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Subject:All Fake
Summary:Microsoft isn't doing good
Date:2009-09-30 05:56:33
Update:2009-10-04 17:10:57
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Dan - 2009-10-04 17:10:57 - In reply to message 10 from Manuel Lemos
I have to agree with ppl like Manuel...

Me, I have developed PHP for both Linux/Unix and Windows (talking to both MSSQL and MySQL) and have no problem with either platform - of course each has their own idiosyncrasies and 'features', but at the end of the day, its only a TOOL, nothing more...

Beyond the (minimal) Technical Aspects who cares if you're deploying on MS or Linux? You're still coding PHP, still interfacing with a DBMS (in most cases) and sitting on a webserver. Most likely, the mgmt of the server OS is NOT in a PHP developers job description... So again, who cares of the box is MS or Linux?

As for the WebsiteSpark program, again, NO ONE is forcing you to use MS tools. Those who want to take the opportunity to get their hands on these tools can and those who want to continue to ignore a large percentage of potential clients and skills, can continue to do so!

I know that I have no problem with MS providing me with free s/w licences, whether through MSDNAA, DreamSpark or WebsiteSpark (and IIRC, there is another *Spark program out there now too).

So, I fail to see why some of you ppl have a problem with this. I don't see MS forcing ppl to move to a Windows platform, nor any underhanded aspect. MS simply see's untapped potential (and under representation across MS boxes) in the PHP marketspace. Again, if I remember right, MS and PHP got their heads together last year to attempt to make PHP work Better on WinSvr/IIS, so its not like this hasn't been coming!

Bottom line - if you dont like MS, great! Ignore the tools, ignore the skills, keep whinging (Im sure I can find just as many things to whinge about regarding weirdness on UNIX/Mac and Linux). If you're curious about the opportunities and differences in coding PHP for a WinSvr/IIS/MSSQL environment, you've now a chance to answer some of those questions and stay completely legit, from a licencing angle!

I say, great move MS...

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