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Poll a Folder for new file
Script that polls a folder for a new file-or is triggered by eve
Framework Question
Laravel vs Lumen vs Plain PHP
Missing function for reads a file content into an array with zip
Missing function in ziparchive for reads a file content into ar
Remove br tag
Remove br tag
How to Create a PHP/MySQL Powered Forum From Scratch
How to Create a PHP/MySQL Powered Forum From Scratch
Performance php/html vs html/php
Best way to decrease a web page load time
buy elephant
where done get an php elephant?
Framework Longevity and Continuity
Core PHP will live forever - will the frameworks pass or stay
How to remove comments in CSS/HTML Apache served pages?
I need to remove comments for an Apache+PHP server served pages
OAuth monitoring
Monitoring Social Media Servers


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The discussion forums about other classes may be found using a link in the respective classes' pages that says "Support forum".

Subject Posted on Class
Multiline base64 encoded entries 2019-10-16 LDIF 2 Array
from a Bitcoin startup 2019-10-15 Coin PHP Blockchain Library
$recursive parameter 2019-10-14 PHP Make Directory Recursive
The class PHP code Generator don't work 2019-10-09 PHP Code Generator for MySQL Open Source
Works perfectly 2019-10-04 PHP Image Compare
How to parse this email from gmail 2019-10-01 PHP MIME Email Message Parser
A very useful php class and I look forward to using it in my ... 2019-09-28 PHP String Manipulation Library
RIJNDAEL Encryption Throwing an Warning 2019-09-28 Pure PHP Rijndael-128 to 256
Your Reader::readFile() method is not working. 2019-09-25 Basic Excel

Latest PHP Classes blog comment threads

Subject Posted on Post
Thank 2019-09-30 Using PHP MySQL with ...
Please help me 2019-09-24 Using PHP MySQL with ...
An advice about permissions 2019-09-19 5 Common Laravel Requ...
Thx 2019-08-23 How Can PHP Import Ex...
Good luck 2019-07-26 Site Server Down Time...
Don't understand this article 2019-07-22 How to Create a Ms Wo...
Happy Birthday PhpClasses 2019-06-25 20 Years of PHP Class...
5 Ways to Test WordPress. 2019-06-24 5 Ways to Test WordPr...
Great job 2019-06-24 20 Years of PHP Class...
Great article, and a great vision for the site! 2019-06-24 20 Years of PHP Class...

Latest product review forum threads

Subject Posted on Product
php Book 2011 2015-10-05 Integrating PHP Projects with Jenkins
What about fault recently found in Woo theme? 2015-09-10 WooCommerce Cookbook
Helpful review 2015-08-10 Building Web Apps with WordPress
Very good first step 2015-07-30 MongoDB and PHP
Sounds Interesting 2015-07-09 The Clean Architecture in PHP
.. 2015-07-09 The Clean Architecture in PHP
review 2015-07-07 Modern PHP
Proof-reading 2015-06-11 Securing PHP: Core Concepts
Thank you. 2015-06-03 A Year With Symfony
Alternative to Delphi for PHP 2010-06-12 Delphi for PHP 2.0