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PHP Get Currency Symbol
Each currency used in different countries to represent money has a symbol that is associated the currency which is used to make clear when a given money amount is displayed so other people can see prices or other values that represent money.

This class can return the symbols used to represent many currencies using pure PHP, thus not relying on the availability of any PHP extension for that purpose.
PHP Optional Chaining
Chaining is an approach used by many developers to make a sequence of calls to the functions of the same object by returning the object again to the next function call, so the developer has to write less code to call all the functions in a sequence.

The problem of this approach is that if one of the function calls fails, it may not return the object, thus breaking the sequence.

This package provides a workaround this problem by wrapping the function calls in a "box" class that can queue the function calls and call one function after another, unless one function fails.
PHP cURL Multiple Requests
Curl is a popular PHP extension that can send HTTP requests to many servers at the same time and collect all the responses after all servers handled the HTTP requests.

This class implements a solution that not only takes advantage of sending multiple HTTP requests to remote servers, but also can use a pool of proxy servers to access the remote servers, hopefully to avoid remote server throttling when that server slows down handling many requests being sent at once from the same origin IP address.
Swole is a PHP extension that allows PHP developers to implement coroutine based applications, so it can run multiple parallel tasks in the same HTTP request and finish handling that request on less time, thus making PHP applications run faster than using traditional pure PHP based applications.

This package is a framework that takes advantages of Swole to develop PHP applications easily.
PHP JSON Response Class
HTTP requests need to have a response that uses status codes to let browsers or HTTP clients know if a request was handled successfully or some other outcome has happened.

HTTP status codes are numbers, which are usually not human friendly because they do not mean anything unless the developer looks up or remembers their meaning of all the HTTP status codes that you use in an application.

This class provides a more human friendly solution to issue HTTP status codes that consists in passing just the text message of the HTTP status, so the class automatically determines the HTTP status code numbers.
WeatherStack PHP Class
Weather information is useful to know what is the expected weather for a region in a future date so people can get prepared.

However, in some cases it is also useful to know what was the weather of that region in a past date.

This class can provide past weather information using the WeatherStack API.
Many sites are under attack from computers that use the Internet to take advantage of the site resources for unintended purposes.

Some attacks can come from computers located in known networks or computers from IP addresses that are known to be controlled by some kind of harmful software that accesses sites with bad intentions.

This package can compute the CIDR of a given IP address to and lockup on files with CIDR signatures of known IP addresses that are bad sources of traffic, so applications can block or ignore accesses from that IP address.
Simple Wordpress Slideshow Plugin
WordPress is probably one of the most popular Web site publishing software as we all know, thanks to many plugins that extend its capabilities.

One common type of functionality that many sites need is the capability to publish images displayed in the form of slideshows.

This package provides a plugin that implements a slideshow capability to a WordPress plugin to display a slideshow on WordPress pages, as well an administration interface to configure its options.
PHP Eloquent Find Filter
Eloquent is a popular package to be used with the Laravel framework develop PHP applications that need to store and retrieve objects in databases using the Object-Relational mapping approach. Eloquent can be used for that purpose.

This package can be used to create filters to setup conditions that determine which objects are retrieved from a database using the Eloquent package.

Since it provides traits, it is easy to create Eloquent filters with this package using existing classes that use the traits to extend the functionality of those classes.
PHP Security Code Card
Security cards are images that contain codes that can be used to verify if a person that has a card is authorized to access a certain system.

This package can generate security card images with verification codes before they can be sent to people that are authorized to access a secure system.