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Coin Layer PHP Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates API
Crypto-currencies are very popular nowadays. There are many of those currencies and their exchange rates vary a lot every day.

This class provides a solution to get the exchange rates of many crypto-currencies today or at a given date in the past.
PHP Class Documentation Generation to Markdown
PHPDoc is a popular format for embedding documentation inside class files in the form of comments.

The documentation comments can be parsed and extract in order to generate documentation in different formats.

This package extracts documentation in PHPDoc format and generates human readable documentation in Markdown format, so it can be converted to other richer text formats later, like for instance HTML.
Pixlab NSFW PHP Image Classifier
Many sites allow users to upload picture files to be published. This may be problematic if the site is not able to determine if a picture contains unsuitable content for exhibiting to the public.

This package provides a solution to avoid that pictures with nudity be published.

It uses the Pixlab NSFW API to determine if a picture has those problems, as well can blur images showing parts of nude bodies.
Fast PHP CURL Multiple Requests
The PHP CURL extension allows retrieving data from Web servers of multiple URLs at the same time, however this may overload the server of a given site.

This class provides a solution that makes this task lighter by just sending the request to the first URL of a list and only after that it sends the requests to the remaining URLs of that list.
Array Map
PHP provides a function for recreating an array from another array by calling a function that will change the original values of the array entries.

This class provides a more advanced array mapping functionality by allowing to have two different functions that will be called on nested arrays with two depth levels.

This makes it possible to implement different types of array value mapping depending on the level of depth of the values of each entry.
Laravel Mail Logger
Laravel is a popular framework that comes with email sending components.

However, applications that need email handling capabilities often require more than just sending messages.

This package implements other types of useful email handling capabilities like prevent sending duplicate messages or monitoring of whether the recipients of messages have read them.
PHP Timesheet Management System
Time management is a challenging problem for people that are responsible for managing projects that involve multiple people.

This package implements a Web based application that allows users to manage project tasks while tracking the time that take to execute those tasks, as well generating reports that can be shown to the project customers.
PHP Cache Server
There are several products that allow caching data very quickly and can be accessed via a local network connection.

This package can work as a client and server to store data a in a cache container that uses PHP arrays in memory for fast cache data access.
Avatar Generator
Many sites need to show images to represent the sites' users in an unique way.

Some create avatar images automatically based on the user personal name initials. This package implements a solution for that purpose.
PHP Font Face Performance Control
Some Web sites need to use special fonts to render the text using unusual typography.

Using non-standard fonts may require that the pages take a longer time to load.

This package provides a solution that can be used accelerate the load of Web pages with custom fonts. It embeds the font data in the HTML page, so the font loads with the page itself.