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PHP PDF to Image Library
Sometimes applications need to render PDF documents as images to make some use of the content of PDF documents using simple PHP image manipulation functions.

This package provides a solution to convert PDF documents to images using the Imagick extension and the Ghostscript program to render the PDF documents as images.
PHP Myers Cyclomatic Complexity Inspector
This package can evaluate PHP code complexity using Myers extension.

It uses the Nikita Popov PHP parser written in pure PHP to determine the complexity of a given PHP script code passed to the PHP command line version.

The package can output the console the results of the analysis by showing if the code is too complex or good enough.
mezon PHP POP3 Client
Many applications need to automate the processing of email messages that they receive, like for instance to handle customer support requests sent by email.

This class provides a solution that not only can pull received messages from a POP3 mailbox, but it also provides several features to help automating the email handling like finding and deleting messages with a given subject.
PHP Comic Reader Tools
Many people like to read comic books. In the past they used to be available only in paper.

Nowadays, many comic books are available as computer file archives that contain digitized versions of the comic book images.

This package provides a solution to access and display files with comic book images.
PHP World Information
Many applications need to use information related with certain countries of the world like the country continent, states, cities and time zones.

This package provides all that information about any country in the world in a way that it does not rely on an external Web service.
PHP Generate Json LD
JSON-LD is a format of metadata that can be embedded in a Web page. It makes it easier easier to extract and process Web page metadata by external applications, like for instance search engines.

That metadata allows those external applications understand better what those pages are about, as well have more details about the pages that may not be visible to human users.

This package simplifies the process of generating metadata to be embedded in Web pages in JSON-LD format.
PHP Download Files and Log
Many sites need to serve files for download but if the files are directly accessible by whoever needs them, users many use scripts to automate downloading and end up overloading the Web site server.

This package provides an alternative solution to serve files for download without disclosing the real file paths on the local or remote server to avoid that scripts can access the files directly.

It can also detect when a file is being downloaded by a robot and refuses to serve the file in that case, thus avoiding to overload the server.

The class can detect if the current request is coming from a robot or a Web crawler script, so it avoids serving files for these requests.
PHP Order Array Trait
Many applications need to sort information according to criteria. Often that information is stored in associative arrays.

This package provides a trait that can be used to sort any associative array.

It uses a given string for defining the sorting criteria of string values of a given key of the associative array to be sorted.
OAuth is a protocol that is often used to allow sites to authenticate users of a site that need to be registered.

It allows user to login with their accounts, for instance on Facebook or Google, so they do not need to remember their password to access those sites as registered users.

This package provides a solution for applications that use the Symphony framework, so they can use either the built-in password based user authentication method, or the OAuth based method.
PHP Readme Helper
Many API developers produce documentation for their APIs in README files using the Markdown format.

This package can generate automatic documentation README files for APIs by extracting such documentations from API source files.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.