Contest is over?

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Subject:Contest is over?
Date:2009-12-21 12:19:17
Update:2009-12-21 18:17:44

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Daniel - 2009-12-21 14:38:53
I wanted to apply with a redesign but since the system says the contest is over... it is kinda hard..

"The most voted design will be picked to be used in the site after the election end, which will be on December 31."

In my eyes it's still 21/12, so why does it respond "Sorry, the submission period for this contest has already ended."??

Best regards,

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Daniel - 2009-12-21 18:17:44 - In reply to message 1 from Daniel
Ahh no worries. I have read more carefully now and I noticed it ended in November. :)

Congratulations to the contestants :)


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