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Class Age in days
One way to test applications based on classes that implement important behaviors is to create mock objects.

These are objects that behave like objects of the classes that you want to test but you can change them to make them behave according to the aspects that you want to test about the class features.

This package can be used to create mock objects by creating similar classes that have additional features that are useful for testing purposes like counting how many times among other features.
ATK4 PHP Debug Bar
DebugBar is an useful library that can be used to display interesting information for debugging purposes, so it helps developers fixing problems in their applications.

This package provides an integration of the PHP Debug Bar with applications that used the ATK4 framework, by providing collector classes that supply useful information about the applications' activity, like log data and database accesses.
MySQL is a very popular SQL database server used by many PHP applications. The client program, when available, can be started from the command line console and it allows you to perform any SQL queries on a given database.

This package provides a pure PHP based alternative to the MySQL client program if for some reason it is not available on the computer from which you want to perform the database queries you want to try.
Magento Birthday Coupon
Birthdays are a special dates in the lives of many people. Therefore, many e-commerce sites use that date as a reminder for people to get birthday gifts that are products being sold on the site.

To encourage more sales, some e-commerce sites provide discount coupons for people that were born on the current day.

This package can generate discount coupons for users of a e-commerce site running Magento which their birth day is on the current day.
YII2 PHP Audit Log
Audit logs are useful to identify the circumstances that caused changes in the data of applications, like for instance the data that is stored in a database.

This package provides classes to implement model objects that can also generate audit logs for each type of change that is performed on application data objects that are stored in a database.
Exceptions are frequently used by applications to trigger errors about error conditions that they are not ready to handle.

Usually exceptions pass some information about the context of the conditions that triggered the error, like for instance the file of the source code where the error occurred.

This package provides a trait that goes farther by providing other useful information about the errors, like for instance snippets of the source code that triggered the error, as well a link to get more support from the developers responsible for the code.
PHP OpenAPI Library
Many applications have implemented APIs to allow third-party developers to create their applications that extend the capabilities of the original applications or even create mobile versions of Web sites.

The OpenAPI specification defines file formats to describe APIs, so it provides common means to implement tools to develop APIs faster like code generators or tools to check and validate API implementations.

This package supports the OpenAPI specification to allow quick implementation of new APIs.
Free Text Search
Many people solve their problems by asking questions that express the difficulty they are having to find a solution.

Usually they use natural language in the idiom that they use to define the problem by asking a question.

This package can perform searches for solutions to problems that people may have using the Daft.ie API

This package can search for data taking common words typed by users.
PHP Strip HTML Tags
Sometimes it is necessary to extract PHP code from script files on which it is embedded in HTML.

This package not only can extract or remove PHP code from HTML, but can also extract or remove HTML code from scripts that mix HTML with PHP.
Encase PHP Functional Programming
Objects are useful to gather common behavior inside the same container which is a class.

To access access functions and variables of PHP inside a class you need to use the $this operator.

This package provides means to call the current class functions without using the $this operator, thus requiring you to type less code to call a function.