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Multiple Currency Laravel Service
International e-commerce sites that show products with prices in the currency that the current buyer uses in his country tend to sell more because it is easier for the buyer to understand the product price than if the price was in a foreign currency.

This package provides a solution to retrieve product prices expressed in the currency of the current user country.
PHPInfo Compare Online
phpinfo() is a PHP function that allows users to see details of the current configuration of PHP.

This package can extract the information of the phpinfo() function, so it can be exported and compared with the configuration of other environments. That is useful to verify if two environments on which PHP is running are using the same configuration.
Shiki PHP Proxy Request to Another Server
Some people need to be able to access certain pages or files that are available on a remote Web server.

However, some times they are working on environments that have restricted access to the Internet, like for instance companies that impose access restrictions to the sites they can access.

This package provides a workaround solution that allows retrieving files from any site using an intermediate site running this class and serve the desired file compressed as a ZIP archive.
PHP Short URL Generator
Short URLs are useful to provide a short version of an URL that may be too long to fit in certain Web forms that limit the length that the URL can have.

This package provides a complete solution to create short URLs that can be run on any domain that you control. It uses XML files to store the short URL information instead of regular SQL based databases.
OpenStreetMap Nominatim PHP Class
OpenStreetMap is a free alternative to other well known solutions for presenting maps on Web pages, as well inquire about locations on the map.

This class provides means to search for addresses and their geographic locations by calling the OSM Nominatim API.
PHP Ride Locale API
Ride sharing has been an alternative for sharing cars and other vehicles that can be used to transport multiple people between different places.

This package implements a system that can be used to manage the activity of sharing rides with multiple vehicles between multiple people

It provides an API that can be used to develop mobile applications that can run on different mobile devices.
PASETO (Platform-Agnostic SEcurity TOkens) is a more secure approach sign, encrypt and decrypt data designed by Scott Arciszewski as an alternative to using JSON Web Tokens .

This package provides an PHP implementation of PASETO.
PHP Golden Rectangle Generator
The golden rectangle is a rectangle that has a proportion ratio between their sides in such a way that it can that it is perfect for activities like architecture of buildings or artistic paintings to achieve balance aesthetic beauty.

This class can create a rectangle with perfect proportions based on the golden rectangle algorithm.
PHP Memory Limit Manager
PHP has a setting that limits the usage of memory by the current script to avoid that the script uses too much memory and makes the current system unusable.

Applications can also check if the current memory usage is near the configured limit.

This package takes advantage of that possibility to allow applications to execute certain actions or avoid other actions, so the current script does not exceed the current memory limit and terminates abnormally.
PHP Flight Schedules
Many sites that work on the travelling business and related areas of activity need to know about information related with flights of companies that take passengers to many destinations around the world.

This package provides a PHP solution to get many types of details about flights, airports, schedules, airplanes, etc.. that can be useful for many sorts of travelling businesses.