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PHP AWR class
Arabic text should be rendered in a way that is different when compared to the way that is used to display text in other alphabets.

This package provides filters that help displaying arabic text in a different way.
PHP Google Authenticator with CodeIgniter
Google Authenticator is a mobile authentication that can be used that a given user is the one that uses his own mobile phone.

This allows applications to verify if an user is the person he claims to be more than one way, thus allowing to implement what is called two factor authentication.

This package provides an implementation of a two factor authentication using CodeIgniter framework.
Generic PHP Named Parameters Function Call
Named function parameters constitute a special way of passing parameters to a function in a way that each parameter can be specified in any order.

This class provides means to extract values of named parameters that can be passed literally by value or by reference.

It can also be used to call any global function passing named parameters defined as associative arrays.
PHP Project Structure Composer Generator
Composer is a popular package for installing PHP applications.

This package can generate a set of files that will constitute the skeleton of a project that can be installed with Composer.
PHP Session Count Online Users
Many PHP applications use sessions to keep track about the users that access a site.

This class provides a means to count the number of active users on a site by accessing session tracking files and counting the active sessions based on the last time a session file for an user was modified.
PHPMailer Logging with Monolog
PHPMailer is a popular package for sending email. Monolog is a popular package for generating logs for the current application activity.

This package provides a brigde between PHPMailer and Monolog by passing the necessary information about mailing activity, so all actions records can be sent to logs.
PHP European Validation
Certain applications are meant to be used only by European citizens or companies.

This package provide several functions that help validating data that is specific to European contexts like countries codes and which are using the Euro currency.
PHP Country Code to Country Name
Many applications need to take the country code as parameter for their own purposes.

This class can take the two letter code of country and determine if it corresponds to a valid code. It can also return the respective country name.
Easy PHP Audit Log Bundle
Every application should create logs of relevant actions that happen during its execution so it is possible later to be able to determine the possible reasons that caused something that went wrong.

This provides an alternative solution to the process of logging specific types of logging.

It takes the information about events to be logged in the form of object that provides all the action details, a resolver component that take the event information and passes it to a specific channel component that filters the interesting actions to generate the actual logs.
PHP Singular Value Decomposition
Many applications need to search for documents that are more relevant to a given subject.

This package can take a given text and find documents that are more relevant to the text passed as parameter using Singular Value Decomposition algorithm.