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Media Converter
Many sites display videos in various formats. Videos are often large size media that may take some time to download and view.

This package can generate previews of videos by extracting its frames and generating an animated image in the GIF format.

This way you can show previews of videos on Web pages without taking much time or bandwidth to download.
Health Measures
Nutritionists and other health experts often need to keep track of the patients body measures such as weight, waist length, etc.

This package provides means to keep track of as many health measures as necessary in a database.

It stores the measure values and dates, so it can render evolution charts to see how the patient evolved.
PHP INI Editor Class
This INI format is very popular for storing and retrieving configuration information.

There are many packages for editing INI files. This package provide an interactive way to edit INI files using Web forms to display and edit INI files sections and configuration values.
PHP Termux API
Termux is a Android application that allows running applications from a Linux shell. PHP can be run from Termux too.

This class provides a wrapper to access to services provides by the Termux API app to access and control several aspects of an Android device.
PHP Media File Info
PHP provides good file type detection methods using the fileinfo extension. However, that extension only detect the type of file and does not give much more information.

This package provides means to not only detect the file types of audio and video files, but also extract several types of metadata like audio and video length, resolution, etc.. It supports many types of well known video and audio formats.
PHP CSS to Inline Styles
When you want to send email messages formatted as HTML, usually the mail services will filter the CSS style sheets it may use for security reasons, thus making the message be rendered in a different way than it was intended.

This package provides a solution for that. It consists in parsing the message HTML and apply the CSS stylesheets to the HTML attributes.

However, this may generate much larger HTML messages. Therefore it provides options to either remove the original CSS in the HTML file to make it small, as well remove the original style attributes from the tags and exclude media queries from the original CSS to minimize the final HTML size.
PHP Generate Memorable Password
Many sites generate passwords for users that want to access for the first time or recover a lost password. However, many times those passwords are made of many random characters that are hard to remember.

This class provides a more user friendly solution by using real words as basis to generate random passwords. These words are taken from test in RSS feeds, so they are easy to remember because they are real words, not a random set of text characters.
PHP Elastic Search for MySQL
MySQL has a good full text search engine built-in but when you try to use full text searches and at the same time have the application updating the database, it may be very slow because updating the indexes slow down the rest of the database accesses.

It is often faster to index the data to be searched with a separate database.

Elastic search is an independent engine for indexing and searching data using a REST API.

This class can index and search MySQL records using Elastic Search. This way you can provide a full text search on data in a MySQL database without overloading the main MySQL server.
PHP Sodium Compat
Many PHP projects use the mcrypt extension to implement features that require encrypting, decrypting or hashing of data. However, mcrypt will be removed from PHP 7.2 core distribution because extension is based on code that is not maintained for more than 8 years.

Alternatively, developers should use the sodium extension that is now available in PECL and will make part of the PHP 7.2 core distribution.

This class provides a polyfill for sodium extension, so you can use it in your current PHP projects to prepare for PHP 7.2 upgrade, even if you are using an older PHP version and the PECL sodium extension is not available.
Nowadays PHP is used to implement APIs that serve mainly mobile applications. Implementing an API consists mainly of defining how PHP code will handle requests for different URL endpoints.

This package makes the process as simple as defining as specifying a directory that contains scripts for handling requests for each of the supported API endpoints.

Each endpoint script will be loaded and a function is called to handle the endpoint request and returns the response data to be returned to the calling client in JSON format.

The package also comes with a simple JavaScript library to make calls to an API implemented with this package.