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PHP Convert CSV to UTF-8
Some applications need to process text read from CSV files. Nowadays modern applications handle text encoded using UTF-8.

When the a CSV file that an application needs to process has text that is not encoded using UTF-8, it needs to be converted.

This package can perform this task, so applications do not need to perform additional text encoding conversion.
Universal PHP Data Grid
Data grids are way to display and edit data retrieved from databases in a grid that shows data in tables.

This package can display and process data in grids in a way that can work together modern PHP frameworks such as Simfony, Laravel, Zend, and Yii2.
PHP Twitter Bot
Twitter is a very popular social network that engages people in a way that they want to exchange messages for all sorts of reasons.

This package implements a solution to automate interactions between regular users and other users that may work for companies or other types of institutions, so they do not need to spend so much time interacting users that are interested in their activities.
Many PHP developers use IDE tools to become more productive.

One situation that they need to handle frequently is to debug the code they have developed by fixing errors of code that is not working.

This package makes it easier to debug code that generates errors by allowing to quickly locating code that generate errors.

It outputs links that when clicked will make the Sublime editor open the source code file that generated errors in the lines of the code with those errors.
PHP Raspberry PI DS18B20
RaspberryPI is a concept of small hardware boards that work as small computers connected to sensors that can collect data from the environment.

This package can read values from RaspberryPI DS18B20 sensors allowing to develop interesting applications that can act upon the values read from those sensors.
PHP Secure Cookie
One way that can be used by hackers with malicious intentions is to somehow alter the values of cookies that are served by Web sites by spoofing values that make Web applications behave in ways that they were not intended.

This class can help avoiding that problem by storing cookie values that have an additional verification hash, so the class can also detect cookie alterations so applications can ignored spoofed cookie values.
WordPress Fields Plugin
WordPress is a very popular blog publication platform that often serves other purposes for Web applications.

This package implements a WordPress plugin that can be used to extend WordPress by adding custom fields to the different forms of the WordPress administration interface, so applications can extend WordPress and make it more useful for other purpose besides blog publication.
PHP UTF-8 Validation
Sometimes flawed applications can generate text encoded using UTF-8 that maybe malformed.

This class can check a given text string to validate if it has any issues regarding the encoding of text in UTF-8.

If the encoding is malformed, the class can also fix the problem eliminating any problems with the text encoding.
PHP ChaCha20-Poly1305
As time passes stronger encryption algorithms are being developed to make it more difficult to break even when using more powerful modern hardware devices programmed to use brute-force methods to discover sensitive information like user passwords.

This class provides a pure PHP implementation of the ChaCha20 cipher and the Poly1305 message authentication code.
PHP Helper Class
Most applications need to use a set of general purpose functions that are often referred as helper functions.

Each application script may need some of the available helper functions but usually not all at once that the application as a whole needs.

This package can load helper function scripts dynamically, thus avoiding to use too much memory, which would happen if all the functions were defined in a single script or a list of large scripts with many helper function inside each one.