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MIME types are text strings that represent the type of data contained on a file or email messages for instance.

Usually each MIME type is associated with the extension of the file name.

This class not only can determine the MIME type associated to a given file name extension, but can also return the file name extension typically associated with a file of a given type.
Auth in Redis and Laravel
Many PHP applications need some kind of user registration and login system.

Great part of the existing user management systems store and retrieve user data in a MySQL database.

This package uses Redis based storage container to store and retrieve the registered user data.
PHP supports loading a package with a collection of files all at once using PHAR archives. However PHAR extension support is not enabled in all PHP installations.

This package provides a pure PHP alternative solution that bundles multiple PHP scripts in a single PHP file. Those scripts can be loaded by executing that PHP file.
PHP Model Class Generator
Model classes allow the developers to write code that accesses database table records using class objects.

Model classes can be generated from information of the database table schema.

This package can parse MySQL database table dump files to extract the table structure information to generate the code for the model classes.
PHP Link Checker
Many sites change over time. If the links they contain on their pages are not updated when the changes happen, the links will be broken.

This package can find broken links by traversing the pages of a site recursively and checking if the internal and external links still exist.
Go is a programming language used for creating programs that often rely on parallel task execution.

The Golang provides a RPC module that allows remote applications to connect and execute Go code on the remote server.

This package can execute Go commands using Golang RPC server to communicate with it from PHP.
PHP Form Honeypot
There are sites that are abused by hackers that use scripts to forge the submission of forms pretending to be real users.

One way to make this abuse more difficult is to implement honeypots in forms to detect when a form was submitted by a bot script developed by a hacker.

This package implements honeypots in forms by using special values in hidden inputs.
JSON is nowadays very common format to store typed information in strings.

When you have a complex object structure, usually it is necessary to create the top level object and each child object one by one.

This package makes that task simpler by allowing to create multiple nested objects using a single command.
Image Key Cypher
Encrypting data is usually done using secret information that only the computer that can decrypt the data has.

This package implements an alternative approach to encrypt and decrypt data by using the contents of a graphical image as key.
Many applications that start parallel processes use them to perform the same task multiple times in parallel.

This package can manage groups of parallel processes that are started to run the same parallel task.