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frdl PHP Whois API Web Interface
Whois is a networking protocol that allows querying remote databases to retrieve information about given domains.

This package provides a Web version of a whois client, so it can query and show information about a domain without reloading the page that shows a form to enter the domain name.
Kundli PHP Astrology Chart Generator
Astrology is an activity that interests people that are curious about what may happen to them in the future, at least for those that believe in predicting the future based on the position of stars and planets.

This class can be used to render a Kundli astrology chart for a person based on the day and month of birth, as well the location of birth.
PHP XML Signature
XML is a format that sometimes is used to create documents that need to be digitally signed to be used in situations that require that a person or a company is identified as author of the document information.

This package provides a solution that can parse existing XML documents and sign the relevant parts of the documents with a cryptographic key that belongs to the person or company, thus establishing the authorship of the document in a way that it can be verified with legal validity.
Multiple Laravel Migration Path Directories
Laravel is a framework that comes with support for migrations. Migrations are actions that need to be performed to make application changes, for instance to upgrade the database of an application to update its schema to a newer revision.

Usually Laravel migrations are performed by looking at a migrations directory for eventual changes that need to be executed.

This package allows migrations to be performed by looking at different directories, so migrations can be executed to perform changes needed by different components of an application.
Lumen PHP JWT API Authentication
JSON Web Tokens, also known JWT, are used by APIs to implement stronger security means to interact between API clients and servers.

This package provides means to create an API based on the Laravel framework, implementing JWT to make the API more secure.
Laravel Revert Model Events
Many applications use databases to store data of the objects that they need to manipulate.

Sometimes it would be good if it was possible to revert certain types of changes done to objects.

This package implements a solution that uses logging of model objects used in Laravel framework based applications to determine how to undo previously executed changes done to those model objects.
PHP Emoji Library Catalog
Emojis are nice graphics often used in chat systems to let people express their current emotions in a graphical way.

Many emoji graphics already have assigned codes to be represented in Unicode.

This class can return the Unicode codes in UTF-8 encoding for many Emojis using class constants, so PHP developers do not have to know the actual code numbers and just use meaningful names to use them in their applications.
WordPress Popup Plugin
WordPress is used by many Web site developers to create pages for all sorts of purposes.

Some Web sites need to show information to let the user interact with Web pages using popup windows.

This package implements a plugin to show popup windows in WordPress pages in a way that it is easy for the publisher to insert those popups in any type of WordPress generated page.
PHP Composer Recovery
Sometimes developers that use composer to install packages in their projects lose the composer.json file accidentally.

In that case, this package can help by providing alternative methods to rebuild the composer.json file.
PHP Scrape Stack
Some applications need to scrape information from other Web sites because they need that information and the sites do not provide an API or any other means to provide that information to other sites.

However, scraping Web sites may be difficult if the site server limits the number of requests that a site receives from a remote client computer.

This package provides a workaround that uses the Scrape API Web service. That service uses multiple proxy servers to perform multiple requests to pages of a another site.