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PHP Stop Words List
Stop words are words that often appear in sentence but may be considered irrelevant when you are analyzing the aspects of the sentence.

This class can return the list of stop words in many different languages.
PHP Language Info
The name of each language changes from language to language that you are using mention the language name.

This class can get the names of the languages in many different languages.
Countries Info
Many applications need to know the names of the countries to show them to their users in their own native language.

This package provides a solution to quickly lookup the names of each country in many different languages by querying a MySQL database.
PHP IBM Watson
IBM Watson is a cloud based infrastructure that provides artificial intelligence software services.

This package can call IBM Watson API to benefit from several types of their artificial intelligence services.
PHP PostgreSQL Session Handler
PHP usually stores session data in files but it also allows to define custom session handler classes that can store session data in other types of container.

This class implements a session handler that stores data in a database. Despite the most used database with PHP is MySQL, PostgreSQL is also very popular.

This class supports storing session data in PostgreSQL database using PDO.
PSR 7 is a PHP Standards Recommendation that defines interfaces for classes to handle HTTP message for several types of purposes.

This package provides an implementation of the PSR 7 specification with classes for handling requests and responses, stream handler, uploaded files and URI parsing and formatting.
PHP Wamp Server Installation Manager
This package can monitor and manage a Wamp setup on Windows.

It can detect if a Wamp server is installed and what is its disk location, as well the versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP that are installed.

The package can also switch versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP, as well start, stop and restart each of their instances.
PHP Webcam Capture
Many Web sites need to take pictures of their users. One way to achieve this is to take a snapshot of the user image using his computer or mobile device Webcam.

This class can take pictures captured using a Webcam and uploaded to the server, so it can save the images to server files or a MySQL database table.
PHP Wscript.shell Exec
WScript is an environment for executing scripts that takes advantage of objects running on Windows that provide several types of services.

This class provides means to execute actions from PHP using WScript that can be useful, like for instance running Windows applications and simulating keyboard typing events.
Unified PHP Playlist
Playlists are lists of audio and video clips that can be watched in a sequence defined by the user. Playlists can be saved in files defined in many different formats.

This class can read playlists in many well known formats. It can extract many types of details of the listed media.