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HTTP Middleware
Each script of a Web application may require accessing the services of one or more services provided by one or more scripts running on the same or other services.

When it is necessary to execute multiple independent scripts, these can be ran faster if they are executed in parallel.

This package provides a solution that can multiple remote scripts by using the PECL HTTP extension to send the requests and collect the responses.
File Fractal
Sometimes it is necessary to split a list of files between multiple directories that are equivalent but they many not fit on one drrive, so you do not have to use a drive with more space.

This package can help managing the space allocated by a set of files that can be split among many directories, either in compressed or uncompressed formats.
One way to structure better the components of an application is to build service components that can be called to provide separate services.

This package provides a means to use service components to implement different functionality for a console application.

Different components can be called based on the options that the user passed in the command line.
Nowadays sites use SSL/TLS to establish secure connections between the users browsers and the servers.

Some sites that use backend servers are connected from front-end servers without any security protection, thus allowing possible theft of information in transit by inflitrated malicious software.

This package provides a more secure solution to protect data that is exchanged between front-end and back-end servers by encrypting and decrypting the data with secure keys.
Prettify PHP var_dump
PHP provides nice functions to dump the type and values of a variables like var_dump and var_export.

This package provides an enhanced version of the var_dump function by colorizing the different values according their types.
PHP Chrome PDF
Many applications need to generate documents for printing. They usually generate documents in PDF format.

Composing a PDF document directly is usually hard. A simpler solution is to generate an HTML page and convert it to PDF.

One way to perform such conversion is to use a browser. This class provides means to use the Chrome browser from the command line and render a HTML page to output it as a PDF document.
Letter Composer Multilingual
When you need to salute people in messages, you should do it according to the person gender and language of the message.

This package can guess the salutation to use in messages based on the gender of the person in many different languages.
PHP Detect Gender Latin
Many sites requires that users inform their gender when they register. However, the gender of a person can be deducted from his name.

This class can detect the gender of a person with a name that uses Latin characters.

This way, it is possible to automatically set the gender field after the user enters his name, thus saving the user from being bothered to explicitly set the gender form field.
PHP 7 Debug
PHP provides a hooks to handle runtime errors and exception.

By default error handlers do not provide any means to show error source code in an easy to read format.

This package can show information about errors and exception using colorizing to make it easier to read.
PHP Show HTML Source Code
Often Web developers want to take a look at Web pages source code but usually browsers show it in a way that it is hard to read.

This class provides means to show the current page source code by highlighting the tags and data.