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PHP iTunes Search API
iTunes is a popular store for purchasing media and apps for Apple devices.

This package can send queries to iTunes APIs to retrieve and parse RSS feeds with the details of several types of media and apps sold by iTunes.
File Pager
Pagination is useful to split listings of long information into multiple pages. It is often used to split database query results into a list of Web pages.

This package can paginate an arbitrary text into a list of pages of limited line length suited to display on console terminal.
PHP Dominant Color
Some applications need to display an image in a background that matches the most common color of the image.

This package can find the dominant color of an image and creates a new image in the GIF format with one pixel using that dominant color.
NBA and MLB are United States associations that organize professional championships of popular sports that are basketball and baseball.

This package can retrieve several types of statistics about NBA and MLB from erikberg.com API.
PHP Word Search in Array
Crossword is a well known puzzle game that consists in finding words from a list that appear in a grid laid out either horizontally or vertically.

This class can search a word in a 2 dimension array of characters, thus helping to find words in a crossword puzzle automatically.
PHP Code Fixer
Over time PHP deprecated and remove some of its functions and variables that were supported in past versions.

This package parse PHP code and find known issues of functions, variables and php.ini configuration directives that are deprecated. It can also suggest replacements for the code that uses deprecated features.
JSON has become the de facto standard format for exchanging structured data types in the form of readable text, thus replacing XML for similar purposes.

There are many XML libraries for creating, parsing and querying XML documents.

This package provides a pure PHP solution for parsing and querying JSON data similar to XML query libraries.
Many PHP developers are now writing code that follows PSR recommendations from the FIG (Framework Interoperability group), so it becomes easier to collaborate in projects on which all developers follow the same coding standard recommendation.

However, there are many developers that have not converted their code because it takes too much effort to do it manually.

This package can do it automatically for you. It can parse your PHP code and rewrite it to comply either PSR-1 or PSR-2 recommendations.
Media Converter
Many sites display videos in various formats. Videos are often large size media that may take some time to download and view.

This package can generate previews of videos by extracting its frames and generating an animated image in the GIF format.

This way you can show previews of videos on Web pages without taking much time or bandwidth to download.
Health Measures
Nutritionists and other health experts often need to keep track of the patients body measures such as weight, waist length, etc.

This package provides means to keep track of as many health measures as necessary in a database.

It stores the measure values and dates, so it can render evolution charts to see how the patient evolved.