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There are many sites that are useful because they provide means to let the users perform calculations of some kind from simple values entered in Web forms.

This package provides a Web interface to implement a generic system for designing and providing access to pages that provide several types of calculator tools.
Many people go on the Internet to find other people that may be interested to go on a date with them.

This package can be used for managing a whole dating site so people can meet and exchange dates to see if they are the right candidate to go on a date.
PHP Mnemonic Secret Path Login
Passwords are a very common way to identify people that know a secret text that is used to verify they are who they claim they are.

However, text passwords are problematic because people tend to forget them, especially on systems that require them to use uncommon characters in the password text.

This package provides a different approach to entering passwords that allows people to either enter a secret password as text, as well as a sequence of images that need to be clicked by the right order.
PHP Thesis Proposal Hub
Many universities require students to elaborate and present thesis about a relevant topic as part of the process that will allow them to graduate and conclude their courses, master or doctorate degrees.

This package provides means to implement a systems that allows students to store thesis documents to be shared with teachers.
PHP Browser OS Detection and Age Guessing
Some sites require that the users use a more recent browser that is not older than a certain age and works on certain operation systems that are well supported.

This package can guess check the identification of a user browser sent via HTTP requests and detect what is the age of the version of the browser that is being used, as well the operation system that it is running.
PHP Pokemon Script
Pokemon is a very popular game and animated movie series around the world.

This package can keep track of information Pokemon in a database, so Pokemon players may be aware of existing Pokemons and their characteristics.
PHP HD Images Search
High Dynamic Range (HDR) images are very important for people that want to have take photos of high quality.

These pictures can be captured by cameras and stored in JPEG format with special information that can be parsed by image software processing.

This class can scan directories that contain image files and parse their contents to detect which are the HDR images, so they can be moved to another directory.
Swiss Television and Radio Program Guide API
Program guides are useful for people that like to watch television or listen to the radio because they can see what is going on different channels.

This package can retrieve the program guides for the Swiss Television and Radio channels so their audience can follow what is going on in a Web site or another type of application that can retrieve this information using the station API.
Many WordPress installations have installed many plugins of low quality that may compromise the stability of the installation and cause problems.

Bad plugins often get bad ratings because they have low quality.

This package can help finding which are the low quality plugins by displaying star rating averages to let the WordPress site owners determine which may be bad plugins that they may want to remove from their WordPress installation.
PHP Code Gleaner and Analyzer Tool
One way for developers to become more productive is to use code generation tools that produce code based on relevant information provide by files created by the developers.

This package can scan the files code of an existing project to extract relevant information and so be able to generate useful code files like maps for autoloading or any other purposes.