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Share Bike
Many people use bike sharing services, so they can use the bikes for small trips and travel around to near places, being those for pleasure or to do some kind of work.

This package implements a bike sharing management system in PHP by the means of a collection of classes that implement the different aspects of a bike sharing system.
PHP Artisan Make File Location
Artisan is a tool that comes with the Laravel framework that often is used to generate all sorts of project files.

Artisan can be extended with plugin packages also written in PHP provide additional functionality to this package.

This package provides additional options to configure the namespace of classes generated using Artisan.
PHP Image Compression Analysis
This package can compare an image with itself encoded as JPEG.

The main class takes the path of one image file and creates a new image in JPEG format using a given compression level.

The class can scans the original image and the newly JPEG encoded version and creates a third image that highlights the difference between the initial image and the recompressed version.
Persistent PHP Superglobals Array Maker
Superglobals are variables that can be accessed from any function in PHP code, being those global functions or functions of class.

PHP provides several built-in superglobal variables for different purposes.

This package can implement custom superglobals that any application can create and use just like the built-in superglobal variables.
PHP Binary Flags
This package can manage a group of boolean flags using integers.

It provides a trait that can perform operations to change integers that hold a set of bit values.

The package also provides an abstract class that uses the trait, so it can be used to create objects to manipulate binary flags.

The trait can manipulate integers with up to 64 bits. Currently the trait can:

- Register a function to be called when the binary flags are modified
- Check, get, set or remove a mask number from the binary flags
PHP Interface vs Abstract Class
This package provides examples of using interfaces and abstract classes.

It provides several examples of using classes that either implement interface definitions or are based on abstract classes.

Currently it provides regular classes for objects that implement a tea or a coffee using regular classes or extending an abstract class.

It also provides an example of a user class with and without using interfaces.
PHP Count Array by Value Type
Array entries can have values of many types. PHP can return the count of entries in an array but if you just want to get the count of elements of a given type, PHP does not provide a direct means to achieve that.

This class not only can count the elements of a given type, but it also can handle nested arrays.
PHP Array Keys Case Transform
PHP provides many array manipulation functions for a varied set of purposes, but not for all purposes.

Associative arrays can associate text strings to an associated value but the key text is case sensitive.

This package provides a solution that can recreate an associative array by changing the case of the string of each key.
Nero PHP Simulate Error
One way to verify whether applications are robust is to create tests to verify if they can handle cases that can happen in real world situations.

This package can simulate errors that may happen although they are never desired, like for instance code that has syntax errors or attempts to load missing classes.

Using this package you can avoid to ship to a production environment code that has serious errors that may cause embarrassment even to qualified developers.
Mikrotik is a brand of a company that produces hardware like network routers and servers.

This type of hardware can be controlled remotely via Internet connections.

This package provides means to communicate Mikrotik hardware from PHP, so it can be used to implement Web applications that can control the hardware from any where in the world where users have an Internet connection.