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OAuth monitoring
Monitoring Social Media Servers
REST API security
Rest api features
Search for links in a database and test for HTTP status
Need a tool that can search a huge DB for broken links.
Upload video to specif album in facebook
Upload video to specif album in facebook
Performance php/html vs html/php
Best way to decrease a web page load time
Double items in an array
How to avoid double items in an array
How to send Push Msg to multiple Android phones at a time
How to send Push Messages to multiple Android phones at a time
runtime error from composer to get phpclasses/php-component-csv
Could not load package phpclasses/php-component-csv
Error reading public keys
PHP errors reading generated public key files
Need Help for encryption
required HexString equivalent in php

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Subject Posted on Class
Registration ERROR 2018-11-13 PHP Secure Login and Registration
Documentation does not adequately explain how to implement th... 2018-11-12 PHP Secure Login and Registration
Very useful, thanks. 2018-11-09 PHP Session Count Online Users
UK HMRC 2018-11-08 PHP OAuth Library
outras operadoras 2018-11-05 Conta Vivo On Line
jkhbjkbk 2018-11-05 PHP OAuth Library
How can I have the tabulations of the text 2018-11-01 PHP PDF to Text
Withings has changed to OAuth2 2018-11-01 PHP OAuth Library
Bug example.php - syntax error en LinkHandler.php line 37 2018-10-31 PHP Youtube and Vimeo Video Downloader Script
Please clean up your code, the styling needs to be fixed as w... 2018-10-31 PHP Base64 Encode File

Latest PHP Classes blog comment threads

Subject Posted on Post
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Job site for PHP Developers 2018-04-12 A Call for All Develo...
Visual Studio Code 2018-04-09 The Best PHP IDE 2018...
This is my word to your team 2018-03-08 PHP Classes 2018 Rene...
Best wishes 2018-03-07 PHP Classes 2018 Rene...
Thanks for sharing, I agree with you! 2018-02-10 Fast PHP Comet Chat S...
Botxtrem 2018-01-18 HelloSign's developer...
i need to try 2017-12-31 How Can PHP Import Ex...

Latest product review forum threads

Subject Posted on Product
php Book 2011 2015-10-05 Integrating PHP Projects with Jenkins
What about fault recently found in Woo theme? 2015-09-10 WooCommerce Cookbook
Helpful review 2015-08-10 Building Web Apps with WordPress
Very good first step 2015-07-30 MongoDB and PHP
Sounds Interesting 2015-07-09 The Clean Architecture in PHP
.. 2015-07-09 The Clean Architecture in PHP
review 2015-07-07 Modern PHP
Proof-reading 2015-06-11 Securing PHP: Core Concepts
Thank you. 2015-06-03 A Year With Symfony
Alternative to Delphi for PHP 2010-06-12 Delphi for PHP 2.0