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PHP Vending Machine
Vending machines are very common and appear in many places to sell food, drinks and other types of products.

This package provides a complete simulation of a vending machine written in PHP, so it can be used to test vending machine designs that can be implemented in the real world.
PHP Session Variable Manipulation
Session variables are often used to store information that is useful to keep track of the activities of a user in a Web site.

Sometimes it is necessary to store information that can be used only once during the access of the same user.

This class provides means to retrieve an information value stored in a session variable and at the same time it removes that variable value from the session variables list, so it cannot be used more that once.
PHP HPKP Builder
HTTP public key pinning is a mechanism that can be used by secure Web sites to avoid man-in-the-middle security attacks caused by the injection of forged certificates.

This package implements a PHP based solution to generate HTTP headers that the browsers can use to perform more checks and avoid this type of attack.
PHP MySQL SSL PDO Connection
MySQL is probably the most popular database used in PHP applications. Many PHP developers use PDO to access MySQL from their applications but if you want to setup a secure connection with a MySQL servers, the configuration is not obvious.

This class extends the PDO class to setup a secure connection to a MySQL server using SSL certificates.
PHP Address Parser
Some applications need to extract addresses of people or businesses from information that is sent to them somehow but that information can be in a varied number of formats.

This package is able to parse several types of information formats to extract location addresses, links, phone numbers and email addresses from either like HCard, AB, Yandex data and plain text using regular expressions.
PHP Copy Object Properties to Another
PHP provides means to create an object using another object as source by using the clone object feature.

However, when you just want to copy the values of an object to another existing object, you need to copy the object variable values one by one. This class implements that functionality.
Laravel Nova Text Field with Icon
Icon images are useful to present in user interfaces because they help to convey function to the user interface elements that are near the icon images that they present.

This package can help presenting text input fields in a user interface generated using Laravel Nova by display given icons near those fields.
PHP Safe File Write
Many applications need to store information in files.

If several requests handled by scripts of an application attempt to change the same file at the same time, it is necessary to use locking mechanisms like file locking to prevent that multiple accesses change the same file with different information.

This package provides a trait that can be used by many different classes to change files while assuring data consistency by the means of the use of file locks.
Zebra MPTT
Many applications need to manage information that is stored in tree-like hierarchical data structures.

This package can manage trees efficiently in a MySQL database using the MPTT algorithm.
Encapsulate PHP Constants in Class
Many classes need to define constant values, so they can have meaningful names for the values that they need to use.

This package makes that task easier by providing a base class that assigns values to constants from an array defined in a sub-class that needs to use those constants.