parameter.

This way the class can return the localized texts faster because all the code to retrieve the texts execute faster than other methods like reading from files on every request.
Nano Http Status
PHP provides provides means to check important information about the current HTTP request using several super-global variables.

However, this requires that the developer performs frequent lookup through the PHP documentation to check which super-global variable provides what kind of request information.

This package simplifies the process by encapsulating the access to the HTTP request and response information into a single class that unifies the process of developing without much manual consultation.
The cacert.pem file is used by PHP to perform digital certificate validity when accessing the secure servers via SSL by accessing certificate authority servers.

The problem is that new certificate authority servers are added and some old or deprecated servers are removed once in a while.

This package can update the cacert.pem file used by PHP so it can always used the certificate authority servers that are well supported.
Easy Subtitle Downloader
Subtitles are always useful when you want to watch movies in a foreign language.

Subtitles are available for many movies in many different languages but you need to download them from a place that can provide them for free.

This package can provide subtitles for download from the EasySubtitles site.
PHP URLs From Database
Many applications store text in database records that sometimes contain URLs of links to useful resources.

This class can traverse a given database and its table records to extract the URLs of those links.