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WordPress pages can often display menus with options to perform several types of tasks.

This class can be used to add sub-menus to WordPress menus, making it easy to create hierarchies of actions that can be performed.
There are many WordPress plugins that depend on other plugins that may be installed or not.

This package provides a general solution for checking if other plugins with certain names are installed in a WordPress installation.
YAF Base
YAF is a framework implemented as PHP extension. It provides base functionality for routing HTTP requests and returning responses.

This package goes further and provides additional componentes to make it easier to implement PHP MVC applications on top of YAF.
PHP Avatar Stylizer
The best way to show a transparent avatar image is to display it on top of background with a color that contrasts better with the avatar image.

This package provides a good solution to display avatar images by determining the dominant color in the avatar image and then suggesting a background color that makes the image contrast better.
PHP Data Type
Sometimes applications need to manipulate objects as arrays, like for instance when dealing with objects unserialized from the JSON format.

This class can convert objects to arrays. If some of the object members are also arrays or objects, it traverses the members recursively to convert also the member values.
Autoloading allows PHP to load classes using configurable rules, so developers do not have to write too much code to load all the class scripts they need.

This package not only can autoload classes, but also can cache the code of the classes to be loaded in session variables, so class loading can be done faster from memory.
PHP Language Code
ISO 639-1 is a standard specification for representing language names as a few letters.

The name of each language depends the actual language that you need to express the language name.
PHP HTTP Status Code
HTTP status are numbers that define the type of response that a Web server returned for each request, like for instance 200 when it succeeded, or 404 when accessing a page that does not exist.

The status code usually is returned with a text messages in English. If the user does not understand English, he may not understand what the status code message means.

This class can provide translations for messages of many well known status code numbers.
DBase is an old format for flat file databases. It is more efficient to store and retrieve records of fixed size than for instance CSV files.

This class can convert data from CSV files to the DBase format.
Creating forms and scripts to handle their processing is a common task that many developers perform, especially for applications meant to manage data stored in a database.

This package can simplify the creation and processing of forms for managing database records using XML to define how forms should be presented and processed.