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PHP Theme For Website
Laravel is a very popular framework that many developers use to implement PHP Web applications.

Laravel make it easier for developers to define many aspects of an application including the way the applications are presented to their users by the means of HTML templates, images, CSS and JavaScript files. These files can be combined to form a presentation theme.

This package allows to pack all theme files into a compressed archive. This way, a theme can be easily installed or distributed.
PHP Real Estate Website
PHP is a popular Web programming language used by many developers to implement all sorts of Web applications.

One of those types of applications is that what is used by real estate management business that buy, sell and rent properties.

This package provides a very complete solution to implement real estate business management Web site.
PHP Security Checker
Many projects use PHP composer tool to install its packages. This way it is easier to know all the external packages that are necessary to run a PHP project.

This package takes advantage of that possibility to determine if a project is using packages that have security vulnerabilities by checking the Security Checker API.
Mezon PHP MVP Presenter
Model-View-Presenter (MVP) is a design pattern based on the Model-View-Controller design pattern that is meant to be more efficient to generating graphical user interfaces based packages.

This package provides an implementation of the Model-View-Presenter design pattern that can be used by PHP applications.
Wordpress Secure Headers Helper
Nowadays there are several HTTP headers that can be used to protect better Web applications and their users against harm that could be caused by certain types of security attacks.

This class can be used to send those HTTP headers in a WordPress applications. It makes it easier to develop more secure WordPress based sites and plugins.
Kundli Matching Marriage
Many couples are curious to know if they marry they will be happily ever after. That will certainly depend on many factors.

This class provides a possible solution to determine if two people can match for marriage by performing some calculations with their birthday dates.

It compute a matching level score that can be used to give an idea of how a couple can match.
WordPress API EndPoint Create
WordPress is a popular content management system used by many sites to publish blog posts and other types of content.

Its capabilities can be expanded by the means of plugins that enhance the list of features that WordPress can provide to its users.

WordPress also provides an API that can be called by external applications to integrate with WordPress.

This package can be used by plugin developers to improve the WordPress API with new function endpoints that can be called by external applications to integrate with new plugins that use the package.
Eloquent Composite Primary Key
Usually applications that database tables to store information, define one field that has unique values in all records to be the key to access the record data faster.

However, in certain applications there is the need to use more than one table field as unique value key to access the table records faster.

This package provides a trait that can be used with Laravel model objects to define which fields will be used as primary keys composed with values of more than one field.
Debugging applications is a common activity that many developers perform in order to find and fix issues in their code.

As part of the debugging activity, displaying values of variables in certain parts of the code that has issues, is an essential part of the developer work.

This class provides a solution to display variable values that can format the values in a colored way to highlight different parts of the values.

The class can also display the name of the section of the code that is being inspected by showing that name near the values of the variable being displayed, as if it was the name of a function that is calling some code passing the variable value as parameter.
PHP MySQL Replication to Kafka Docker
Docker is an useful tool that is use to assemble containers that can run with specific software on a server.

When you need to scale an application that uses MySQL, replication is one of the possible solutions that can be used to distribute the database server load among different servers.

Using docker you can assemble a solution for creating multiple MySQL server instances.

This PHP package can be used to manage MySQL replication events in docker contains using Apache kafka.

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