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PHP Login System Manager
All sites that have registered users implement a system to create and manage user records and user login sessions.

This package provides a simple solution that application developers can quickly adapt to any site regardless of how it stores and retrieves the user records.

It provides a single class that applications can use to handle access to most types of pages that the applications will use to handle user registration, login, administration, etc.
PHP Environment Variables Detection
dotenv is a popular format used by many developers to store configuration values.

It is language-independent, so applications written in different languages can easily read the files in that format.

Usually, dotenv files exist in a fixed location relative to the path of a project.

If you have multiple projects, you may need to find the path of the dotenv file to load the correct configuration file.

This package can test different paths and find the correct location based on a list of possible setups for your projects and the current HTTP host.
PHP Telegram Bot API Package
Telegram is a well-known chat application that provides an API to build powerful bot applications. Those bot applications can interact with users automatically.

Some Telegram features allow users to answer questions using buttons or typing text using only specific keyboard characters.

This package takes advantage of the Telegram features to quickly implement more user-friendly chatbot applications written in PHP.
PHP Google Search Dork Generator
Many people use Google as a prevalent search engine due to its ability to present results about pages that are available on the Web.

Google provides a way to query the search engine using text strings that support a powerful syntax to restrict the search results to pages that can match complex conditions.

This package provides a more straightforward way to compose Google search query strings by providing a set of functions that PHP developers can use without understanding Google search query syntax.
PHP JPEG metadata
JPEG is a popular image format that can store high-quality data using compression to reduce the image file.

JPEG may contain metadata that describes aspects of the image.

This package can read or write image metadata that JPEG image files contain with support to store text metadata in different languages.

This way, the package can help develop applications that display metadata information in different languages that application users understand.
Laravel Debugbar Enable On Demand
PHP DebugBar is a package that is useful for debugging PHP applications. At the bottom of the current page, it can show several types of debugging information about the execution of the PHP script handling the recent HTTP requests.

Laravel DebugBar is a package that turns the PHP DebugBar package into a service that Laravel applications can use.

When developers debug an application, they may not need to show debugging information in all circumstances.

This package only provides the means to enable the debug bar in the Laravel application only in certain circumstances that are useful for the developer who is debugging a Laravel application.
PHP DB Connection PDO
How to Create a PHP Database Connection Test Script to Check the Database Server Reachability

Many PHP applications need to access a database server and execute SQL queries to store and retrieve data in database table records.

If for some reason, the database server is not available for connection, any queries that the applications need to execute will fail with an error that may not be very clear what is the real cause.

This package provides a simple solution to check the availability of the database server.

It executes a dummy SQL query that is not useful for storing and retrieving data from the database server.

It only serves the purpose of checking if the database server is accessible.
PHP Telegram Bot LoL Party
Telegram is a popular chat application that can be improved using external applications that call Telegram API to implement new resources around the Telegram application.

One popular type of Telegram-based external application is well-known for using Telegram support to implement chatbots that can interact with many users.

This package implements a chatbot that can create a party at which each user can invite other users to participate in a chat party.
Laravel Privacy User Cookie
Many sites are now asking users if they can use cookies to track users that visit a site.

This request implementation usually works by showing a message on a page with a button that the users can click to tell the site they can use cookies.

This package implements a solution for this approach that will work in Laravel applications.
Laravel 9 CRUD Example
Laravel is a well-known PHP development framework. In version 9, it introduced new improvements, including taking advantage of PHP 8 new features.

This package implements an example of a CRUD application based on Laravel 9.
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