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Double items in an array
How to avoid double items in an array
How to send Push Msg to multiple Android phones at a time
How to send Push Messages to multiple Android phones at a time
runtime error from composer to get phpclasses/php-component-csv
Could not load package phpclasses/php-component-csv
Error reading public keys
PHP errors reading generated public key files
Need Help for encryption
required HexString equivalent in php
paving calculator
general info
PHP Open source Library for Advanced Function Presentation (AFP)
PHP Open source Library for Advanced Function Presentation (AFP)
How to run a Bash script via PHP and match the output?
Match the status of the ssh tunnel
How To Route Pages To The Index Page And Using Htaccess
I want to know how to route all site's pages to the index page
Ajax problem on one host
Ajax response getting prepended with part of domain

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The discussion forums about other classes may be found using a link in the respective classes' pages that says "Support forum".

Subject Posted on Class
Nice idea, good coding and example. 2017-09-26 goridge
Doesnt work, wasted hours to make it work, but logic is flawed 2017-09-24 PHP Model Class Generator
Worked on an old piece of complex rats nest coding very well 2017-09-21 PHP MySQL to MySQLi
can you please provide little more documentation on how to re... 2017-09-21 CSS parser
positioning 2017-09-21 PHP gauge
translate documentation 2017-09-21 PHP JSON Maker
PDF Report 2017-09-18 PHP Report
not localhost => other smtp server 2017-09-18 Verify e-mail
Package div-nodes-2017-09-16 2017-09-17 Div PHP Nodes
Microdata product 2017-09-17 PHP Microdata Generator

Latest PHP Classes blog comment threads

Subject Posted on Post
IP location 2017-09-06 PHP Tutorial to Detec...
Seo Friendly URLs 2017-08-19 How to Create a Simpl...
No word file :( 2017-08-19 PHP Word Document Gen...
good 1 2017-08-10 Using PHP MySQL with ...
Download 2017-08-04 Using PHP MySQL with ...
Thank 2017-07-30 How to Create a Simpl...
Role PHP for User & Search Result 2017-07-25 Notable PHP package: ...
happy birthday to phpclasses 2017-07-20 18 Years of PHP Class...
Congrats 2017-07-20 18 Years of PHP Class...
type hint 2017-06-27 PHP 7 Scalar Type Hin...

Latest product review forum threads

Subject Posted on Product
php Book 2011 2015-10-05 Integrating PHP Projects with Jenkins
Helpful review 2015-08-10 Building Web Apps with WordPress
Very good first step 2015-07-30 MongoDB and PHP
Sounds Interesting 2015-07-09 The Clean Architecture in PHP
.. 2015-07-09 The Clean Architecture in PHP
review 2015-07-07 Modern PHP
Proof-reading 2015-06-11 Securing PHP: Core Concepts
Thank you. 2015-06-03 A Year With Symfony
Alternative to Delphi for PHP 2010-06-12 Delphi for PHP 2.0
good IDE for CodeIgniter 2010-06-07 CodeIgniter 1.7 professional development