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PHP Inventory Management System with Scanner
Inventory systems are used to keep track of parts and products that a company owns, so people in the company know where each product or part is located and who is responsible for them just in case they get lost or they are transported to different places.

This package provides a Web based inventory management system written in PHP.

It can be used on a mobile phone with a bar code scanning application that helps capturing the bar codes of each product that is included in the inventory.
PHP Budget Application API
Many professionals need to make proposals for budgets to present to their customers.

This package implements an API that can manage the information of budget proposals, so applications can be built around this API to help professionals to use Web or mobile applications that can do the budget proposal management part of their work.
Laravel Interactive Jobs
Some applications need to run jobs in the background to perform all sorts of maintenance tasks. Such tasks often take a long time to be finished.

This package provides a Web based user interface to start and monitor background jobs, so users can see the progress and know how much work remains to be done until the jobs are finished.
Laravel Migration Rollback
Migrations are steps that applications need to give to evolve the application database to a newer version.

If for some reason it is necessary to go back to a past version of an application, reverting the effects of a migrations will allow applications to go back to the state of a database where it was before a migration was performed.

This package provides means to revert a given migration when using the Laravel framework to develop a given application.
PHP Test Bed
Sometimes it may be hard to understand what a PHP script does.

This package provides a solution by interpreting a PHP script and outputting a description in plain English what they would do if they would be run, thus making it easier to understand what a script would do in practice.
WordPress PHPMyAdmin
WordPress is a popular publication platform that uses MySQL to store the content data records.

It also provides an administration interface that can be extended by plugins to provide additional functionality.

This package implements a WordPress plugin that allows administrators to manage MySQL database schemata like PHPMyAdmin application.
Laravel PHP Bible
The Holy Bible is a very well known book that contains stories and other texts of interest to religious people.

This package provides means to retrieve content of the bible in English.

It may also provide the bible content in other languages, as long as the respective bible files for those languages are added to the package.
serpStack PHP Google Search API
Google is obviously the most popular search engine on the Internet.

Performing searches on Google is usually only allowed to be done by real human users, except when you use an API.

This package provides an API to perform searches on Google. It uses a proxy network to avoid sending many searches from the same IP address on behalf of a user of the API.
Simple PHP Multiplication Table Using for Loop
Multiplication tables are one of the first things that everybody learns in math at school when you are very young.

This class can display multiplication tables in a Web pages, so it can be used to help teach multiplication to young kids in the age that they are ready to learn math.
PHP Case Convert
Sometimes applications need to change the case conventions of words of a given text strings. There are many conventions to define the case of words.

This package implements string word case conversion with support to 13 well-known case conventions.