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Laravel File Model
Usually model classes are used to store and retrieve application objects in database tables.

However, for object variables that can contain data that maybe large, it may be better to use files to store the values of those values in files.

This way, the database table records do not become too large, thus avoiding to slow down the database access.

This package implements a trait to use with model classes based on the Laravel framework to make some of the model class objects be mapped to files.
Laravel Multi-Step Form
When applications need to ask the users to fill forms with many details, it is better to implement multi-page forms by splitting those forms in multiple pages to avoid asking too much information at once from the users.

This package provides a simplified solution to implement multi-page forms in applications based on the Laravel framework.
XOOPS is a traditional content management system (CMS) written in PHP to help creating Web sites based on common types of content like blog posts and image galleries.

This package is a module for the XOOPS CMS that implements an advanced image gallery system with unusual features like online image editing and organization of the gallery images by the means of visual Web based interface.
PHP Markdown Generator
Markdown became a popular file format to represent documents that can be displayed in plain text format, or in HTML Web pages or other document formats.

This package provides a solution to compose documents in a programmatic way, so it can output the document content in Markdown format.
PHP Prettify
PHP comes with built-in support to parse PHP code to generate HTML that can display the code in a highlighted format using color.

This package implements a better solution for displaying PHP code in Web pages.

It can highlight the code using colors, add line numbering, highlight specific lines or just part of the code of a script, and highlighting the code using themes configured using separate files in JSON format.
Laravel Uptime Monitor
Monitoring a server regularly is a way to continuously test if a Web application is running as expected.

This package provides a solution that can be used to monitor multiple servers on which one or more applications are running.

It also provides means to detect when a server that was working goes down, as well when a server that was down starts working again.

This way, it can be used to allow applications to be monitored to generate alerts, so an administrator can check when he needs to solve a problem that may have caused an application to stop working.
PHP Domain Driven Design Starter
Domain Driven Design (DDD) is a concept for defining an approach to map abstract project concepts into a concrete implementation of software projects on which the abstract entities are mapped to specific concrete classes and interfaces.

Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) is a pattern that defines that there may be different model objects that can be used to update the information that is necessary to store the model information.

Event Sourcing (ES) is an approach to keep track about the changes in the state of an application as a sequence of events.

This package provides abstract interfaces for defining objects to implement Domain Driven Design, Command and Query Responsibility Segregation and Event Sourcing in PHP.
PHP Check HTTP Response Code IP Scanner
Sometimes it is necessary to discover what is the address of HTTP servers running on a given network of many machines to find out what is the machine a server is running.

This package provides a solution to automate the discovery of Web servers running on a network by checking if there is an HTTP response to servers with IP addresses within a given range.
PHP Period Date
Calculating and comparing dates is useful for applications that deal with events and time schedules.

This package can not only perform time calculation and comparison operations, but it can also generate visual representations of the different time intervals, so users can see how they overlap or not.
PHP JavaScript Form Validation
Many applications need to generate and validate forms. Usually they generate JavaScript to validate the form values before the form is submitted to the server.

This class provides means to define validation rules as a separate files in the INI format.

This possibility simplifies the building and maintenance of form based Web applications, as developers can easily find the different files that are used to process forms and define form validation rules.

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